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Two Crosses in the Village?

 In the book "Norfolk Crosses" published by the antiquary B. Cozens-Hardy in 1935, there is a reference to the possibility of a second mediaeval cross in the village, this time in Hockwold. The 'Hall' referred to is, of course, Hockwold Hall, and the mortice hole mentioned is for the shaft of the cross -

 "In the garden of the Hall about thirty yards south-west of the house, is the large pedestal of a cross of the usual form with stop-angles. It is 1' 8" high and 2' 6" square. The mortice hole is now full of earth and is used for flowers. W. Clarke in the Norfolk News of 31/3/1923 says that he saw there also an octagonal scooped out stone which might have been the capital at the top of the shaft. He suggests that the cross might have been in the road to Blackdyke which runs at the bottom of the park."


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