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References in ancient wills to our churches

(From the Norfolk Archdeaconry Court Wills.)

  Wilton Church

 1439 53s 4d to new timber of steeple and

40s to make chapel of St. Mary

Robert Doraunt

 (In St. James, in the north-east corner of the nave, is a small arched opening in the wall, currently holding a model of a 16th century sailing ship. It is possible that this is associated with an altar which stood there in pre-Reformation times. If this is so, then perhaps this is the 'chapel' referred to in this will.)

 1506 Bequest to make high sollar under bells.

John Keteryingham


('Sollar' comes from the Latin solarium which means a gallery, and was used at this time to mean a sort of upper room.)


Hockwold Church

 1503 6s 8d to mending the porch

John Fynch


1533 40s to hallowing church

Walter Gillior


('Hallowing' means to make holy, possibly a re-consecration. Forty shillings is a substantial amount of money.)


1535 9 to make 3 substantial buttresses.

Thomas Drynkwylle


(So, were they ever built? Which ones might they be?)

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