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Hockwold Parish Registers before 1813




The Norfolk Record Office is currently situated at Gildengate House, Anglia Square, Norwich and will be relocated in 2003 to the new site at County Hall when this is completed. The NRO hold a tall, narrow, battered book on the front of which is written


Hockwold Parish Registers


which represents the oldest of parochial records I have seen yet. The reference is PD 311/1, but in view of the state of the book, it is better to use the microfilm version on reel MF 783 Part 4. There is a note by the NRO that the register covers Baptisms 1640 - 1789, Marriages 1662-1754 and Burials 1658-1789. It also says that the register is defective up to 1663. The reason for this will be explained below.


The material which follows has been transcribed by me, and readers must be aware that I might make mistakes; if any mistakes are spotted, please tell me, Dan Jones. The seventeenth-century versions of Graham and Keith had their own views on what people's names were and how they were spelled. This is a period where illiteracy was widespread, and there was no such thing as the proper spelling for anything. The Christian name 'Peter' can be found as 'Peeter', 'Petter', 'Petr' or any other combination fancied by the writer. Contractions were frequent, with the elided letters indicated by a little flourish, for example Rect'r for Rector. Sometimes it is hard to tell these flourishes from odd scratches.


To help with finding individuals, a list containing the standardised version of their names and details will be added after the register itself. This list will be in alphabetical order of surname.


Two Parishes and one manor


Up until the seventeenth century, there were two parishes and two ministers here, a Rector for St. Peter Hockwold, and a Vicar for St. James Wilton. From 1354 Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge, was patron of St. James, and continued as patrons of the combined parishes after the union. Some of the ministers were fellows of the college. The last independent ministers were William Smythe for Hockwold, and Thomas Randolph for St. James. The first joint minister was Rector William Lyng MA, who was here from 1666 to 1679. Despite this union, separate registers were kept for the two parishes. East Anglia was well known as a centre of puritan sentiment before, during and after the Civil War. The reorganisation of the parishes may be connected with the re-introduction of Anglican control after the restoration of Charles II and, particularly, with the Act of Uniformity 1662.


From a much earlier period, the village was governed as one entity by the lords of the Manor of Hockwold cum Wilton. By the seventeenth century, the manorial court was being held at the New Inn. Some owners of old houses in the village may find that the title to their property was originally 'copy hold': that is, possession was proved by having a copy of the entry in the register of the 'Court Baron' of the manor. The records of this Court survive and are a valuable source of village history.


The Registers


The registers are handwritten using a quill pen (sometimes in need of sharpening), and black ink made out of things like soot, lampblack and gum. It has lasted well, but there are outbreaks of blots, scribbles and doodles (and a large hole out of the side of some pages - mice?). The script is a version of 'Secretary Hand' a kind of writing half way between mediaeval black letter and copperplate. It was much in use at this time for official documents, and can be seen for example, in many Norwich Corporation documents. There is more than one writer of the registers, and each has his own quirks of style. This raises the question of who actually wrote the book. It was not the minister, it may have been a curate, but was probably either a clerk, if they had one, or a churchwarden. More work is needed here.


It looks as though this is meant to be the first Hockwold parish register within the newly combined parishes. However, some entries are earlier than 1666, this is discussed further below, and the register itself starts with a note apparently written in 1664, two years before the merger. The register begins with a reference to William Smythe, and the entries before 1666 refer only to Hockwold. Both churches continued in use and these baptisms, burials and marriages seem to have been carried out at St. Peter's. On one page, the burial of a minister in 1834 was first written as being in Hockwold Church, but this was scratched out, and Wilton substituted.


For the time being, work will concentrate on transcribing this book as it is. Later there may be time to look at other sources such as the Bishop's Transcripts - parish information sent to the bishop, or even to look for any remains of registers from the two parishes before their union. Once or twice, the parish is referred to as Hockwold Town (or Towne) but this is a little courtesy. Although the village had a good population - about 1,000 at a time when, say, Dorchester had 2,000 inhabitants - the village did not govern itself as a town would, it was under the control of the Hockwold-cum-Wilton Manorial Court described above.


Please note that the word written 'ye' is pronounced 'the', even in 'Ye Olde Tea Shoppe'. This is because the first letter is not y but the remains of an Anglo-Saxon letter called Thorn, obviously, a 'th' sound. The only time it is pronounced 'ye' is when it is the plural of you, as in 'Oh ye of little faith.' There are some echoes of the Norfolk dialect of three hundred years ago - 'made up' is written 'made yup'. Some of the pages are littered with little calculations where the date of birth is deducted from the date of death. I have left one of these on the flyleaf as an example.


Page 1


The first page, a sort of flyleaf, contains a 'Memorandum', notes about some of the ministers. Our minister was, and is, the Rector of Hockwold, and the Vicar of Wilton. A rector did the same job as a vicar, but used to have more control over his sources of income. Each parish provided money for the minister in a variety of ways, and some livings were worth a great deal more than others. It will probably be possible to find out more about the sums involved here, and there is the added interest of the involvement of a certain Cambridge college.


The first name, William Smythe, the last independent Rector of Hockwold, is followed by 'Vir non' which is Latin for 'A man without' but I am not sure of the next word, hence the (?). The intention is to say what a good chap he was, a man without faults. This is followed by another name, written with a different and inferior pen, which looks something like William Snack. I am not sure who he can be because Mr Smythe was buried in January 1665/66, and William Lyng became Rector and Vicar in 1666. Perhaps Mr Snack was a temporary appointment.


The letters D.D. stand for Doctor of Divinity, on the next page A:B: is for an ordinary degree.


The original Christian dating system, the Julian Calendar, was flawed and the Catholic Church produced a revised version, the Gregorian, in 1582, which included leap years to get around the fact that the Earth's orbit took 365.25 days (or thereabouts). Being a staunchly Protestant country, England refused to have anything to do with this early EU interference, and continued with a calendar which grew steadily more out of true. The correction was not made until 1752. This in itself will only cause difficulties if some foreign source is used to compare with our records. There is, however, a more irritating problem.


The Gregorian calendar placed the start of the year firmly on January 1st. England, however, persisted in placing the start of the year nine months from the birth of Christ, that is, on Lady day, 25th March. The only remnant of this practice now is the oddity that the Tax Year starts on the 5th April. Before all this was tidied up, there was the situation that, for example, the month after December 1714 was January 1714, and the month after March 1714 was April 1715. Educated people were aware of the possible confusion and adopted the habit of using both versions of the year. This explains why Dr. Macro is recorded below as dying on 17th March 1743/4. The curious date of 'twentieth six' comes from the practice of saying such a number as 'six and twentieth'.




Mr William Smyth minister of ye town                Bur Jan 4

For 33 yrs Vir non Silrnd (?)                                  1665

Mr William Snack (?)

Mr William Lyng Rector                                        Bur Jan 16

                                                                                  1 679

Mr Lancaster Topcliffe Rectr                                Bur June 22


Thomas Macro D:D: Rector died at Yarmouth    Mar 17


Thomas Eglinton D:D: Rector of

Hockwold died April 14, 1746

And was buried in the Chancel of Hockwold

Church April:18 --------------------------------------------------

The Revrd William Adamson was instituted

To the Rectory of Hockwold with Wilton

the first day of October 1746 and died the

fourth day of September 1781 and was

buried in the Chancel at Hockwold

Mr Edw. White Rector of Hockwold w Wilton

Died on Monday the twentieth Day

Of October 1805 and Buried at

Wilton in the Chancel on the

Twentieth six Day of October




The  Revd Henry Tilney Rector of Hockwold


died Saturday 1 November 1834

buried in the Chancel of (Hockwold - deleted) Wilton Church on

south side of the alter

The Revd W. H. Hauson Rector of

Hockwold cum Wilton died at Jersey

Oct: 13th 1860 - and was buried there

On the 20th



Page 2


A curate was an assistant priest paid by the Minister. Some rich ministers had all their work done by curates; other busy ministers employed a curate to assist them. It looks as if church work had become quite busy enough here in the eighteenth century to warrant their employment. Roger Sturgeon also signed the Wilton Register on the same day.


                                                Roger Sturgeon a:b: Curate of ye Parish

                                                                        June 28th 1740

                                                            John Belchier a:b: Curate

                                                                        of this parish



Page 3


The Register now contains an explanation for the fact that the records are deficient up to 1664. There were various earlier documents, but somehow there was a break between about 1640 to 1664, possibly to do with the Civil War. A new register was started - this one - and efforts were made to try to remember what happened in the gap, and it seems clear that someone went to the larger families asking about the births of their children. This section is a muddle of names and dates. The MA stands for Memorandum, 'ff' is used as a capital F. Do not expect to find modern punctuation. It is a pity that the earlier documents are not around - or perhaps I just have not found them yet. The entry for Richard Morly shows that he was baptised on April 24th, but the year has been left off except for the  1.










MA: The parchment Register

Is continued to ye yerre 1660;

ffor christenings and for marriages

To ye yerre 1603, and for burials

To ye yerre 1603 afterwarde they

are continued with some intermissions

to ye yerre 1640, in an old registr

in quarto; ffrom thence there happened

a grate and wide breach wch coulde

nott by all industry be made upp

Such loose papers as could be gained

Are here inserted ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Andrew Gerrard and Judith - married - Septm 29: 1662

Preten Cooper and Jane - married - June 9 1663

Thomas Kempe & Margrate - married - octobr 28 1662

Christopher Driair & Winn - married - Sept:29 1662

Edmund ye sonn of Edm & Marrable      May 9 1663

Smyth baptised

Wm ye sonn of Edm: & Marrable Smyth bap: Sept:14:1657

Ann ye daughter of Ed: & Marrable Smyth bapt Septem 15 1653

Edmund ye sonn of Wm & Rose Graine bap - Jan 1 1660

Ann ye daughtr of Wm & Rose Graine bapt decm 20 1663

Margaret Coopr ye daughter of Preten bap Jan 1 1662

Mary ye daughtr of Preten bap Sept 27 1662

John of Christopher & Winn Driaer bap May 15 1663

Thomas of Wm & ffrances Barnarde bapt June 24 1661

Wm of Wm & Elizabeth Nevill bapt - ffeb 24 1656

Thomas of Wm & Eliz: Nevill bapt - Jun 6 1660

John of Thomas & Bridget Wiet bapt ffeb 2 1662

Mary of John and Ann Secker bapt - Sep:14 1659

Thomas of Thomas & Bridget Morly bap Nov:4 1661

Ann of Wm & Allice Siegoe bapt ffeb:4 1662

ffrances of Edw & Sarah Ollitt bap - dec:23 1655

Thomas of Sarah & Edw Ollitt bapt Oct 14 1660

John of Edw & Sarah Ollitt bap - Mar 3 1661

Sarah of Edw: & Sarah Ollitt bap - May 31 1663

Edward of Osbirt & Susan Stallion bap Octob 5 1662

Nathaniel of Nathan & Elizab: Golde bap Nov 4 1662

Thomas of Nathan & Elizab: Golde bap Jun 4 1662

Margarat of Nath: & Elizab: Golde bap dec:18 1652

Abraham of Nat: & Eliz: Golde bap - Octo:14 1649

Sarah of John & Sarah Bagly bapt - May 1 1661

John ye sonn of John & Sarah Bagley bap Jan 31:1662

Sarah of John & Ann Younger bapt Dec 1st 1654

John of John & Ann Younger bapt Apr 15 1652

Ann of John Younger & Ann: bapt - July 14 1656

Mary of John & Ann Younger bapt - ffeb 14 1651

Thomas of Thomas & Margarat Wiet bap novem 24 1662

Ann of Thos: Ollitt & Ann his wife bap May 3 1648

Elizabeth of Tho: Ann Ollitt bap May 30 1653

Mary of Tho & Ann Ollitt bap Jan 12 1657

Wm of James & Amy Richardson bap Sept 17 1656

James of James & Amy Richardson bap Octob 20 1658

Mary of James & Amy Richardson bap ffeb 21 1660

Amy of James & Amy Richardson bap ffeb 4 1662

Grace of John & Ann Palmer bap - Mar 21 1647

Abraham of Abraham & Alice Morly bap Octob 13 1654

Richard of Abraham & Allice Morly bap Apr 24 1



Page 4


The six children recorded for Thomas and Mary Davy are representative of an age when most married women were pregnant for much of their married lives. Katherine Hodson is described as 'ye Eddr' meaning 'The Elder'. The burial of Elizabeth the daughter of Elizabeth Kittingham is recorded, as is the burial a year later of Osbert the son of Osbert Kittingham. However, at this stage it is not possible to say whether Elizabeth was married to Osbert, or that there were two related families. Notice that there is a lady called Mrs Minn, this is not the common courtesy of today; 'Mistress' was a title given to the wife of a man important enough in his trade or calling to be called 'Master'. In 1665/6, the Rector is referred to as 'Mr Wm Smyth'. Then there is Osbert Spratt who is described as 'gent' and 'Gentleman' and so has a recognised social position superior even to a 'Master'. The Minns and the Spratts were part of a village aristocracy.


This page continues to 1663 and, suspiciously, ends exactly at the foot of the page, 1664 starting at the top of the next page. The entries on this page are still muddled, and mainly record burials, perhaps there had been a separate list of these. This means that prior to 1664, the registers cannot be considered at all complete, in fact even some items such as the date are missing from a few of the entries.


Mary of Thomas & Mary Davy bap Aug 15 1640

John of Thomas & Mary Davy bap Aug 20 1644

Amie of Thomas & Mary Davy bap Apr 27 1651

Ann of Thomas & Mary Davy bap Aug 22 1653

Susanna of Thomas & Mary Davy bap Mar 24 1655

Thomas of Thomas & Mary Davy bap Mar 12 1657

Ann ye daughter of John Sieke buried Octob 14 1662

Diana ye wife of Wm Dibdil bur Novem 1 1662

John ye sonn of Tho Morly bur Octob 2 1662

Simon ye sonn of John Palmer bur ffeb:4 1662

Allice ye daughtr of John Laurance bur ffeb 6 1662

Wm Dibdill buried July 16 1662

Katherine Hodson ye Eddr buried Apr 29 1663

Richard ye son of Preston Coopr buried July 8 1662

Thomas ye sonn of Preston Coopr buri - decem 22 1660

Elizabeth ye daughter of Eliz: Kittingham bur Jun 11 1662

Edw Gattaway - - - buried Mar 18 1661

Osbert ye sonn of Osb: Kittingham bur June 13 1663



Thomas Neville was - - - - - - - - -                              Bur: 20 decembr

Elizabeth Golde ye daughtr of Nath & Eliz.           Buried 20 decem

William Gages                                                            Buried: 31 decem

Thomas Morley ye sonn of Thomas                        Buried 26 Novemb

Mrs Frances Minn                                                    buried 31 decem

Robert Spillman                                                        bur: 22 octob

Doroth ye daughtr of Ocbert Neville                       bur 9 Octob

John ye sonn of Wm Breves and Rose                    bur 17 Novem

Ann ye wife of Robert Pidgeon                               bur 6 ffeb

Ann ye daughtr of John Newall                              bur 28 Janua



Osberte Spratt gent was                                           bur 15 March

Arthur ye sonn of Robert & Ursula Seckor           bur 21 March

Joane ye wife of Thomas Williamson                      bur 6 April

Elizabeth ye daughtr of Edw Ollett                         bur 17 April

Mary ye daughtr of Tho: & Mary Juliasons          bur 21 April

Christopher ye sonn of Edw. Prockle                     bur 26 Apr

Dianna ye daughtr of Edm. Bealis                          bur 31 May

Elizabeth ye wife of John Newall                            buri 3 June



Ann of Thomas Kempe & Margrate                       bapt 2 August

Margrate of Jo Slate & Margarite                           bapt 11 Aug

Elizabeth of Henry & Elizabeth Hysubie               

Jo Cist                                                                                    bur 23 July

Ann of John & Mary Soule                                      bur 10 Aug

Elizab: of Henry & Ann Houlden                            bap 23 Aug

Elizab: of John & ffrancas Morly                           bap

Elizab: of Robert & Eliz Barrett                             bap 2 Octob

            Ye daughter of James Richardson              bap 1 Jann

Ann ye daughtr of John & Ann Sicker                   bap 20 Jan

Jane ye wife of priscillan Coopr                              bur 6 Novem

Thomas ye sonn of Wm Graves                                      28 decem

John Gerrarde & Ann Palmr                                  Married 28 Octob

Priscillan Coopr & Gilberte                                     Married 2 ffeb

Margrate of Thomas & Margrat Wisle                   bap 30 March








Page 5


The Register now starts in earnest and is written up once a year in arrears - all the baptisms first, then the marriages, then the burials. As mentioned above the 'year' 1664 runs from what we would call April 1664 to March 1665. In order to show their loyalty to the newly restored king, they now head each year with the king's regnal year. However, as Parliament had decided that the reign of Charles II started the day after the death of Charles I, 1664 is already the sixteenth year of his reign even though the Restoration took place in 1660.


The Latin form of Charles is Carolus, as they wish to use the genitive form i.e. to say 'the year of Charles' they wrote Caroli, or sometimes, confusingly, Carolj as a final i in numbers was often written as a j. I am at a loss to understand why they should write '2dj ' for 'Second', perhaps it is 'secundi'. However, the heading 'Anno Caroli 2dj 16' means 'In the sixteenth year of the reign of Charles II.'.


A descendent of the Pease family has written to the Web site from New Zealand.


You will see that 'y' is sometimes written for 'ie' and that 'u' and 'v' can be exchanged - the name 'Davy' is also written 'Dauie' on the same line.


The laissez-faire attitude to the spelling of 'Margaret' continues .


Anno Caroli

2dj  16                                        1664


Kempe ~ John of Thomas & Margriat Kempe                   bap 3 Apr

Lawrence ~ John of John & Eliz: Lawrance                     bap 20 June

Bacon ~ Ann of Edm & Alice Bacon ~                                bap 7 July

Dennis ~ John of John & Dorothy Dennis                          bap 5 Aug

Sperar ~ Thomas of Thos & Mary Sperar ~                      bap 30 Aug

Golde ~ Elizab: of Nath & Eliz: Golde                                bap 17 Sept

Kittringham ~ John of Osb & Joanne Kittringh~              bap 24 Sep

Pease ~ Thomas of Wm: & Ann Pease                                bap 13 octob

Morly ~ John of tho: & Bridgitt Morly ~                            bap: 14 Nov

Graves ~ Rebecca of Wm & Rose Graves                           bap 29 Jan:

Stallon ffrancis of Osb: & Susanna Stallon                        bap. 15 ffeb

Bagley ~ John of John & Sarah Bagley                              bap 8 Jan

Neville John of Osb: & Magr: Neville                                 bap 1 May

Whitebrade John Whitebrade & Eliz: Kettringha Mar 7 July

Cartr ~ John Cartr & Eleanor Palmr                                 Mar 29 dec

Lawson Rallph Lawson                                                        bur 5 June

Newhall John Newhall                                                          bur 17 ffeb


1665 (from October) and 1666 were years of plague in Norwich and other parts of the county. Although we may have got off lightly, there are six adult burials in 1665, all after October, and three in 1666. In 1667 there is only one adult burial.



Carolj 2dj                                           1665



Bernarde ~ Elizabeth of Wm & ffrancis Bernard             bap 18 June

Secker ~ Barnaby of Nicholas & Margrate Seckr             bap 18 June

Seagoe ~ Sarah of Wm & Alice Seagoe                               bap 25 Sep

Lawson ~ Elizab. of Richard & Alice Lawson                   bap 29 Sep

Sutton ~ Ann of John & Elizab. Sutton                              bap 29 Sept

Maskett ~ Andrew of Andrew & Ursuly Mashett             bapt 18 Nov

Hacon ~ Mary of John & Mary Hacon                               bapt 21 Jan

West ~ Thomas of Robt: & Mary West                              bap 11 Feb

Stallon ~ Francis of Osb: & Susan Stallon                          bap 27 Feb

West ~ Thomas of Tho: & Bridgett                                     bap 20 May

West ~ John of Tho: & Margrat West                                bap 6 Jan

Jacolde Jude wife of Andrew Jacolde                                 burj 22 Nov

Smythe Marble ye wife of Edm: Smyth                              bur 30 Nov

Smyth Mr Wm Smyth minister of ye towne

            ffor 33 years vir non Silend~                                    bur 4 Jan

Newhall Elizabeth ye wife of Wm Newhall                                    bur 10 Jan

Newell ~ fflory ye wife of Edm: Newell                              bur 14 ffeb

Davi John Dauie                                                                    bur 19 May


Page 6


A member of the Watts family at 'The Hall' is buried. As ever, any penultimate 'e' can be elided so 'Roger' becomes 'Rogr'. At times the handwriting now becomes somewhat florid, and enthusiastic loops lead to confusion. The writer gets confused too, and in some cases has to overwrite months or names. Where the surname occurs twice in a line, it is sometimes written differently the second time (vide dockin). It may be that some of these surnames will not be certain until confirmed with a second source, such as a will.



Carolj 2dj                               1666



Bacon Judith of Edm & Alice Bacon                                  bap 3 June

Spinar John of Tho: & Mary Spinar                                  bap 1 July

Lawrence Ann of Mary & Elizab Lawrence                      bap 25 August

Pease Wm of Wm & Anne Pease                                         bap 17 decem

Newell Charles of Wm & Mary Newell                              bap 17 March

Goulde Nathaniel Goulde                                                     bur 25 May

Blomfeilde Elizabeth ye wife of Thomas Blomfeilde         bur 13 decem

Banham Robert ye sonn of Edw: Banham                         bur 3 ffeb

Watts ~ Rogr att ye hall                                                        bur 18 ffeb

Smyth Edm Smyth & Ann                                                   Mar 25 May

Gosse John Gosse & Elizabeth Thickpenny                       Mar 27 decem


For 1667/8, the note of the King's regnal year becomes even briefer.


Car 2d                                                1667



Statton Elizabeth of Osbert & Susan Stallon                      bap 23 July

Sutton, Edmunde of Wm Sutton & Elizabeth                    bap 25 Aug

Newell Robert ye sonn of Wm Newell                                 bur 13 Jan

Towler John of John & Jane Towler                                  bap 1 Mar

Lawrence Ann ye daughtr of John Lawrence                   bur 4 Novem 

Bellamy Rose ye wife of John Bellamye                              bur 4 October

Bagley Ann of John & Sarah Bagley                                  bap 29 May

Smyth Edmund of Edm: & Eliz Smyth                              bap 27 May

dockin George Dockinn & Joanne Outlaw                         Mary: 4 Janu


In 1668 there are two strange duplications in the baptism records for West and Constable. The names are the same, but the date of baptism has been changed. This may be an error, or perhaps some fault in the original baptisms. However, given the high child mortality, perhaps the two second entries should have been for burial, not baptisms.


Anno                                       1668

Caroli 2di



Verdon(?) Thomas Verdon ye sonn of Thomas & Jane    bapt 19 April

Barnarde Wm Barnarde ye sonn of Wm & ffranes          bapt 26 Aprile

Cooper Joane Cooper widow - - - - - -                                 buried 5 Maye

Kittringham Amy ye daughtr of Thomas & Margaret      burid 22 Maye

Pepperby Susanna ye daughtr of Henry                            bapt 5 June

Harper Elizabeth ye daughtr of John Harpr                     bap: 7 June

Kempe Mary ye daughtr of Thomas & Margrat               bapt 14 June

Weste Mary ye daughtr of Robert and Mary                    bapt 12 July

Weste Robart* ye sonn of Thomas and Margarat             bapt 2 August

Lawrence Henry ye sonn of John & Elizabeth                  bapt 2 August

Constable John** ye sonn of John and Mary                    bapt 9 Aug:

Cheverill Robert Cheverill & Elizabeth Cooke                  Marrid 17 June

West Robart* ye sonn of Thomas and Margarat              bapt 20 September

Constable John** ye sonn of John and Mary                    bapt 20 Septem

Sutton Richard ye sonn of John and Elizabeth                  bapt 27 Sept

Spencer Sarah ye daughter of Thomas and Mary             bapt 4 Octob

Smyth Jeremyah ye sonn of Edmond & Mary                   bapt 21 Octob

                        The same child buried ~ ~  ~ ~                     buri: 24 Octob

Pory - Thomas Pory and Mary Younger                           mar: 17 novem

Burklis Thomas Burklis and Lidia Pooly                           mar 20 novem

Salfe Edw: Salfe and Magrat Dilly Mar                             mar 30 Novem 



Page 7


This page has the burial of the 'relict' (= middle class widow) of the late Rector, William Smyth who had died in January 1665, that is, three years earlier. Although the register seems to continue in the same hand for 1669, the date is now reversed - e.g. instead of 20 April we have Apr 20. For the first time we have a secular occupation mentioned - Richard Lawson is a carpenter. We also find the burial of the parish clerk, John Bellamy. As the handwriting does not change, it was not he who was writing the register.



Bullen - Sarah ye wife of Alen Bullen                                Bur 7 Octob

Wist - Ann ye daughtr of Thomas & Bridget                    bapt 29 Nov:

Salter - Edward ye sonn of John & Magrat                      bapt 30 nov

Secker - John Secker ye husband of Ann -                                    Burid 18 Decem

Stallion - Susannah ye daughtr of Osbert & Susannah    Bapt 1 Jan

Newell - Osbirt Newell buried ~ ~ ~                                    buried 21 Jan

Newell - Henry ye sonn of Wm & Mary Newell                bapt 30 Jan

Gatte - Elizabeth ye daughtr of John Gatte & Eliz:          bapt 30 Jan

Secker - Nicholas Secker buried 20 ffebr

Smyth - Mrs Mathia ye Relict of Wm Smyth Rect            buried 14 March

Ollett - Mary Ollett widow -                                     buried 29 March


Car: 2d                                   1669


Newell - Jane Newell widow                                                buried Apr 20

Barnarde - Wm ye sonn of Wm Barnarde                                    buried Apr 22

Stephens - Ann ye daughter of Robert & Ann                  Bapt May 9

                        The same infant buried                                buried May 9

Jesse - Elizabeth ye daughter of John                                buried June 9

Denton - Robert Denton and Elizabeth Thickpenny        Married June 10

Cooper - Thomas The sonn of John & Ursula Cooper                buried June 12

Lawson - Richard Lawson Carpenter                               buried June 18

Breckles - Elizabeth ye daughtr of Thomas and Lde        Bapt July 25

Liblon - Elizabeth ye daughter of Richard & Margarat  Bapt July 25

Pease - Robert ye sonn of Wm & Ann                               Bapt Aug 8

West - Thomas ye sonn of Thomas & Bridget                   bur: Oct 25

West - Ann ye daughter of Thomas & Bridget                  nou(?): Oct 15

Bagley - Thomas the sonn Of John & Sarah                     bapt decem:5

Barnett - Henry Barnett                                                      bur: Jan 8

Stallyon - Susannah ye wife of Osbert Stallyon                 bur: Jan 17

Constable - Mary ye daughtr of John & Mary                 bapt Jan 20

West - Margerat ye daughtr of Thomas & Mary              bapt Jan 18

Stallyon                                  of Osbert                                buried

Newell - Margrat Newell buried widow                             bur May 31

Gosse - Elizabeth Gosse ye wife of Thomas                       bur June 5



Carolj 22d                              1670


Sagoe - Margreat ye daughtr of Wm & Alice                    bapt Apr 28

Constable - John ye sonn of John & Mary                        bur May 16

Kempe - Thomas ye sonn of Thomas & Marg                   bapt Apr 18

Newell Edmund Newell                                                        buri Apr 21

Bellamy - John Bellamy clerke of ye parich                       buried Aug 12

Hooker - Ann ye daughtr of ffrancis & Margriat             bapt Oct 09

Bull  Thomas Bull and Ann Lawson                                   Mar 18 Octo


Page 8

Edmund Bacon has appeared before, but now he has the title of Gent, this is only the second mentioned. The year 1671 is headed 'Ab Annut' which means 'from the annunciation', another reminder that this, 25th March, was the start of the year at this time. It is interesting to note that Richard Liblon was widowed on December 12, and re-married May 15 following. His wife is Elizabeth Whitbread (however it is spelt) and a John Whitbread had died the previous Mar 1st.


Anno                                       1670

Carolj sdi



Towler - Thomas ye sonn of John & Jane                         bapt Octo 23

Harrow - Roger ye sonn of Roger & Alice                         bapt Nov: 5

Smyth Margable ye daugh: of Edm & Agnes                    bap Nov: 15

Richardson - Wm ye sonn of Osbert & Alice                     bur Nov: 21

Bacon John ye sonn of Edm: Bacon gent                           bap Nov 29

Holden Thomas ye sonn of Henry & Alice                         bap Dec 11

Liblon Margriat ye wife of Richard Liblon                        burrid dec:12

Dockwin - George Dockwin                                                            buri: Jan 8

Pigeon Elizabeth ye daughtr of Wm & Mary                     bur: ffeb 7

Whytibride - John Whitibride                                             bur Mar 1

Lawrence Elizabeth ye wife of John                                   bur Mar 1

Salte Margriat ye daugh: of Edw, & Marg                                    bapt Mar:14

Hacon - John Hacon                                                             buri Mar 15

Weste - Wm the sonn of Wm and Ann                               bapt Apr 02


Anno                                                        ------------

Carolj                                                 Ab Annut: 1671

23o                                                                             -----------


Beaste John ye sonn of John Beast                                      burid Ap 01

West - Wm the sonn of Thomas & Ann                             bur: Ap 05

Lawrence - John Lawrence & Sarah Rowe                      Marr Apr 22

Youngs - Robert Youngs & Ann Watts                             marr Apr 24

ffarow Roger ye sonn of Roger & Alice                             buri May 10

Libbons Richard Libbons & Eliza: Whiatbreade              Mar May 15

Banham Edw: ye sonn of Edw: & Mary                            bapt May 15

Thickpenny - Thomas Thickpenny & Kath Cooper         Marr:May 26

West - Elizabeth ye daughtr of Robert & Mary                bapt June 18

Beckles John ye sonn of Thomas & Ledia                          bapt July 23

Garrod - John Garrod                                                         buri July 30

Barnard Wm ye sonn of Wm & ffrancis                            bapt Jul 30

Pease Robert ye sonn of Wm & Ann                                  buri: Aug 01

Halon Mary ye wife of John Halon                                     bur: Aug 09

Pease Wm ye sonn of Wm & Ann                                       buri: Aug 09

Sutton Richard ye sonn of John & Elizab:                         buri: Aug 06

Reeve Sarah ye daughtr of Wm & Sarah                           bapt Aug13

Barnard ye sonn Wm & ffrances                                        buri Aug 24

Spenas (?) Dorchas dau John & Mary bapt                       Aug27

Olitt Sarah ye daughter of Edw & Sarah                           bur Aug 30

Houlden Elizabt ye daughter of Henry & Eliza                 bur Sept 14

Multiward ffrancis Multiwarde & Ann Garrod                Marri Oct 26

Bepperby (?) francis ye daughter of Henry & Elizab        bapt Nov 19

Lawrence Sarah ye daughter of John & Sarah                 bapt Dec 19

Dorkin Mary Dorkin  ye same infant                                  bapt Dec 20

                                                                                                Bur Dec 28


Page 9


The spelling of Margaret continues to be a puzzle, Mrs (i.e. Mistress) Pratt, one of the local gentry, dies. Humphrey Cranvill is also spelled Cranvil on the same line, so what hope have we for accuracy? William and Magrat were married on the 29th but was it really October, or should that be February? Poor Edward Ollett lost his child and then his wife by October. However, he married Elizabeth Golde in the following January. This is the second case of very quick remarriages, and this must be a feature of country life at this time.



Olett Mary Olett                                                                    bur 10 Jan

Smyth Ann ye wife of Edm Smyth                                      bur 16 Jan

Cooper Isabell ye daughter of Jo Coper                             bur 5 ffeb


Ab: Annunt 1672



Carolj 24o


Cranvill Humphrey Cranvil                                                 buried 22 April

Stallon Osbert ye sonn of Osbert Stallon                                        buried 23 April

Saiker Mercy ye daughter of Rob & Alice                                                 bapt 1 May

Clarke ~ Wm Clarke and Margriat Holmes                                   married 16 May

Amys - Ann ye daughter of Thomas & Margrat                           bapt 28 May

Salter Allen the son of John & Ann his wife                                  bapt 9 Jun

           Elizabeth ye daughter of John & Ann                                 bapt 9 Jun

Thickpenny Katherine ye wife of Thomas, immature(?)              buried 16 June

Pease ~ Anne the daughter of Wm and Anne                                bapt 29 June

Bagley John ye son of John and Sarah immature (?)                    buried 31 June

Salter - Elizabeth ye daughter of John & Margaret                     buried 6 July

Kempe Margriat ye daughter of Thomas & Margrat                   bapt 7 July

Peskes ~ Wm Peskes Singleman                                                       buried 28 July

Pease - Ann ye daughter of Wm & Ann                                        buried 1 Aug

Sacker Mercy ye daughter of Robert & Alice                                            buried 3 Aug

Ollet - Ann ye daughter of Edw & Sarah                                      bap 25 Aug

Aylmer - Mary ye daughter of John & Dorothy                           bapt 1 Sept

Pratt - Mrs Pratt gentlewoman                                                       buried 3 Sept

Ollet - Ann Ollet an infant                                                               buried 15 Sept

Newale John ye sonn of John & Elizabeth                                     bapt 22 Sept

Teste - Jermy Teste & Elizabeth Gazely                                         married 24 Sept

Ollet - Sarah ye wife of Edw Ollett                                                 buried 1 Octobr

Asping - Robert Asping & Margt Warman                                   married 6 Octob

Smarte - John Smarte & Mary Coope                                           Mar 10 Oct

Lawrence - Elizabeth ye daughter of John & Sarah                    bapt 10 Novem

West - Thomas ye sonn of Thomas & Bridget                               bapt 27 Dec

Ollett - Edw: Olett & Elizabeth Golde                                            Married 12 Jan

Chapman Johanna, ye daughter of Spencar(?) and Mary           bapt 16 Jan

Lawrence Elizabeth ye daughter of John                                       Burried 20 Jan

James - Susanna ye daughter of Wm & Susan                              bapt ffeb 11

Banham Wm ye sonn of Edw & Mary                                           bab(sic) ffeb 23

Osborne - Wm Osborne & Margrat Watts                        married 29 Octob(sic)

Lunn; John ye sonn of John & Margrat                                        bapt 30 Mar

Sutton. Elizabrth ye wife of Wm Sutton                                         burd 30 March


Page 10


Here is a chap called Sygrolphus James, a Christian name I have not met before; there were many Dutch and Walloon protestant refugee families in Norwich at this time, is this the source? Several words have the penultimate 'e' elided e.g. Saltr and Cartr for Salter and Carter. This was common at this time.


Anno Carolj 25o

Ab Annunt: 1673 ab Annum





Clarke(?) - Magrat Daughtr of Wm & Margarat, bapt 4 May

Salte - Allen ye sonn of John & Margarat bur 7May

Bennett - Wm ye sonn of Robert & Elizabeth Bap 29 May

Lunn - John ye sonn of John; & Margarat bur 3 June

Reeve - Mary ye daughter of Wm & Sarah bapt: 15 June

Sutton - Wm Sutton & Mary Goodwin Mar 24 June

Stallon Elizabeth the daughter of Osbirt & Elizabeth bap 1 July

Sacker Alice ye daughter of Robert & Alice bapt 13 July

Tyle(?) - Elizabeth ye daughter of Jeremie & Elizabeth bur 5 Aug

Pease - Thomas ye son of Wm & Ann bapt 24 Aug

Barnarde - ffrancis (sic) ye daughter of William & ffrancis bapt 7 Sept

Osborne - Ann & Dorothy daughters of Wm & Margrat bapt 14 Octob

Newall Jane ye daughter of John & Elizabeth bapt 26 Oct

Largent Katharine ye wife of John buried 20 November Holden - Elizabeth ye daughter of Henry & Ann babt 23 Novem

Bagley - Thomas ye sonn of John Bagley & Sarah buri 21 January

Kellingham (?) - Robert ye sonn of ffrancis & Ann bapt 15 ffebrua

James William ye son of Sygrolphus & Ann bapt 15 March

James Elizabeth ye daughter of Wm & Susan bapt 12 April

Stallon - Martha ye daughter of Wm & Ann bapt 12 April


Anno Carolj 26o

Ab Annunt: 1674 ab Annum



Saker - Wm Sakr and Elizabeth Newall Marri: June 14

Cart(e)r - John Cartr ye sonn of John & Elianor bapt Jun 21

Salt(e)r - Margriat ye daughter of John & Magr bapt June 28

Howell Thomas Howell a strangr buri July 18

Aylm(e)r Richard ye sonn of Richard & Ann bapt July 19

Whistl(e)r - Elizabeth ye daughter of Wm & Margr: bapt July 19

Lawrence James ye sonn of John & Sarah bapt Aug 2d

Kempe - Elizabeth ye daughter of Thomas & Mary bapt Aug 23

Mallett, Bartholomew Mallett & Ann Banham Marr Oct 1st

Golde, Abraham Golde & Elizabeth Wright Marr Oct 8

Skeely - Wm Skeely & Susannah Sill mar: Oct 8

Sulton Wm ye sonn of Wm & Audrey bapt Oct 18

Hepperby (?) Elizabeth ye daughter of Henry & Eliza: bapt Oct 18

Spinkes John Spinkes & Elizabeth Ollett mari dec: 15

Barnham Robert ye sonn of Edw & Mary bapt dec 26

Stallon, Elizabeth ye daughter of Osbert & Elizab buri Jan 3d


Page 11


Bagley - Sarah ye wife of John Bagley bur: Jan 19

Towell - Richard Towell & Margrat Readr Marri feb 2nd

Osborne - Wm ye sonn of Wm & Margrat bapt Mar 25

Sacker - John ye sonn of Wm & Elizab: bapt Apr 4

Reeve - Amy ye daughtr of Wm & Sarah bapt Apr 4

Breckles - Mary ye daughtr of Thomas & Lydia bapt Apr 6


In this year, poor Samuel Golde lost both his twins and his wife all within a few weeks.


Ann Carolj              Ab Annunt 1675 ad Annun:

27o 1675                                        1676



Pease Robert ye sonn of Wm and Ann - - bapt 2 May

Golde - Elizabeth ye wife of Abraham .. burid 22 May

Aylmer - Elizabeth ye daughtr of Gregory & Lois - bapt 30 May

Mayes - Elizabeth ye wife of Thomas Mays (sic) burid 31 May

Sacker - John Sacker                                             burid 17 June

Mallett - Elizabeth ye daughtr of Barth: & Ann bapt 4 July

Stallon - Katherine ye daughter of At (?) & Elizabeth bapt 11 July

Golde - Nathaniel sonn     of Nat & Susan   bapt 15 Aug

               Mary ye daughtr

               Ye same infants agajne   . burid 28 Aug

Clough - Sarah ye daughtr of Samuel & Prudence   bapt 29 Aug

Bull - Alice ye daughtr of Thomas & Alice bapt 29 Aug

Guttridge - May ye daughtr of Rogr &        bapt 29 Aug

Golde - Susan ye wife of Nathaniel . burid 3 Sept

Aylmer - John ye sonn of John & dorothie bapt 5 Sept

Stallon - Katherine ye daughtr of Osb:    burid 10 Sept

Hooker - John Hooker & Ann duffeilde marrid 3d Sept

Sacker - Widow Sacker --- buried 24 Octob

Ketteringham - Robert Ketteringham & Magrat Morris married 1 Nov

Thickpenny - Frances ye daughtr of francis & Constance bapt 21 Nov

Spinkes (?) - Thomas ye sonn of John & Elizab - bapt 12 dec

Hipperble (?) - Elizabeth wife of hinery burid 16 Dec

Sacker - John ye sonn of Rob & Alice bapt 2 Jan

Holden - John ye sonn of Hinery & Ann bapt 2 Jan

Claxton - Saule ye sonn of Thomas & Alice bapt 2 Jan

Middleton John ye sonn of Wm & Ann bapt 11 Jan

Newall - Mathew ye sonn of Wm & Mary bapt 27 feb

Holden - John ye sonn of Hen  & Ann burid 28 feb

Foster - John ye sonn of Jeremy & Elizab bapt 27 March

Lawrence - Thomas ye sonn of John & Sarah bapt 9 Apr


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Anno                           Ab. Annunt 1676 ad

Caroli 28o                  Annuntiation 1677



Lawrence John ye sonn of John Lawrence burid 03:April

Skeely - Wm Skeely                                       bur: 01 May

Lunn - John Lunn -------------                       bur = 29 May

Kethingham - Elizab ye daughtr of ffrancis & Ann buri 21 July

Banham - Wm Banham's wife                    buri 23 July

Alderr - Mary ye daughter of Thomas & Shalr (?) bap 13 Octob

Burnett - Richard Burnett buri 13 Octob

Sutton - Mary ye daughtr of Wm & Mary bapt 3 Octob

Sutton - Mary ye wife of Wm --- buri 21 Octob

Whitherel - Thomas Witherel, Ann Youngs Marri 26 Octob

Toste (?) - John ye sonn of Jammis & Eliza buri 01 Novem

Holmes Edmund ye sonn of Edm & Ribicca bapt 26 Novem

Sacker Robert ye sonn of Wm & Elizab bapt 17 Decem

Jones - Wm Jones buri 21 decem

Clarke Ann ye wife of Thomas buri 18 Jan

Banham Edw Banham buri: 26 Jan

Breckles ffrances ye daughtr of Tho & Lydia bapt 25 ffebru

Spanhocke John Sparhoche (sic); Marge Lunn: Marri 27 ffebr

Wolden - Ann ye daughtr of Henry & Ann bapt 04 Mar

                 Ye same infant                    buri 06 Mar

Aylmer - Wm Aylmer ye sonn of Ric & Ann bapt 18 Mar

Eddowes Wid: Eddowes --- buri: 20 Mar

Newall - Robert Newall --- buri 02 Apri


The handwriting now changes, and becomes neater. This person adds an -e to Anne, and has a slightly different style. Newall should have been in 1677 as he was buried in April. I think this is the same family as Nual (or similar). The Latin heading below stands for - From the Annunciation 16 - to the Annunciation 16 -


Anno                                 Ab Annunt:  1677 ad

Carolj 2di                         Annuntiationum 1678



Smyth  Sarah the daughter of John & Alice bapt 29 Aprill

Seckar John the sonn of Robt & Alice bur: 02 May

Oxborough William Oxborough & Emm Seckar Mar 24 May

Barnard Willm the sonn of Willm & Francis (sic) bap: 17 June

Townsend John Townsend & Prudence Davies Mar: 17 June

Kittringham Ann ye daughter of ffrancis & Anne bap: 15 July

Muskett Ursula ye wife of Andrew - bur 31 July

Wetherell Ann ye daughter of Thomas & Anne bap: 03 Aug:

Banham Anne ye daughter of Edward& Mary bap: 05 Aug:

Spinkes ffrances ye daughter of John & Elizabeth bap 02 Sep:

James Sarah ye daughter of Willm & Susan bap :23 Sep:

Banham Ann ye daughter of Edward & Mary - bur :30 Sep:

Barrett - a widow --- bur :08 Nov:

Barnard Willm ye sonn of Willm & ffrances bur 30 Nov

Newall Anne ye daughtr of John & Elizabeth bur 0i Decem

Heperby Alice ye daughter of Henry & Anne - bap 30 Dec:

Muskett Andrew Muskett & Elizabeth Goodwin Mar :04 ffeb:

Smyth Sarah ye daughter of John & Alice bur :15 ffeb:

Clough Joseph the sonn of Samuel & Prudence bap: 07 Mar:

Newall John the sonn of Willm & Mary     bap :10 Mar

Berton Anne the daughter of John & Lucy   bap 24 Mar

Bird (?) Sarah ye daughter of Robt & Pleasance bap :24 Mar:


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Another new hand, and a slightly different layout. Some of the entries are a little out of order. 'Eadem' means 'the same'; so 'eadem Margr' means 'the same Margaret' as on the previous line. The spelling of Margaret continues to amaze, and Judah is an odd name for a girl, but the poor child becomes Judith later. Things can move fast in the village. In July 1677 Ursula Muskett dies, and widower Andrew marries Elizabeth in February 1677/8. By August 1678, little Samuel is buried, with no record of a christening.


Anno                            Ab Annunts 1678 ad Annuntiationem 1679

Carolj 2dj




Mayes                         Thomas Mayes                                                          bur 29 Mar

Stallon                        Mary daughter of Osbert & Elizabeth                    bap 29 Mar

Vincent                       Elizabeth Vincent                                                      bur 4 Apr

Whistler                      Sarah daughter of Willm & Margaret                    bap 7 Apr

Pease                           Joseph sonn of Willm & Ann                                   bap 21 Apr

Lawrence                   Elizabeth daughter of John & Sarah                      bap 1 May

Richardson                Amy the wife of James                                             bur 22 May

Heperby                     Alice daughter of Henry & Anne                            bur 25 May

Kittringham               Judah daughter of Robt & Margrt                         bap 16 June

Pease                           Joseph Pease                                                              bur 22 June

Mallett                        Sarah daughter of Barth: & Anne                          bap 30 June

Hawrland (?)             Willm sonn of Willm & Mary                                  bap 14 July

Seckar                                    ffrances daughter of John & Margaret                  bap 4 Aug

Kittringham               Judeth daughter of Robt & Margart                      bur 23 Aug

Muskett                      Samuel sonn of Andrew & Elizabeth                      bur 25 Aug

Whitbread                  Tamasin Whitbread                                                  bur 12 Sep

Towell                         Margrett daughter of Richd & Margret                 bap 12 Jun

                                    Idem Margr                                                               bur 17 Sept

Lawrence                   Elizabeth daughter of John & Sarah                      bur 1 Oct

ffuller                         Wid ffuller                                                                 bur 28 Oct

Kittringham               ffrancis sonn of Robt & Margrett                           bur 2 Oct

Seckar                                    ffrances daughter of John & Margret                    bur 3 Oct

Lawrence                   Thomas sonn of John & Sarah                                bur 15 Oct

Pease                           Thomas son of Willm & Anne                                 bur 24 Nov

Walker                       Henry Walker & Anne Breckles Mar                     24 Nov

Holdin                         Henry sonn of Henry & Anne                                  bap 15 Dec

Kemp                          Magrett daughter of Thom & Margrett                 bur 30 Nov

Davy                           Amy the wife of Thomas Davy                                bur 20 Dec

Maltaway                   Magratt the wife of ffrancis                                     bur 27 Dec

Sickar                         Willm son of Robt & Alice                                       bap 29 Dec

Cobb                           Mary the wife of Michael Cobb                               bur j Jan

Banham                      Mary daughtr of Edward & Mary                          bap 13 Jan

Burgis                         John Burgis & Grace Palmer                                   Mar 13 Jan

Pease                           William Pease                                                            bur 15 Jan

Stallon                        Mary Daughtr of Osbert & Elizabeth                     bur 1 ffeb

Wace                           Ann Daughtr of Edmond & Amy                           bap 2 ffeb

ffield                           Alice Daughtr of John & Susan                               bap 2 ffeb


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Heperby                     Margrt Daughtr of Henry & Ann                           bap 9 ffeb

Constable                   Robrt son of John & Mary                                      bap 14 ffeb

Heylett                        Mary the wife of John                                              bur 22 ffeb

Mallett                        Sarah Daughtr of Barth & Anne                            bur 17 Mar


Anne Breckles married Henry Walker on 24th November 1679. On 26th October 1680 a daughter Anne was baptised. Sadly, Mrs Walker died on the 8th November 1680, not having been married a whole year.


The burial of the Rector William Lyng is recorded here in its proper place as well as on the fly-leaf. The Latin means "Rector of this church, a man without . " but the last word is again indistinguishable.


Ano Carolj                 Ad Annuntiat 1679

2di   31o                      ad Annuntiationem 1680



Levall                          Elizabeth the wife of Richard                                  bur 2 Apr

Birch                           Wid Birch                                                                  bur 29 Apr

Banham                      Wid Banham                                                             bur 10 May

Spencer                      Wid Spencer                                                              bur 18 May

Bullen                         Anne the wife of Allen                                              bur 15 Jan

West                            Margratt Daughter of Thom & Margratt              bur 15 Jan

Tester                         Elizabeth the wife of Jeremy?                                  bur 22 Aug

Gent                            William Gent & Anne Davy                                     mar 29 Aug

Best                             Susan Daughtr of Jeffrey & [blank]                       bap 2j Oct

Middleton                   Anne Daughter of Willm & Anne                           bap 26 Oct

Walker                       Anne Daughter of Henry & Anne                           bap 26 Oct

Walker                       Anne the wife of Henry                                            bur 8 Nov

Smyth                         Mary the Daughter of John & Alice                       bap 9 Nov

Sargent                       John Sargent                                                             bur 13 Nov

Chinre(?)                    John of - a vagabond -                                             bap 30 Nov

                                    Idem [the same]                                                          bur 2 Dec

Holden                        Henry Holden                                                            bur 3 Jan

Spinks                         John son of John & Elizabeth                                  bap 12 Jan

Lyng                           Willm Lyng Rect hujs Eccl vir non silendg(?)          bur 16 Jan

Hurtley                       Wid Hurtley                                                               bur 29 Jan

Holme                         Edmund son of Edmund & Rebeccah                    bap 25 ffebr

Seckar                                    Elizabeth daughter of John & Margaret                bap 27 ffebr

Holden                        Henry son off Henry & Ann            bur                              27 ffebr

Ollett                           Thomas Ollett                                                            bur 2 Mar

Burgis                         Elizabeth daughter of John & Grace                      Bap 7 Mar

Spinks                         Thomas son of John & Elizabeth                            bar 2j Mar


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The entry for Waise is out of place, one wonders how this happened. The entry for Kilke is confused and the writer was not sure whether the girl's name was Anne or Margaret.


Ano Carolj                 Ad Annuntiation 1680

2di   32o                      ad Annuntiat 1681



Burgis                         Elizabeth daughter of John & Grace                      bur 12 Apr

Oxborough                 Thomas son of John & Emme                                 bap 16 May

                                    Idem                                                                           bur 26 May

Kittringham               Judith daughter of Robt & Margrett                      bap 27 Jun

Salter                          Margarett daughter of John & Mary                     bur 27 June

Wetherill                    Thomas son of Thomas & Anne                              bap 15 Aug

Pooley                         Robt Pooley de Cranwch & Sarah Younger          Mar 18 Nov

Muskett                      Elizabeth daughter of Andrew & Elizabeth           bap 12 Dec

Heperby                     Margrett Heperby daughter of Henry                    bur 27 Dec

Smyth                         Ann the wife of Edmund                                          bur 17 Dec

Barnard                     ffrances the wife of Willm                                        bur 3 Jan

Towell                         Mary the daughter of Richd & Marg                     bur 3 Jan

Kilke                           Anne Margaret daughter of John & Mary                        bap 10 Jan

Thickpenny                ffrancis Thickpenny                                                 bur 30 Jan

Birdeson                     Thomas the son of Roger & Mary                           bap 27 ffebr

Waise                          Catherine daughter of Edw: & Mary                     bap 10 Oct


Ano Carolj                 Ad Annuntiatione .. 1681

2di   33o                      ad Annuntiat 1682



Here we have the sad case of Mr and Mrs West dying within two months of each other. We also have a member of the Clough family who became important in Feltwell. Graues is the then current way of writing Graves.


Seckar                                    William son of William & Elizabeth                        bapt 30 Mar

                                    Idem                                                                           bur j Apr

Seckar                                    Elizabeth the wife of Willm                                      bur 5 Apr

Wace                           Catherine daughter of Edm: & Amy                      bur 2j Apr

Clough                        Joseph son of Samuel & Prudence                          Bap 10 Apr

Constable                   Mary the wife of John                                              bur 20 Apr

West                            Thomas West                                                             bur 25 Apr

West                            Bridget West the wife of the sd. Thom.                   Bur 4 June

Lawrence                   Alice the wife of John                                               bur 10:June

Cobb                           Michael Cobb                                                            bur 23 June

West                            Mary West                                                                 bur 24 June

Oxborough                 Willm son of Willm & Emmi                                    Bap 12 July

Seckar                                    Robert son of Robert & Alice                                  Bap: 29 Aug

Graues                        Willm Graues                                                 bur 5 Sep

Goodson                     John Goodson                                                            bur 6 Sept

Seckar                                    Alice daughter of Robert & Alice                            bur 17 Oct

Spinkes                       Silvester son of John & Elizabth                              Bap 2j Nov


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Gent                            Susan daughter of Willm & Anne                           Bap 2j Nov

Ollett                           Thomas Ollett single & Margaret Winker single    Mar 18 Oct

Homes Edmund Holmes Wid & Constance Thickpenny  Mar 30 Nov

Hepperby                   Henry Hepperby                                                       bur 9 Dec

Best                             Susan the wife off Jeffrey                                        bur 17 ffeb

Towell                         Richard son of Richard & Margarett                     Bap 13 Mar


Ano Carolj                 Ad Annuntiation 1682

2di   34o                      ad Annunt. 1683


A new hand starts here, but it looks like an older man, with old fashion characters.


Wace                           John son of Edmund & Amy                                   bap 26 Mar

Ash                             William                                                                       Bur 23 May

Dye                             John of ffeltwell & ffrancis Tyrrell singlefolk        Mar 5 June

Dary                           Thomas                                                                      Bur 21 Sep

Buller                          Allen                                                                           bur 29 Sept

Kettringham              Thomas son of Robt & Margarett                           Bapt 10 Oct

Lawrence                   John son of John & Ann                                          Bapt 6 Oct

Lawrence                   John son of John & Ann                                          Bur 8 Oct

Matthews                   John                                                                            Bur 14 Nov

Burgess                       Oliver                                                                          Bur 12 Jan

Richardson                James                                                                          Bur 30 Jan

Seckar                                    Elizabeth daughter of John & Margaret                Bur 9 Mar

Richardson                John                                                                            Bur 11 Mar


The regnal years of King Charles II are no longer noted from here and James II is ignored from 1685. The Latin form for the Annunciation continues to vary.


An Dom                                  Ad Annuntiatione 1683

1683                                                                          ad Annuntiationem 1684


Kettringham:             Judith                                                                         Bur 10 Aprill

Dester                         Thomas son of Jeremiah & Dorothey                     Bapt 14 Sep

Dester                         Thomas son of Jerm: & Doro:                                 Bur 15 Sept 

Oxborough                 Elizabeth daughter of Will & Em                            Bapt 23 Sept

Spinks                         Elizabeth the daughter of John & Elizabeth          Bapt 23 Sept   

Constable                   John son of John                                                       Bur 24 Sept

Clough                        Elizabeth daughter of Sam: & prudence                Bapt 7 Oct

Smith                          William & Margaret Sturgeon Single folk              Mar 14 Oct

Ffield                          John & Susan son & daughter of John & Susan   Bapt 8 Nov

Salter                          Margaret daughter of Robt & Mary                       Bapt 23 Dec

Lawrence                   John son of John & An                                            Bapt 27 Dec

Dorking                      John & An Mason Singlefolks                                 Mar 6 jan

Secker                         Robt son of Robt & Alice                                         Bur 17 Jan

Holden                        An widow                                                                   Bur 27 ffeb

Towell                         Samuell son of Richard & Margarett                      Bapt 15 Mar


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Anno Dom                             Ad Annuntiatione 1684

1684                                                                          ad Annuntiationem 1685


Relk                            Thomas son of John & Mary                                   Bapt 1 April

Relk                            Thomas son of John & Mary                                   Bur 23 Apr

Mills                            John & Elizabeth Miller Wid                                   Mar 13 May

Hardy                         John & Mary Richardson singlefolks                     Mar 18 May

Bays                            Thomas son of Thomas & Sarah                             Bapt 18 May

Seckar                                    Alice daughter of Robt & Alice                               Bapt 25 May

Best                             Jeffery:wid & Mary Symons single woman:          Mar 23 Aug

Kettringham              Robt son of ffrances & An                                       Bur 15 Sept

Clough                        Samuel son of Samuel & Prudence                         Bur 16oct

Mills                            Mary daughter of John & Elizab                            Bap 26 Oct

Hardy                         Amy daughter of John & Mary                               Bap 28 Dec

Kettringham              An wife of ffrancis                                                    bur 11 ffeb

Brickwood                 Elizabeth daughter of Thomas & Elizabeth           Bapt 4 Jan

Morley                        Bridget wife of Thomas                                            Bur 22 Mar

Musket                       Andrew wid & Mary Banham wid                         Mar 5 Nov


An Dom                                  Ad Annuntiatione 1685

1685                                                                          ad Annuntiationem 1686


The Register is signed at the foot of this page, which is the end of 1685/86. The signature of the Rector, Topcliff, is clear but that for the churchwarden is difficult to read, it may be J. Ozest.


ffield                           Mary daughter of John & Susan                             Bapt 25 Mar

Relk                            Robt son of John & Mary                                        Bur 9 Apr

Constable                   John                                                                            Bur 4 May

Butter                         Willm                                                                          Bur 17 Apr

Best                             Mary daughter of Jeffrey & Mary                          Bur 27 Apr

Kettringham              Osbert                                                                         Bur 31 May

Saller                          John                                                                            Bur 19 June

Relk                            Mary wife of Thomas                                               Bur 10 July

Baldur                        Elizabeth daughter of Tho: & Eliz                          bapt 9 Aug

Nowah                        Elizabeth                                                                    Bur 9 Aug

Kettringham              Margaret wife of Robt                                              Bur 13 Sept 

Lawrence                   Samuel son of John & An                                        Bap 20 Sept 

Whistler                      John son of John & Elizabeth                                  Bap 4 Oct

Constable                   Audrey Wid                                                               Bur 28 Oct

Kettringham              Mary daughter of Robt                                            Bur 7 Nov

Salter                          Elizabeth daughter of Robt & Mary                       Bapt 13 Dec

West                            John & Mary Chapman Singlefolks                       Mar 17 Dec

West                            Elizabeth daughter of Robt & Eliz                          Bapt 27 Dec

Humphreys                Catherine daughter of John & Margaret               Bapt 1 Jan

Oxborough                 Mary daughter of William & Em                            Bapt 21 ffeb

Ollet                            Elizabeth wife of Edward                                        Bar 22 ffeb

Levaritsh(?)               John & Mary Taft Singlefolks                                 Mar 29 ffeb

Buys                            John son of Thomas & Elizabeth                            Bapt 14 Mar

King                Thomas                                                                      Bur 2 Mar     


                                                                        [signed] L. Topcliff Rectr                                                                                                                    J. Ozest



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It is only an impression, but the birth of Samuel and John Prior seems to signal the start of an epidemic of twins. Despite the loss of these two, there is also an impression that child mortality is a little less in the following years. As child mortality is high, children suffer proportionately less from plague: therefore, if there is a trend, it is unlikely to be associated with a change in the occurrence of disease. This will have to be checked.


Anno Dom                             Ad Annuntiatione 1686

1686                                                                          ad Annuntiationem 1687


ffield                           John wid, & An Heperby wid                                  Mar 5 Aprill

Sage                            Elizabeth daughter of William & Elizabeth            Bap 6 Jun

Ffield                          John son of John & Susan                                       Bap 18 July

Brayholt                     Mary daughter of Richard & Elizabeth                 Bap 9 May

Hard                           William Widower & An Claxton Wid                     Mar 24 June

Hayward                    Gregory son of Gregory & Mary                             Bapt 2 August

Muskett                      An daughter of Andrew & An                                Bapt 8 August

Bateman                     John son of John & Elizabeth                                  Bapt 8 August

Paye                            Richard & Elizabeth Wilson                                    Mar 14 August

Hardy                         John son of John & Mary                                        Bap 29 August

Bird                            Joseph son of Thomas & Mary                                Bapt 29 August

Best                             William son of Jeffery & Elizabeth                         Bapt 5 Sept

Seckar                                    Ann daughter of Robt & Alice                                Bapt 5 Sept

Risring?                      John son of George & Mary                                                Bapt 26 Sept

ffuller                         Charles & An King single ffolks                              Mar 4 Oct

Chilvey                       Samuell & Elizabeth Sego single ffolks                   Mar 4 Oct

Killingham                 Robert widower & Margt Mussel single woman    Mar 9 Oct

Muskett                      An daughter of Andrew & An                                Bur 11 Nov

Seckar                                    An daughter of Robt & Alice                                   Bur 15 Nov

Prior                           Samuel & John sons of Abraham & Mart              Bapt 30 Nov

Mills                            Mary daughter of John & Elizabeth                       Bur 10 Dec

Prior                           Samuel & John sons of Abr: & Martha                  Bur 14 Dec

Lawrence                   An daughter of John & An                                      Bapt 6 ffeb

Spinks                         An daughter of John & Elizabeth                           Bapt 24 ffeb



Anno Dom                             Ad Annuntiatione 1687

1687                                                                          ad Annuntiationem 1688


Towell Robt                                                                                                   Bur 22 Aprill

Hardy James so of John & Mary                                                                Bap 24 June

Smith James                                                                                                   Bur 17 July

Stallon Martha                                                                                              Bur 19 July

Chilvers Elizabeth daughter of Sam & Elisa:                                             Bap 10 Aug

ffield Thomas                                                                                                            Bur 11 Aug

Kissingham Osbert son of Robt & Margret                                                Bap 20 Aug

Betts William son of Andrew & Amy                                                          Bap 18 Sept

Banham Mary                                                                                               Bur 14 Oct

Hills Thomas son of John & Susan                                                              Bap 24 Oct

Wetherell Elizabeth & Sarah Daughters of Tho: & An                            Bap 7 Nov

Hodman Thomas                                                                                           Bur 15 Nov

Bays Thomas & Henry sons of Thomas & Sarah                                      Bapt 1 Oct

Banham William                                                                                           Bur 23 Oct

Barnard Thos & Ann Cotton single ffolk                                                   Mar 1 Oct


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Remy Thomas                                                                                               Bur 1 ffeb

Asdin Robt                                                                                                     Bur 29 Dec



Anno Dom                             Ad Annuntiatione 1688

1688                                                                          ab Annuntiationem 1689


Bird Mary daughter of Thomas & Mary                                                   Bapt 26 March

Vage Elizabeth daughter of Richard & Elizabeth                                     Bapt 1 Aprill

Agor Luke & Catherine Clark                                                                    Mar 14 May

Drake Anthony & Margaret Ollit widow                                                   Mar 18 May

Burdison Roger son of Roger & Mary                                                       Bapt 9 June

Best Jeffery son of Jeffery & Mary                                                                        Bapt 9 July

Oxborough Thomas son of William & Eli                                                  Bapt 21 July

Drake Anthony                                                                                             Bur 7 Aug

Mason Mary daughter of William & Elizabeth                                          Bap 6 Aug

Lawrence Thomas son of John & Ann                                                       Bap 9 Aug

Lawrence John                                                                                              Bur 3 Sept

Drake Anthony son of Anthony & Margret                                               Bapt 5 Sept

Betts Andrew son of Andrew & Amy                                                         Bapt 13 ffeb

Spinks Mary daughter of John & Elizabeth                                              Bapt 3i Jan

Gold Mary daughter of Thomas & Mary                                                   Bapt 18 Mar

Kittringham Robt son of Robt & Margaret                                               Bapt 18 Mar

The Registers seems unmoved by the abdication of James II and the accession of William and Mary this year.


Anno Dom                             Ad Annuntiatione 1688

1689                                                                          ab Annuntiationem 1689


Bird An Daughter of Thomas & Mary                                                       Bapt 27 Mar

Bird Margaret                                                                                               Bur 15 Aprill

ffield Sarah daughter of John & Susan                                                      Bapt 17 Aprill

Prior William                                                                                                 Bur 14 July

Chilvers Susan daughter of Samuell & Elizabeth                                      Bapt 16 Aug

Nowele Jane                                                                                                   Bur 2 Sep

Hardy Mary daughter of John & Mary                                                     Bapt 14 Sept

Stallon Osbert                                                                                                Bur 16 Oct

Bays William son of Thomas & Sarah                                                        Bapt 30 Nov

Holland Henry                                                                                               Bur 21 Dec

Newton Mary daughter of Richard & Mary                                              Bapt 6 Jen

Nowele Margaret Wid                                                                                  Bur 6 Jan

Best Elizabeth daughter of Jeffrey & Mary                                               Bapt 1 Jan

Seckar An                                                                                                      Bur 16 ffeb

West An daughter of Robt & Elizabeth                                                      Bap 3 Mar

Boast Arthur                                                                                                 Bur 13 Mar


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Minor nobility comes to the Register in the shape of Sir Cyril and Lady Susan Wich. There was a Sir Cyril Wich who was one of the Lords Justices in 1694 - is this he? Following the common custom, Anne, the widow of Henry Ely who died in November was remarried in the following February.


Anno Dom                             Ad Annuntiatione 1690

1690                                     ad Annuntiationem 1691


Morly John son of John & Susan                                                                Bapt 3 May

ffield John son of John & Susan                                                                 Bapt 3 May

Mason Elizabeth Daughter of William & Elizabeth                                  Bapt 21 May

Betts Amy wife of Andrew                                                                           Bur 30 May

Witherell Abraham son of Thomas & An                                                  Bur 30 June

Witherell Sarah & Elizabeth daughters of Tho                                         Bur 3 July

Prior Elizabeth daughter of Abraham & Martha                                     Bapt 6 July

Wish Susan wife of ye Honble Sir Cyr: Wish                                             Bur 12 Oct

Ely Henry                                                                                                       Bur 3 Nov

Saller Elizabeth daughter of Robt & Mary                                                Bur 10 Nov

Barnard Thomas son of Thomas & Ann                                                    Bapt 17 Nov

Smith Elizabeth Daughter of Thomas & Elizabeth                                   Bapt 14 Jan

Stallon Elizabeth daughter of Edward & Mary                                         Bapt 9 ffebr

Rooper Thomas & An Ely widow                                                               Mar 25 ffeb

Driver William son of William & An                                                           Bapt 8 March



There may be echoes of the local dialect in the names written Booton and, in 1695, Doock which we might recognise as Button and Duck. The marriage of Margaret and William Booton in September 1691 was followed by the birth of little Thomas in the following March. However the engagement was usually seen as the actual start of the marriage.


Anno Dom                             Ad Annuntiatione 1691

1691                                     ab Annuntiationem 1692


Hardy William son of John & Mary                                                           Bapt 3 May

Morley Thomas                                                                                             Bur 19 May

Morley Thomas son of John & Susan                                                         Bapt 19 July

Seckar An daughter of Robert & Alice                                                      Bapt 7 July

Seckar Alice ye wife of Robt                                                                        Bur 15 July

Gold Thomas son of Thomas & Mary                                                        Bapt 16 Aug

Oxborough William                                                                                      Bur 30 Aug

Kittringham William son of Robt & Margaret                                           Bapt 30 Aug

Baly Joseph son of John & Sarah                                                               Bapt 3 Sept

Chilvers Mary daughter of Samuell & Elizabeth                                       Bapt 6 Sept

Booton William singleman & Margaret Drake wid                                   Mar 20 Sep

Oxborough Arthur son of William & Eli                                                    Bapt 20 Sept

ffield Susan & Margaret daughters of John & Susan                               Bapt 27 Sept

Prior William son of Abraham & Martha                                                  Bapt 8 Oct

Salter John son of Robt & Mary                                                                 Bap 1 Nov

Paye Mary daughter of Richard & Elizabeth                                            Bap 1 Jan

Booton Thomas son of William & Margaret                                              Bapt 13 March


Anno Dom                             Ad Annuntiatione 1692

1692                                        ab Annuntiationem 1693


Booton Mary wife of Abell                                                                           Bur 30 March

Tuck Daniell son of James & An                                                                 Bapt 24 Aprill

Lawrence An wife of John                                                                           Bur 28 Aprill

Bennet Thomas & ffrancis Carman single folks                                        Mar 14 June

Nurse William & Mary Russells single folks                                               Mar 16 June  Duckling Mary daughter of John & Margaret                                      Bapt 7 August


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Smith Elizabeth wife of Thomas                                                                  Bur 20 Aug

Hardy Robert son of John & Mary                                                             Bapt 11 Sept Mason Margaret daughter of Will & Eliz                                                        Bapt 26 Dec

Prior John son of Abraham & Martha                                                       Bapt 23 Nov

Barnard An daughter of Thomas & An                                                     Bapt 8 Jan

Smith Tho: widower & Eliz Ruwland singlewoman                                  Mar 6 ffeb

Lamb William                                                                                                Bur 11 ffeb


It is difficult to explain why Susan Field should have been baptised twice .


Anno Dom                             Ad Annuntiatione 1693

1693                                        ab Annuntiationem 1694


Morly Susan daughter of John & Susan                                                    Bapt 5 Apr

Driver An daughter of William & Ann                                                       Bapt 28 May

Nurse Thomas son of William & Mary                                                       Bapt 18 June

Gold Elizabeth daughter of Thomas & Mary                                            Bapt 5 June

ffield Susan daughter of John & Susan                                                      Bapt 28 July

ffield Susan daughter of John & Susan                                                      Bapt 1 Sept

Barnard An daughter of Thomas & An                                                     Bur 16 Sep

Baly Margaret wife of Thomas                                                                    Bur 26 Nov

Kittringham Elizabeth daughter of Rob & Mary                                      Bapt 12 Jan

Barnard Mary daughter of Thomas & An                                                 Bur 23 Jan

Salter An daughter of Robt & Mary                                                                       Bapt 21 ffeb

Hudson Joan daughter of Tho: & Elizabeth                                              Bapt 20 March

Mason Margaret daughter of Will & Elizabeth                                         Bur 16 Mar

Sponer Mary wife of Thomas                                                                      Bur 18 Mar


 This year sees the death of Robert Asplin in July, and the marriage of two widows called Asplin on the same day in December.


Anno Dom                             Ad Annuntiatione 1694

1694                                        ab Annuntiationem 1695


Booton An daughter of William & Margaret                                             Bapt 15 Aprill

Paye Margaret daughter of Rich & Elizabeth                                           Bapt 22 Aprill

Hudson Joan daughter of Thomas & Elizabeth                                         Bapt 24 Aprill

Bennet Matthew son of Thomas & Francis                                                Bapt 20 May

Mason Margaret daughter of Will & Elizabeth                                         Bur 2 June

Bays An daughter of Thomas & Sarah                                                      Bur 5 June

Hatsol Robt                                                                                                    Bur 10 June

Mason William                                                                                              Bur 21 June

Bays Thomas                                                                                                 Bur 21 June

Baly Susan daughter of John Baly & Sarah                                              Bapt 5 July

Hardy Lidia daughter of John & Mary                                                      Bapt 8 July

Asplin Robt                                                                                                    Bur 31 July

Soya Susan daughter of William & Eliza                                                    Bapt 21 Sept

Wiffin James son of James & Elizabeth                                                     Bur 27 Sept

Bird Thomas widower & May Asplin widow                                             Mar 13 Dec

Redlove William widower & Mary Asplin widow                                     Mar 27 Dec

Barnard William son of Thomas & An                                                       Bapt 17 Oct


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Duckling Thomas son of John & Margaret                                                Bapt 17 Nov

Williamson Charles son of Charles & Hannah                                          Bur 3 Jan

Morly Robt son of John & Susan                                                                Bapt 3 March


Anno Dom                             Ad Annuntiatione 1695

1695                                        ab Annuntiationem 1696


Hodson John son of Thomas & Elizabeth                                                  Bapt 25 Aprill

Seckar Robt widower & |Sarah Boys widow                                             Mar 13 May

Johnson William & ffrances Stead single folks                                          Mar 4 June

Reve Margaret wife of William                                                                   Bur 16 June

Nurse William son of William & Mary                                                       Bapt 16 June

Bell An wife of Richard                                                                                Bur 17 June

Driver Mary daughter of William & An                                                     Bapt 30 June

Barton Thomas son of Thomas & An                                                         Bapt 30 June

Hardy Thomas son of John & Mary                                                           Bapt 14 July

Nowton Robt & ffrances Maiur single folks                                              Mar 21 July

Williamson Em [sic] daughter of  Charles & Hannah                               Bap 24 July

Slatter Edward so Edward & Mary                                                            Bapt 25 Aug

Smith John & Dorcas Spencer single ffolks                                               Mar 1 Oct

Gold Mary daughter of Thomas & Mary                                                   Bapt 21 Sept

Hardy Lidia daughter of John & Mary                                                      Bur 8 Oct

Durrant Robert & Mary Bird single folks                                                  Mar 29 Sept

Thornton Isaac son of Isaac and Mary                                                       Bapt 3 Nov

Wiffen William son of James & Elizabeth                                                  Bapt 3 Nov

Hudson John son of Thomas & Elizabeth                                                  Bur 9 Nov

Seckar Robert son of Robert & Sarah                                                        Bapt 15 Dec

Doock Catherine                                                                                           Bur 28 Dec

Towler John son of Thomas & Mary                                                          Bapt 28 Dec

Rotheram James & Elizabeth Cane single folks                                        Mar 13 ffeb

Groom Dusan                                                                                                Bur 9 ffeb

Saye Susan daughter of William & Eliz                                                      Bur 4 March


Anno Dom                             Ad Annuntiatione 1696

1696                                        ab Annuntiationem 1697


Gold Elizabeth daughter of Thomas & Mary                                            Bapt 14 July

Pooly William so of Robt & Mary                                                               Bapt 19 July

Page Sarah daughter of Rich & Elizabeth                                                 Bapt 16 Aug

Stallon Elizabeth widow                                                                               Bur 14 Sept

Smith Thomas son of Thomas & Elizabeth                                                Bapt 27 Sept

Driver Mary daughter of William & An                                                     Bur 27 Sept

Barnham Robt & ffrances Barnard single folks                                        Mar 28 Sept

Cork John & ffrances Hoperby single folk                                                Mar 4 Oct

Pullen Amy Poulton daughter of Nath & Cath                                          Bapt 12 Sept

Barnham Mary daughter of Robt & ffrances                                            Bapt 18 Oct

Wilton ffrances daughter of James & Eliz                                                 Bapt 22 Nov

Rotheram Elizabeth daughter of James & Eliz                                          Bap 6 Dec


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Chilners Sarah daughter of Samuell & Eliz                                               Bapt 13 Dec

Spenser Sarah daughter of Thomas & Mary                                             Bur 28 Dec

Cork Edward & An West single folks                                                        Mar 28 Dec

Poulton Amy daughter of Nath & Catherine                                             Bur 8 Jan

Dickson Robt son of Robt & Elizabeth                                                       Bapt 31 Jan

Wiffin ffrances daughter of James & Eliz                                                  Bur 8 Jan

Baly Mary daughter of John & Sarah                                                        Bapt 17 ffeb

Duckling John son of John & Margaret                                                     Bapt 28 ffeb


Anno Dom                             Ad Annuntiatione 1697

1697                                        ab Annuntiationem 1698


Barnard John son of Thomas & An                                                           Bapt 28 Mar

West John son of John & Elizabeth                                                            Bur 5 April

Stallon John son of Edward & Mary                                                          Bur 4 July

Nurse John son of William & Mary                                                            Bapt 18 July

Sparks Robert son of Robt & Hannah                                                       Bapt 9 Sept

Barlow William son of Thom & An                                                            Bapt 21 Nov

Cork An daughter of Edward & An                                                          Bapt 19 Dec

Rotherham Sarah daughter of James & Eliz                                             Bapt 21 Dec

Wiffin James son of James & Elizabeth                                                     Bapt 13 Mar


Anno Dom                             Ad Annuntiatione 1698

1698                                        ab Annuntiationem 1699


The parish quill had become the worse for wear by the entry for Gold. Either a new pen, or the old one resharpened at long last, was used thereafter. The writing, which is still a form of Secretary hand, is small and neat, but rather mannered so that o, a and e are hard to distinguish. As the t is not crossed, it can be confused with l. The capital P remains a thing of beauty. Poor Mary Pooly died a few months after giving birth: her widower, Robert, remarried a year later.


Skaffing Richard & Elizabeth Whistler                                                      Mar 10 April

Gold Nathaniel son of Thomas & Mary                                                      Bapt 17 July

Clark Joseph son of Joseph & Jane                                                            Bapt 24 July

Smith William son of William & Margaret                                     Bapt 23 Sept

Pooly Elizabeth daughter of Robert & Mary                                             Bapt 23 Oct

Nowton Will son of Robert & Frances                                                        Bapt 13 Nov

Pooly Mary wife of Robt                                                                              Bur 13 ffeb


Anno Dom                             Ad Annuntiatione 1699

1699                                        ab Annuntiationem 1700


Chilvers Samuell son of Samuell & Elizabeth                                            Bapt 11 June

Paye An Daughter of Richard & Elizabeth                                                Bapt 11 June

Kittringham Mary daughter of Robt & Margaret                         Bapt 19 July

Lebans Elizabeth                                                                                           Bur 22 July

Duckling Robert son of John & Margaret                                                 Bap 10 August

Nurse ffrancis son of William & Mary                                                       Bap 27 Aug

Sparks John son of Robert & Hannah                                                       Bur 19 Sept

Banham Margaret daughter of Robert & ffrances                                   Bapt 1 Oct

Walman John & Mary Stigall                                                                      Mar 5 Oct

Morly Edmund son of John & Susan                                                         Bur 13 Oct

Wiffin Robert son of James & Elizabeth                                                    Bapt 5 Nov

Pooly Robert widower & An Dorman single woman                                Mar 14 Nov

Lambert Goorg & May Brooks single ffolks                                              Mar 20 Nov

Williamson An daughter of Charles & Hannah                                         Bapt 6 Dec


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Clark Philip son of Joseph & Joan                                                              Bapt 17 Dec

ffirtum? Margaret daughter of Gregory & Mary                                     Bapt 17 Dec

Stallon Mary daughter of Edward & Mary                                               Bapt 28 Dec

Barnard Robert son of Thomas & An                                                        Bapt 7 Jan

Walker Elizabeth daughter of James & Mary                                           Bapt 14 Jan

Williamson An daughter of Charles & Hannah                                         Bur 16 Jan

Cany Elizabeth widow                                                                                  Bur 12 ffeb

Cock Elizabeth daughter of Edward & An                                                Bapt 28 Jan

Downham Thomas son of John & An                                                        Bapt 17 March


Gabriel and Mary Nicholls provide a possible example of a 'marriage' starting with the engagement, rather than with the church service.


Anno Dom                             Ad Annuntiatione 1700

1700                                        ab Annuntiationem 1701


Hardy Susan daughter of John & Mary Bapt 21 Aprill

Walker Elizabeth Daughter of James & Mary Bapt 21 Aprill

Nicholls Gabriell & Mary West Singlefolks Mar 22 May

Clough Robt Son of Robt & Susan Bapt 15 Aug

Dorking Mary? Wife of Richard Bur 28 Aug

Nicholls Mary Daughter of Gabriell & Mary Bapt 15 Sept

Cock An Daughter of Edward & An Bur 25 Sept

Marshall John & Margret Marshall Singlefolks mar 3 Oct

Sponir? John son of Thomas Bur 29 Oct

Oxborough John & Bridget Norman Singlefolks Mar 29 Oct

Marshall John - Bur 29 Oct

Gold John Son of Tho: & Mary Bapt 3 Nov

Nooly Simon son of Robt & An Bapt 3 Nov

Morley Edward Son of John & Susan Bur 13 Nov

ffield Elizabeth Daughter of William & Mary Bapt 8 Dec

Rotheram Mary Daughter of James & Elizabeth Bapt 15 Dec

Driver Mary Daughter of William & An Bapt 15 Dec

Sparks John Son of Robt & Hannah Bapt 4 March

West Martha Daughter of Robt & Eliz Bapt 5 March

Walker Elizabeth Daughter of James & Mary Bapt 9 March

Doulen? William son of Thomas & Mary Bapt 23 March

Banham Elizabeth daughter of Robt & ffran Bapt 23 March


Anno Dom                             Ad Annuntiatione 1701

1701                                        ab Annuntiationem 1702



Stallon Robt Son of Edward & Mary Bapt 6 Aprill

Cock Mary Daughter of Edward & An Bapt 6 Aprill

Richardson Elizabeth Daughter of James & Mary Bur 15 May

Nowler Susan Daughter of Robert & ffrances Bapt 15 May

Richardson Thomas son of James & Mary Bapt 9 June

Oxborough William son of John & Bridget Bapt 6 July

ffrelum? William son of Gregory & Margaret Bapt 26 Oct

Duckling William son of John & Margaret Bapt 16 Nov

Driver Richard son of William & An Bur 22 Nov

Morly Edmund son of John & Susan Bapt 18 Jan

Revans ffrances & Amy Ward singlefolks Mar 3 ffeb

Burgis Mary Daughter of Thomas & Mary Bap 25 Jan


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Queen Anne II comes to the throne as the last of the Stuarts.


Anno Dom                             Ad Annuntiatione 1702

1702                                        ab Annuntiationem 1703


Clark Mary Daughter of Joseph & Joan Bapt 29 March

Nurse James Son of William & Mary - Bapt 7 Aprill

Hudson Elizabeth Daughter of Thomas & Eliz Bur 14 Aprill

Chilvers Robt Son of Samuell & Elizabeth Bapt 26 Aprill

Smith William Son of Thomas & Elizabeth Bapt 3 May

West Martha Daughter of Robert & Elizabeth Bur 12 May

ffield Anthony & Elizabeth Hunt Singlefolkes Mar 5 July

Driver John son of William & An - Bap 25 July

Downing An Daughter of John & An Bap 8 Nov

Marsh William & An Laryont? Singlefolkes Mar 15 Nov

Barnard Nicholas Son of Thomas & An - Bapt 22 Nov

Newton Elizabeth Daughter of Robt & ffrances Bapt 22 Nov

Newale Thomas Son of Charles & Margret Bapt 7 Dec

Pooly Elizabeth Daughter of Robt & An Bapt 29 Jan

Bays Stephen -------- Bur 4 ffeb

Morly Elizabeth Daughter of John & Susan Bapt 7 ffeb

ffield John ----------- Bur 7 ffeb

Cock John Son of Edward & An - Bapt 28 ffeb


Anno Dom                             Ad Annuntiatione 1703

1703                                        ab Annuntiationem 1704


Tuck William Son of James & Elizabeth Bapt 28 Mar

Morly Mary Daughter of William & Mary Bapt 2 May

Gold Abraham Son of Thomas & Mary Bapt 9 May

ffield Susan Daughter of John & Susan - Bur 10 May

Banham Robert Son of Robt & ffrances - Bapt 1 Aug

Dey Robert ----------- Bur 20 Aug

Clark Robert Son of Joseph & Jane Bapt 21 September

Walman Bridget wife of James ----- Bur 31 September

Marsh Mary Daughter of William & An Bap 17 Oct

ffield John --------------------- Bur 8 Nov

Nicholls Elizabeth Daughter of Gabriall & Mary Bap 5 Dec

Wiffin Mary Daughter of James & Eliz Bapt 20 Dec

Rotheram Margrett Daughter of James & Eliz Bapt 20 ffeb

Thornton Jane Daughter of Isaac & ffrances Bapt 20 ffeb

Bays Henry Son of Thomas & Mary - Bapt 26 ffeb

Norman Elizabeth Daughter of William & An Bapt 19 Mar


Anno Dom                             Ad Annuntiatione 1704

1704                                        ab Annuntiationem 1705


Bagley John ---------------- Bur i4 Aprill

Duckling Samuell Son of John & Margret Bapt 16 Aprill


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ffuller Mary Daughter of  Thomas & Elizabeth? Bapt i5 June

Pauly John son of Robt & An Bapt 18 June

Morly John Son of William & Mary Bapt 2 July

West ffrances Daughter of Robert & Elizab Bapt 16 July

Chilvers Thomas son of Samuell & Elizabeth Bapt 27 Aug

ffield Susan Daughter of William & Mary Bapt 3 September


Morley William Son of John & Susan Bapt 14 September

Denton Thomas Son of Thomas & Mary Bapt 15 Oct

Salter Edward ----------------- Bur 11 Jan

Banham Robert --------------- Bur 17 Jan


Anno Dom                             Ad Annuntiatione 1705

1705                                        ab Annuntiationem 1706


Towell Richard ----------------- Bur 25 May

Aylmer An Daughter of Richard & Elizabeth Bapt 3 June

Barnard Edward Son of Thomas & An - Bapt 29 June

Lambert ffrances Daughter of Georg & Mary Bapt i July

Hines William ---------------------- Bur 9 Aug

Nicholls Thomas Son of Gabriell & Mary Bapt 12 Aug

Prior Sarah Daughter of Abraham & Sarah Bapt 25 Oct

Constable Mary Daughter of Robt & Mary Bapt 28 Oct

Morly Richard Son of John & Susan Bapt 9 Nov

ffutum? Mary Daughter of Gregory & Mary Bapt 29 Oct

Carry Benjamine & An Clarke Single ffolks Mar 27 Dec

Burgis ffrances Daughter of Thomas & Mary Bapt 3 Jan

Bays Stephen Son of Thomas & Mary Bapt 13 Jan

Constable Mary Daughter of Robt & Mary Bur 13 ffeb

Smith William -------------------------- Bur 8 March

Lane Thomas Son of Benjamine & An Bapt 10 March

Bays Stephen Son of Tho: & Mary Bur 29 March


Anno Dom                             Ad Annuntiatione 1706

1706                                        ab Annuntiationem 1707


Wright An Daughter of John & Dorothy Bap 6 Aprill

ffield John & Susan Son & Daughter of Anth: & Eliz Bapt 14 Aprill

ffullor Thomas Son of Thomas & Elizabeth Bapt 13 May

Nurse Mary Wife of William --- Bur 17 May

Morly William Son of William & Mary Bapt 23 June

Aylmer William Son of Richard & Elizabeth Bapt 7 July

Morly William Son of William & Mary Bur 9 July

Cock William Son of Edward & An Bur 1 August

Smith William Son of John & Dorcas Bur 12 August

Marsh John Son of William & An Bap 11 Aug

Mallet William Son of William & Joan Bapt 25 Aug

Oxborough William Son of John & Bridget Bapt 22 Sept

Oriss? William Son of William & Sarah Bapt 8 Dec

? Henry Son of Thomas & Mary Bapt i8 Dec


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Ollen? Edward           Bur 28 Dec

Ducklin Edward Son of John & Margret  Bapt 31 Dec


Rotheram James Son of James & Elizabeth Bap 19 Jan

Morly Mary Daughter of John Susan Bap 2 ffeb

Constable John Son of Robt & Mary Bapt 21 Mar

Constable John Son of Robt & Mary Bur 23 Mar


The following year sees the burial of Amy the wife of Lancaster Topcliffe.


Anno Dom                             Ad Annuntiatione 1707

1707                                        ab Annuntiationem 1708


Morly Mary Daughter of John & Susan Bur 13 May

Topcliffe Amy ye beloved wife of Lancaster Topcliffe Rector Bur 19 May

ffield Elizabeth Daughter of William & Mary Bur 30 May

Smith Sarah Daughter of Thomas & Elizabeth Bapt 22 June

Clark Mary Daughter of Joseph & Joan Bapt 10 July

Bays Thomas son of Thomas & Mary Bapt 17 Aug

Chilvers Thomas Son of Samuel & Elizabeth - Bapt 28 Sep

Pooly Margret Daughter of Robt & Ann - Bapt 27 Aprill

Bell Margret Wife of Richard Bur 10 May

ffield Elizabeth Daughter of William & Mary Bapt 22 Dec

Nowlan Nicholas Son of Robt & ffrances Bapt 12 Jan

Wiffon Sarah Daughter of James & Elizabeth Bapt 15 ffeb


Anno Dom                             Ad Annuntiatione 1708

1708                                        ab Annuntiatione' 1709


Smith Edmond was ------------------------------- Bur 6 Aprill

Wright Thomas son of John & Dorothy was Bapt 6 Aprill

Dester? Jeremiah ------------ Bur 9 May

Robans Richard --------------- Bur 28 May

Smith William son of Samuell &        ---------- Bapt 22 July

Oxborough John Son of John & Bridget Bapt 8 Aug

Bell Richard ----------- Bur 7 Sep

Wetherell Thomas & Elizabeth Sorgo Singlefolks Mar 7 Oct

Cans Benjamin Son of Benjamin & An Bapt 17 Oct

ffenlvin? Mary --------- Bur 18 Dec

Stallon Audry Wid ----------- Bur 1 Jan

Hooker Margaret Wid ----------- Bur 8 Jan

Hall David Son of David & Mary Bapt 27 Feb

Bird Thomas ----------------------- Bur 1 March


Anno Dom                             Ad Annuntiatione 1709

1709                                        ab Annuntiationem 1710


Wilson Son of James & Elizabeth Bapt 17 Aprill

Grisson Mary Daughter of William & Sarah Bapt 17 Apr

Stallon Edward Son of Edward & Mary  Bapt 23 June

Duckling Edward son of John & Margaret Bur 2? July

??                                                                                July

? ?                                                                   Bur 17 Aug


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ffuller? Mary Daughter of Thomas & Elizabeth Bapt 15 July

Ashley James ---------------------  Bur 17 July

Barfoot Jonathan Son of Henry & An Bapt 30 October

Lambert Mary Daughter of Georg & Mary Bapt 18 Decemb

Brgis Alice Daughter of Th: Burgis & Eliz Bapt 26 Decem

ffeild? Mary Daughter of William & Mary Bapt 6 January

Sego William ---------------- Bur 19 January

Burnold Thomas -------------- Bur 20 January


It is possible that there are entries missing for 1710.


Anno Dom                             Ad Annuntiatione 1710

1710                                        ab Annuntiation' 1711


Aylmer Richard son of Richard & Elizabeth Bapt 30 Aprill

Merrill John son of Thomas & Elizabeth Bapt 18 May

Barnold Nicholas son of Thos: & An Bur 17 Dec

Rolleram Thomas son of James & Elizabeth Bap 22 Dec

Barnard ----------------------- Bur 4 ffebr

Lambert ffrances senr Bur 11 March


Anno Dom                             Ad Annuntiatione 1711

1711                                        ab Annuntiation' 1712


Barfoot John son of Henry & An Bapt 10 May

Baly John son of John Bur 17 March

Morly Richard son of John & Susan Bur 9 June

Abraham Elizabeth Daughter of James & Elizabeth Bapt 24 June

Mallet Joan wife of William Bur 2 Aug

? John Bur 20 Nov

Wright Henry son of John & Dorothy Bapt 15 Jan

Marsh An Daughter of William & An Bapt 17 ffeb

ffuller John Son of Thomas & Elizabeth Bapt 24 ffeb

Wiffin Susan Daughter of James & Elizabeth Bapt 16 Mar

Cresson? Susan Daughter of William & Sarah Bapt 23 March

Smith Thomas ------ Bur 6 ffeb


Anno Dom                             Ad Annuntiatione 1712

1712                                        ab Annuntiationem 1713


ffield William son of William & Mary Bapt 22 Aprill

Narse Hannah wife of William Bur 9 Jun

Hudson Sarah Daughter of ffrances &      Bapt 22 July

Carmy? Mary Daughter of Benjamin & An Bapt 10 Aug

Mallet An Widow           Bur 24 Aug

Parsly Robert son of Osbert & An Bapt 4 Sep

Best Mary wife of Arthur Bur 5 Sept  

ffield Margaret Daughter of Anthony & Elizabeth Bapt 27 Dec

Bury Robert son of Robert & Elizabeth Bapt 4 Jan

? Edmund son of Edmund & Mary Bapt 17 ffeb

Burgis Edward son of Thomas & Mary? Bapt 21 March


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Griffin Susan Daughter of James & Elizabeth Bapt 12 Aprill

Rotheram Elizabeth Daughter of James & Elizabeth Bap 26 Aprill

Homes Mary Daughter of Thomas & Mary Bapt 24 May

Lome Hannah Daughter of Anthony & Elizabeth Bapt 19 May

Tuck Henry Son of Henry & Mary Bapt 2 August

Wright Robert son of John & Dorothy Bapt 8 August

ffuller Elizabeth wife of Thomas  Bapt 8 August

Poulson Catherine Widow ----------- Bur 9 October

Bayly An Widow ----------- Bur 10 December

Marsh Edward son of William & Elizabeth Bur 13 December

Gold Alice wife of Nathaniell Bur 22 January

berry Elizabeth Daughter of Robert & Elizabeth Bapt 14 ffebr

Oxborough Mary Daughter of John & Bridget Bapt 7 Marsh

Wheeler Philip ca hprise man? Bur 24 March


George I came to the throne in 1714, and historians date the start of the industrial revolution from this time. Momentous national changes are ignored in the depths of Norfolk.


Anno Dom                             Ad Annuntiatione 1714

1714                                        ab Annuntiationem 1715


Northereck? Elizabeth Daughter of Thomas & Elizabeth Bapt 27 Aprill

Bird Margaret Widow ----------------- Bur 4 May

Spooner? Thomas ------- Bur 4 Aug

Constable Robert ----------------- Bur 11 August

Mash William son of William & An Bap 19 Sep

Parsley Osbert son of Osbert & An Bapt 11 Oct

ffuller Elizabeth Daughter of Thomas & Elizabeth Bapt 27 ffeb

Smith Edmond Son of Edmond & Mary Bur 8 Mar


Anno Dom                             Ad Annuntiatione 1715

1715                                        ab Annuntiationem 1716




Parsly Osbert son of Osbert & An Bur 30 Mar

Jackson William son of William & An Bur 16 May

Smith James & Mary Johnsons(sic) singlefolkes Mar 7 Jun

Griston Cany? son of William & Sarah Bap 19 June

Berry Mary Daughter of Robert & Elizabeth Bapt 18 Sept

Carter Richard & Joan Goddson singlefolkes Mar 29 Dec

Gallet widow ---------------- Bur 4 January

Homes Elizabeth Daughter of Thomas & Mary Bapt 22 January

Rothman Susanna Daughter of James & Elizabeth Bapt 29 January

Smith Elizabeth Daughter of Edmond & Mary Bapt 4 March

Oxborough Bridget wife of John ----------------- Bur 6 ffebruary


Anno Dom                             Ad Annuntiatione 1716

1716                                        ab Annuntiationem 1717


Smith Mary Daughter of James & Mary Bapt 27 Mar

Barnard William ----------------- Bur 11 May

ffield Elizabeth Daughter of Witt? & Mary Bapt 22 May

Drake Peter son of Peter & an Bapt 24 July

Wetherill? Thomas son of Tho: & Elizabeth Bapt 28 July

Stallon Edward ------------------------ Bur 17 Aug


[New page]


Segoe Elizabeth Widow ---------- Bur 24 October

Rolf Elizabeth Daughter of Thomas & Elizabeth Bapt 19 Nov

Wiffen Richard Son of James & Elizabeth Bapt 22 Dec

Gold Nathaniel Widower & Elizabeth Walsh single woman Mar 14 Janu


A new hand takes over from time to time in 1717 - a new set of letters to learn!

Robert West is an adult, but has a rare description - he is 'the knacke'. One might expect 'elder' or 'younger' but knacke is a mystery.


Anno Domini                         Ad Annuntiatione 1717

1717                                        ab Annuntiationem 1718


Marsh Eliz: daughter of Will: & Ann his wife Bapt 11 April

West Robt the knacke --------------- Buri 9 June

Bury Jonathon son of Robt & Eliz: his wife Bapt 16 June

Smyth Mary wife of Edmd Smyth  Buri 1 August

Cilby Thomas singleman -------------------- Buri 14 August

Barfoot Eliz: daughter of Henry & Ann his wife  Bapt 30 September

Manson Eliz: daughter of Thomas & Frances Bapt 20 October

Tuck Thomas son of Henry & Mary his wife  Bapt 3 Nov:

Gold Nathaniel son Nath & Eliz: his wife Bapt 29 Dec

Munson Joseph son of Daniel & Ealos? his wife Buri 15 March


Anno Domini                         Ad Annuntiatione 1718

1718                                        ab Annuntiationem 1719


Oxborough William son of John & Elizabeth his wife Bapt 13 Aprill

Jackson? An the wife of William ---- Bur 1 Aprill

Gold John son of Thomas Bur 2 August

ffield Judith daughter of William Bur 2 Septem

West John son of John & An Bapt 12 October

Smith Margaret Daughter of James & Mary Bapt 30 October

Smith Mary wife of James ------ Bur 30 October

Perry ffrances daughter of Robt & Elizabeth Bapt 9 Novem

Newton Mary Daughter of Robert & Frances Bapt 11 ffebruary

Rolf Alice Daughter of Thomas & Elizabeth Bapt 19 ffebruary

ffeild John son of William & Mary Bapt  1 March


William Field lost no time in remarrying after his wife's death. Mary Hungerford is described as 'Dame', clearly one of the village gentry as is Jermyne Wyche, described as Esquire - a genuine title at that time. His wife's death is recorded in 1736/37. The words 'Anno Domini' no longer appear.


                                                Ad Annuntiatione 1719

1719                                        ab Annuntiationem 1720


ffield Amy wife of Will: ffield Bur 6 June

Morly Mary Daughter of Jno & Mary his wife Bap 16 Aug:

Hungerford Dame Mary Widdow --- Bur 19 Aug

ffield Will: Widdower & M: Banham Widw Mar 20 Aug

Rutheram Eliz: Daughter of Jeams (sic) & Elizabth Bur 14 Oct:

Hudson Mary wife of Francis Hudson Bur 28 Dec:

Chilvers Robt son of Samuel & Elizabth Bur 3 Jan

Wyche Jermyne Wyche Esq ----------------- Bur 16 Jan:

Tuck Mary Daughter of Henry & Mary Bap: 17 Jan:

Marsh John son of William & Ann Bap: 28 ffeb:

Rutheram Will: son of Jeams & Elizabth Bap: 20 ffeb:

Muskett Mary Widdow ------------ Bur: 21 Mar:


The widowed Lancaster Topcliffe died this year and was replaced by Dr. Thomas Macro as Rector. He was to serve the parish for the next 23 years. There is another change of hand, but as Macro signed the Register it is possible to say that it is probably not he who has taken over the job of writing the entries.


                                                Ad Annuntiatione 1720           Tho: Macro DD

1720                                        ab Annuntiationem 1721         Rector (Signature)


Topliff (sic) Lancaster Clerk -------------------- Bur 22 June

Clough Susanna wife of Robt Clough bur 23 June

Morley? John son of John & Mary bap 26 June

Hardy? Willm son of James & Thamesin bap 3 July


[New page]


Field Anthony son of Anthony & Elizth bap 24 July

Cooper Catharine daughter of John & Susanna bap 25 July

Jackson William & Mary Stallon mar 5th Aug:

Kethringha'  Margaret daughter of Osbornne & Margt bur 7 oct:

Tuck Thomas son of Henry & Mary bur 23 Oct:

Bayley John ------------ Bur 30 Oct:

Cullin John & Elizabeth Rolfe Mar 1st Nov:

West Thomas son of John & Ann bap 22 Nov:

Oxborough John --------------------- bur 17 Dec:

Gold John son of Thomas & Lydia bap 19 Jany

Rutheram William son of James & Elizth bur 23 Jany

Munson Joseph son of Thomas & Frances bap 24 Jany


                                                Ad Annuntiatione 1721

1721                                        ab Annuntiationem 1722


Rolfe Frances daughter of Tho: & Elizth bap 16 May

Ollet Thomas -------------- bur 19 May

Smyth Elizth daughter of James & Eliz: bap 15 June

Dannock John ----------------- bur 18 June

Retham Elizabeth wife of Willm Retham bur 4 July

Fuller Thomas & Frances Garnham mar 11 July

Wickes Mary Daughter of Stafford & Ann bap 14 July

Duckling John ------------ bur 23 July

Wetherell Ann daughter of Tho: & Elizth bap 27 Aug

Barnood Thomas and Elizabeth Callow mar 22 Sept

Gold Nathaniel & Alice Newton mar 1 Oct

Ingwood William and Mary Gold mar 2 Oct

Morly John son of John & Mary bur 18 Octbr

Smith William son of Tho: & ELizabth bur 15 Nov

Bayley Sarah Widow ----------------- bur 23 Nov

Towel Margaret Widow -------------- bur 5 Dec

Denton John son of John & Mary bap 9 Dec

Tuck James    ------------------ bur 1 Jan

Cany Elizabeth daughter of Ben: & Ann bap 4 feb (sic)

Smyth Mary wife of Willm Smyth bur 19 feb

Tuck Samuel son of Henry & Mary bap 25 feb

Ketheringha'[m]  Osbornn son of Osbornn & Margart bap 4 Mar


At the end of this year another new hand takes over and the first capital F appears.

Twenty years after these entries someone has scribbled a little sum, no doubt working out someone's age at death.


                                                Ad Annuntiatione 1722

1722                                        ab Annuntiationem 1723


Nicholls Rebecca wife of Thomas - bur 30 Aprl

Field Ann daughter of Willm & Mary bap 16 May

Field Anthony son of Antho: & Elizth bur 10 July

Nicholls Thomas & Mary Wooderds Mar 30 Sep.

Duckling John & Elizabeth Banham Mar 30 Sep

Gold Thomas son of Nath: & Alice Bap 30 Sep

Durrant Albert --------------------------- Bur 16 Oct

Best Arthur ------------------------ Bur 15 Nov

West Mary ye Daughter of John & Ann Bap 3 Feb: (sic)

Gold Lydia Daughter of Tho: & Lydia Bap 26 Feb


Elizabeth Atkin is the first child to be marked as illegitimate.


                                                Ad Annuntiatione 1723

1723                                        ab Annuntiationem 1724


Fuller Thomas ------------ Bur 3 May





[New page]


Olley Mary Daughter of William and Ann Bap: 3 June

Rolfe Mary Daughter of Tho: & Elizth Bap: 7 June

Tuller James son of Thomas & Margaret Bap 9 June

Atkin Elizabeth Daughter of Elizth Ill: Bap 9 June

Clemont Richard --------------- Bur: 16 June

Duckling John son of John & Elizth Bap 14 July

Wheeler Joan Wid --------------- bur 18 Augst

Homes Sarah Daughter of Tho: & Mary Bap 24 Sepr

Homes Mary Wife of Thomas bur 24 Septr

Homes Sarah Daughter of Tho: & Mary Bur 29 Septr

Ayres John son of John & Sarah Bap 30 Septr

Wright John & Mary Nicholls Mar 8th Octr

King John & Susanna Field mar: 3 Novr

Smith Ann Daughter of James & Elizth Bap 7 Novr

Field Elizth wife of Anthony - Bur 6 Decr

Wiffen Willm & Frances Denton Mar 1 Jan

Mash Henry Son of Willm & Ann Bap 26 Jan

Youngs John --------- Bur 29 Jan:

Parsly Ann Daughter of Osbornn & Ann Bap 19 Jan:

Drake Peter son of Peter & Ann Bap 20 Jan

Drake Peter son of Peter & Ann Bur 15 March

Ashly Eizth wife of Tho Ashley - bur 18 March


The common, although odd, abbreviation Jno is now used for John.


                                                Ad Annuntiatione 1724

1724                                        ab Annuntiationem 1725


Kenton Mary ye Daughter Ill: of Susan Bap 10 May

Ashly John & Mary Gold Mar 14 May

Denton Mary Daughter of John & Mary Bap 21 May

Goodin (sic) William Son Illeg: of Ann Bap 26 May

Tuck Edward Son of Henry & Mary  Bap 14 June

Kenton Mary Daughter Ill: of Susan Bur 21 June

Gold John son of Nathl & Elizth Bap 9 Augt

Gold Elizth Wife of Nathl Bur 22 Sep:

Harnsby Richd & Mary Morly Mar 29 Sep:

Nicholls John son of Tho & Mary Bap 15 )ct

Nicholls Thomas ------------------------ Bur 9 Nov

Wiffen Willm son of Willm & Frances Bap 7 Feb

Hardy Elizth Daughter of James &  Thonesn (Thamesin) Bap 10 Feb

Ashby Elizabeth Daughter of Jno & Mary Bap 25 Feb


                                                Ad Annuntiatione 1725

1725                                        ab Annuntiationem 1726


[New page - the date becomes reversed so that the month comes first.

A new hand is seen from February and a dash appears after each surname.]


Grisson Sarah & Elizth Daughtrs of William

and Sarah -----------------------  Bap: Mar: 30

Ketteringha' Mary Daughtr of Osborn? & Margt Bap May 8

Homes Thomas & Mary Stallon Mar Aug 1

Munion Joseph Son of Thomas  Bur Sept 17

Mash Willm Son of Willm & Ann Bur Octr 15

Smith Susan Daughtr of James & Elizth: Bap: Decr 26

Ayres - Sarah Daughter of Jno & Sarah Bap Feb 17

Walker - Samuel Son of Tho: & Eliz Bap Feb 6


The year is left off, and the modern spelling of April appears .


                                                Ad Annuntiatione 1726

                                                ab Annuntiationem 1727


Ashley - James son of Jno: & Mary Bapt March 31

Field - Frances Daughtr: of Willm & Mary Bap April 25

Denton - Robert Son of Jno: & Mary - Bap: May 30

Nichols - Gabriel Son of Tho: & Jane - Bap: June 8

Youngs Ann Widow --------------- Bur: July 2i

Smith - Samuel ----------- Bur: July 26

Ashly - Mary Wife of John --------- Bur Aug: 9

Youngs - Charles    Bur Aug 18

Ashley - James son of Jno & Mary Bur Sep 4

Field - John Son of Anthony ----- Bur: Sep: 28

Rudderham James Junr & Elizabeth Nichols Mar Dec:11

Tuck - - - Ann Daugh: Henry & Mary Bap Dec 11

Hodson - Thomas Son of Tho: & Elizth Bur Decr 18

Ashley _ John & Elizabeth Smith Mar Dec 26

Grifson Margt Daugh of Willm: & Sarah Bap Decr:26

Gold - Mary wife of Thomas - Bur: Jan: 9


Another new hand and a few more details of provenance .


Ad Annuntiatione   1727

                                                ab Annuntiationem 1728


Griffen - Mary Daughtr of Willm: & Frances Bap April 2

Hall - David ---- Bur: April 10

Field - John Son of Willm & Mary Bapt July 12

Butter - Thomas frm Methwold Bur July 12

West - Mary Daughtr of Jno & Ann Bur Sept 14

Smith - John ye Son of Jno & Mary of Wilton Bur Oct: 14

Gent - William a Stranger ------------- Bur Oct 15

Tuck - William Son of William & Elizabeth Bap Oct: 15

Barnood - Thomas ye Son of Tho: & Elizabeth Burd Novem 10th

Nichols - John ye Son of Mary Nichols Wid Burid Dec 6th

West - John -------- Burid Dec 8th

Barnood - William the son of John & Ann - Buried Dec 10 th

Smith - Jane the Daughter of James? & Elizabeth Buried Dec 16 th

Huske - Ann ye Daughter of John & Martha Buried Dec 17

Fuller - Thomas from Feltwell Buried Dec 20?


[New page - the ruling has been improving lately, and now we have columns for surname, details, B/D/M, Month and day. Unfortunately, the top of the page is not very clear; the writing improves with Elizabeth mallet and there is a steady move towards 'Copperplate' instead of 'Secretary Hand' but some older elements persist.]


Smith             Susanna Ye Daughter of James & Elizabeth         Burid June    8th

Ashley             Helen Daughter of Jno & Elizabeth                        Bapt    Jan      28th

Seckar                        Margaret                                                                    Burid Febr    13th


Ad Annuntiatione   1728 ab Annuntiationem 1729


Oxfield?          Samuel ye son of Wm & Jane                                  Bap     March 29

Gold                Mary the Daughter of Nath & Alice                       Bap     May 6th

Field                Frances                                                                       Burid  May 12

Gold                Thos & Margaret Fuller                                           Mar     May 16

West                Elizabeth                                                                    Burid  July 12

Field                Judith the Daughter of Jno: & Frances                  Bap     Jul 19

Barrit              Willm ye son of Wm & Mary                                   Bapt    Aug 29th

Mallett            Elizabeth Widow                                                       Bur     Sept 16th

Gore Henry and Elizabeth Field                                                      Mar     Sept 29

Askly              Helen ye Daughter of John & Elizabeth                 Buri    Octo: 3

Rolfe               Elizabeth ye Daughter of Willm & Ann                  Bapt    Octo: 7

Barnood         Thomas                                                                      Bur     Oct:  9

Butler             Sarah y wife of Thomas                                           Bur     Nov: 9

Able                Thomas ye Son of John & Sarah a Stranger          Bap:    Dec: 1

Cork               John & Eliza Lambert                                              Mar:   Jan: 2

Lee                  Eliza: ye Wife of John                                              Bur:    Jan: 5

Ruddenham   Mary ye Daughter of James & Elizabeth               Bap:    Jan 12

Husk               John ye Son of John & Martha                               Bap:    Jan 13

Nichols            Gabriel                                                                       Bur:    Jan 15

Nichols            Gabriel ye Son of Thomas & June                          Bur:    Feb: 20

Whiteman      Henry ye Son of Ambrose & Alice                          Bap:    Feb: 27

Nichols            Elizabeth daughter of Osmond? & Jane                 Bap:    Mar 9


A new hand appears with John Barrick, quite heavy and open. There is a very unusual note regarding Fees for this entry. The incipient danger of incest in these small communities is reflected in the two Elizabeth Tucks baptised within ten days of each other.


Ab Annunciatione 1729

Ad Annunciationem 1730


Gold                Mary Daughter of Tho: & Elizabeth                      Bap     Apr 9

Marsh             William                                                                       Bur     Apr 21

Hudson           Francis                                                                       Bur     Apr 22

Barrick           John  xiid for burying him                                       Bur     July     31

Barrick           Mary daughter of William & Mary             Bap     Aug     21

Gore                Henery son of Henery & Elizabeth                          Bap     Aug     31

Ashley             Sarah daughter of John & Elizabeth                      Bap     Sep      7

Tuck               Elizabeth daughter of Henery & Mary                   Bap     Sep      28

Tuck               Elizabeth daughter of Willm & Elizabeth               Bap     Nov     7

Parson            John of Feltwell & Margaret Rudderham              Mar     July     25

Wade              Field son of William & Susanna                              Bap     Nov     23

Griffen           Jane daughter Illeg: of Mary                                   Bap     Nov     30th

Wiffen                        Robt Son of William & Frances?                             Bap     Jan      30

Grifen             Sarah                                                                          Bur     Jan      30

Rudderham   Mary ye Daughter of James & Eliz                         Bur     Jan      26

Witherall?      Eliz wife of Thomas?                                                            Bur     Feb      23

Gold                Tho                                                                             Bur     Mar     13


This year sees a marriage between Clough and Wyche - these are both families belonging to the gentry.

Ab Annunciatione 1730

Ad Annunciationem 1731

Hardy             Mary the wife of John                                              Bur:    Mar:   29:

Banham          Robert                                                                                    Bur:    Apr:    2:

Smith              John Son of Edmund & Jane                                  Bap:    Apr:    2.

Drake             Ann Daughter of Peter & Ann                                Bap:    Apr:    21.

Gold                Thomas ye Son of Thomas & Lydia                        Bap:    Jun      15:

Clough                        Robert & Mary Wyche                                 Mar:   Aug:    3

Winey?                       John & Sarah Paule?                                    Mar:   Oct:     1

Rudderham               Thomas & Alice Jackson                              Mar:   Oct:     10

Wiggins                      Mary ye Daughter of Stephen & Mary       Bap:    Oct:     10

Wiggins                      Mary ye Daughter of Stephen & Mary       Bur:    Oct:     11


[New page]


Hammond                  Eleanor ye Wife of Riginald                         Bur:    Oct:     13

Hardy                         John                                                                Bur:    Oct:     19

Field                            John Son of John & Frances                       Bap:    Nov:    8

Rudderham               William ye Son of James & Eliz:                  Bap:    Nov:    16

Otley                           William ye Son of William & Ann               Bap:    Jan:     4

Ashley                         Thomas ye Son of John & Eliz:                   Bap:    Jan:     16

Hudson                       Francis ye Son of William & Frances          Bap:    Jan:     22

Mason                         Eliz: Widow                                                   Bur: Feb:       16


Ab Annunciatione 1731

Ad Annunciationem 1732


Coloby                        Sarah Daughter Illeg: of Sarah                   Bap:    Apr:    2

Husk                           Ann ye Daughter of John & Martha          Bap:    May:   1

Stallon                        Robert ye Son of Robert & Ann                  Bap:    April   25

Smith                          Jane ye Daughter of Edmund & Jane        Bap:    June    3

Hardy                         Mary ye Daughter of James & Tomasin     Bap:    June 27

Gold                            Nathaniel ye son of Nathaniel & Alice        Bap:    Jul 21

Smith                          John Son Illeg: of Susan                               Bap:    Sep:     26

Dane                           Arthur & Mary Husk                                   Mar:   Oct:     1

Capps                         george of Methwold & Mary Norman        Mar:   Oct:     25

Barnard                     Edward & Ann Wade                                  Mar:   Oct:     28

Johnson                      Margaret ye Wife of Simon                          Bur:    Feb:    29

Aggus                         Sarah ye Daughter of Stephen & Mary      Bap:    Mar 19


Ab Annunciatione 1732

Ad Annunciationem 1733


Smith              Dorcas ye Wife of John Smith                                 Bur:    May 26

Smith              William Junr                                                              Bur:    Jun 12

Gold                Nathaniel                                                                    Bur:    Jun 15

Tuck               John ye son of Willm & Eliz:                                   Bap:    Aug 20

Aggus             Sarah ye Daughter of Stephen & Mary                  Bur:    Aug:    27

Barnard         Ann ye Daughter of Edward & Ann                      Bur:    Sep:     11

Hensby           James & Jane Mallett                                               Mar:   Oct:     1

Tuck               Robert & William Sons of Mary Tuck Widow      Bap:    Oct:     15

Barrett:          Robert ye Son of William & Mary                          Bap:    Oct:     29

Towell             Samuel                                                                        Bur:    Dec:    12

Ashly              Susan ye Daughter of John & Eliz:                         Bap:    Jan:     19

Hudson           Mary/Margt? ye Daughter of Willm & Frances    Bap:    Jan:     18

Field                Jesiny? ye Daughter of Willm & Jane                     Bap:    Jan:     19

Ashly              John Senr                                                                   Bur:    Feb:    10

Warner           Thomas ye Son of Tho: & Alice                               Bap:    Feb:    13

Whiteman      Henry ye Son of Henry & Jane                                Bap:    Feb:    15

Morley            John ye Son of John & Mary                                   Bur:    Feb:    19


A new hand starts after the surname Rushmer and the new writer does not know the Christian name of the child baptised.


1733                                        Ab Annunciatione   1733

Ad Annunciationem 1734


Secker             Sarah Widow                                                             Bur:    Apr:    9

Gold                Nathaniel                                                                    Bur:    June:   4

Smith              William ye Son of Edmund & Jane                         Bap:    Jul:      19

Rushmer        [New hand]     ye Son of Nicholas & Ann                Bap:    Jul:      21

Hurst - Mary Daughter of John & Martha Bap Aug 1st

Pease Eliz: the Daughter of Willm & Mary Bap Sept 23


[New page.]


Beton              John                                                                                        Bur Oct 21

Wood              Henry and Margaret Gold                                                   Marr Oct 22

Tuck               Henry and Mary Robinson                                                  Marr Oct 22

Root                Eden the Daughter of Hannah ?                                         Bap Nov 21

Holmes            Thomas and Sarah Bacon                                                    Marr Dec 12

Aggus             John the Son of Stephen & Mary                                        Bap Jan 3

Sergeant         Richard                                                                                  Bap Jan 8

Sergeant         Richard                                                                                  Bur Jan 14


A new and rather careless hand .


1734                                        Ab Annunciatione  

Ad Annunciationem


Lee                  John                                                                Bur Apr 13

Barnard         Willm                                                              Bur July 18

Dyer                                                                                        Bur Sep 1

Whiteman      Ann                                                                 Bur Sep 15

Burgis             Elizabeth Daughter of Willm & Mary        Bap Sep 22

Thickpenny Wm and Mary Pooley                                     Mar Oct 6

Beton              Mary                                                               Bap Oct 6

Tuck               Mary the daughter of Henry & Mary         Bap Oct 10

Olbey              Margaret                                                        Bur Oct 12

Rudersham    Thomas the son of James & Eliz                  Bap Oct 13

Darning          Edmund and Susan Rudler                         Mar Nov 5

Jefferson        Mary                                                               Bap Nov 5

Smith              William the son of Edmund & Jane            Bur Nov 7

Smith              Jane the Daughter of Edd & Jane               Bur Nov 13

Beton              John                                                                Buri Nov 24

Beton              Mary                                                               Buri Jan 5

Whiteman      Ambrose the son of Henry & Jane              Bap Jan 12

Ducklin           Jane the daughter of John & Eliz                Bap Jan 15

Corbey           John Son of John & Millicent                      Bap Jan 20


The Register is rather scruffy at this time


The entry for John Addison looks like a birth before a promised wedding as the entry is not marked as Illegitimate. The wedding took place a month later.


                                    [From 1735 to 1736] (sic)


Stallon            Mary the daughter of Rob & Ann                          Bap April 1

Addison          John the son of Marg and Tho Oxburrow             Bap Apr 20

Field                Eliz the Daughter of Wm & J(ane?)                                    Bap May 15

Oxburrow      Thomas Oxburrow & Margt Addison                    Mar May 25

Smith              Sarah the Daughter of James & Eliz                       Bap July 8

Gore                Thomas the Son of Henry & Eliz                             Bap July 19

Smith              Jane the Daughter of Willm & Jane                        Bap Aug 25

Barnard         Robert the son of Edward & Ann                           Bap Aug 30

Hardy             Tomasin                                                                     Bur Sep 1

Tuck               Daniel the son of Willm & Eliz                                 Bap Sep 5

Smith              Jane the Daughter of Edmund & Jane                   Bap Sept 12

Downing         Mary the Daughter of Edward & S?                      Bap Octr 2

Barnhard       Robert                                                                                    Bur Oct 9

?                      Susannah                                                                   Bap Dec 21


[New page]


Rudderham   George the Son of Tho & Alice                                Bap Feb 6

Hurst?            Elizabeth the Daughter of Jno & Martha?             Bap March 2

Aggus             Thomas the Son of Stephen & Mary                       Bap May 15


                        [From 1736 ad 1737] (sic)

Mary Whyche is a member of the local gentry, so is dignified with the title of  'Relict' rather than 'Widow', her husband's death is recorded in 1719/20. The name Eliz has been added in, but it is not clear why. The Whyche/Wych  family were related to the Newcome family and had property in Hockwold.


Nurse              William                                                                       Bur May 13

Thickpenny    John the Son of William & Mary                            Bap May 16

            (Some scribbled text which does not seem to be a normal entry

  possibly starts 'No int only')

Wood              Margaret                                                                    Bur May 28

Smith              Elizabeth                                                                    Bur June 9

Rolfe               Edward                                                                      Bur June 9

Aggus             Thomas                                                                      Bur June 9

                                                                Eliz      )

Whyche          Mary Relict of Jermyn Wyche )                              Bur August 11

Morley            Ellen the Daughter of Willm & Ellen                      Bap Sept 19

Rudderham   Benjamin the Son of James & Eliz                          Bap Sept 22

Atmors?         Anna ye Daughter of Willm & Ann                        Bap Jan 5

Hodson           Thomas                                                                      Bur Jan 16


                        From 1737 to 1738


The Register continues to be poorly written. The entry for John Holmes looks as though the clerk wasn't really sure which of the two Holmes families had produced the child.


Yeoustds?       John                                                                            Bur April 5


                                                     Or Tho & Mary

Holmes            John the Son of Jno & Grace                                   Bap April 9

Richards         Francis the Son of Francis & Sarah                        Bap April 11

Hurst              Martha                                                                       Bur April 15

Walner           Elizabeth ye Daughter of Tho & Eliz                      Bap April 20

Gaffard          Ann                                                                             Bur April 22

Holmes            John                                                                            Bur May 10

Hirsk?             John & Mary Oxborrow                                          Mar May 29

Youngs           Elizabeth the Daughter of Jno & Susan                 Bap June 5

Smith              Edmund the Son of Edmund & Jane                      Bap July 21

Edwards         Thomas and Caroline Philips                                   Mar July 25

Smith              John Widower                                                           Bur Aug 12

Whiteman      Charles ye son of Henry & Jane                              Bap Aug 15

Nile                 Ambrose                                                                     Bur Oct 18

Richards         Sarah                                                                          Bur Oct 26

Huelson          Elizabeth                                                                    Bur Dec 21

Downing         John ye Son of Edward & Susanna                                    Bap Decem 24

Gold                Thomas                                                                      Bur Jan 19

Ollet                John                                                                            Bur Jan 24

Aggus             James the Son of Stephen & Mary                          Bap Feb 4


                                    From 1738 to 1739


Aggus                         James                                                                          Bur April 28


[New page - the entry for a child called Mary has had the surname, and Christian names of the parents, deliberately obliterated.]


Hensby           William the son of James & Jane                             Bap May 13

Hensby           William                                                                       Bur May 21

Boton?            John ye son of Edw? & Eliz                                     Bap May 30

Rolfe               Richard                                                                      Bur June 13

Barnard         Margaret                                                                    Bur June 13

Holmes            Richard son of Tho & Mary                                                Bap June 18

Pease               William son of Willm & Mary                                  Bap June 28

Pease               Mary Son (sic) of Willm & Mary                             Bap June 28

Holmes            Thomas                                                                      Bur June 28

Thickpenny    William & Elizabeth Mlky?                                      Mar July 2

Cock               Edward                                                                      Bur July 5

Smith              Edmund ye Son of Edmd & Jane                            Bur July 14

Hurst              Sussanah ye Daughter of Jrl? & Han?                   Bap Jly 2?

Holmes            Richard                                                                      Bur Aug 3

Rudderham   Mary Daughter of Tho: & Alice                              Bap Sep 18

Rudderham   Mary Daughter of Tho: & Alice                              Bur Sep 23

Grisson           Willm Widower                                                         Burd: Octr: 1

[deleted]          Mary Daughter of [deleted]                                     Bapd Oct 8th

Elmer              Mary Wife of John Elmer                                        Burd: Oct 27th

Tuck               Henry Son of Henry & Mary                                   Bapd Dec 16th

Gold                John Son of Alice Widow                                         Burd: Decr:19th

Elmer              John aand Elizabeth Dugden                                   Mard: Jany 8th

Tuck               Robert Son of Wm & Elizabeth                               Bapd: Feb:20th

Ollett               Ann wife of Thomas                                                 Burd: Feb 26th


                                 ~ From 1739 to 1740 ~

There is more deliberate erasure for a child called Elizabeth.


Tuck               Elizabeth Wife of Willm Tuck                                 Burd March 25th

Whiteman      Isabella Daughter of Heny & Jane                          Bap March 27th

Smith              Mary Daughter of Edmund & Jane                        Bapt Apr 4th

Horn               Elizabeth Daughter of Luke and Eliz:                    Bap Mar 21

Stallon            William Son of Robert and Ann                              Bap Apr 22

[This part of page heavily blotted]

Mallet             William Widower                                                      Bur Apr 26

Smith              William Son of  James & Eliz                                               Bapd? March 10

Wood              Elizabeth the Daughter

                        of [erased] & Elizabeth                                              ?  May 19

Horn               Eliza'th daughter of Luke & Eliz'th                       Burd May 19

Ollet                Thomas  & Ann Garod By Banns                           ?d July 14?

Tuck               William & Elizabeth Schulfer                                  Mar July 25

Rudderham   Joseph Son of James & Eliz'th                                Bapd Nov 4


[New page - a new hand and rather cleaner entries]


Rudderham   Nathan Son of Thomas & Alice                               Bap: Nov: 18th

Rudderham   Nathan Son of Thos: & Alice                                   Burd: Nov:21st

Aggus             Thomas Son of Stephen & Mary                             Bap: Dec 21

Gore                William Son of Henry & Elizabeth                          Bap: Jan 20th

Field                Thomas Son of Willm & Jane                                  Bap: Feb 24

Holmes            Elizabeth the Daughter of John & Grace               Bap: Mar 19th


Two entries have been obliterated here - but this was because a new year had started. The new date was put in, and the entries re-written. There is the first mention of a marriage by Banns.


1740                From 1740 to 1741 -------


Hensby           Samuel Son of James & Jane                                   Bapd: Aprl 21st

Ollet                Edward Son of Thos: & Ann                                   Bapd: Aprl 22

Hensby           Samuel Son of James & Jane                                   Bur: May 5th

Peas                James Son of Willm: & Mary                                  Bapd: June 25th


                        ~ July ~                                   Roger Sturgeon A: B:

                                                                        Curate of this parish

                                                                        June 28th 1740


Local dialect means that Baptisms are described as Bab for Babtised.


Wyng              James Son of John and Mary                                  Baptd: July 26th

Atmore           William Son of Willm & Ann                                   Babd (sic):Augt 18th

Husk               William Son of John & Mary                                   Babd: Sept 4th

Husk               William Son of John & Mary                                   Burd: Sep 20th

Newton           Mary Daughter of Robt & Mary                             Bap?: Sep 27th

Gold                Nathaniel & Elizabeth Smith by Bans                     Mar Sept: 30th

Downing         Sarah Daughter of Edmund & Susan                     Bab Dec 27th

Newton           Mary Wife of Robert                                                Burd Dec 28th

Fetom             Elizabeth Daughter of Edward & Eliz'bth             Bab Jan 7th

Smith              Susan Daughter of Edmund & Anne                      Babd: March 12th


A return to the old style of heading.


1741                            Ab Annunciatione 1741

                                    Ad Annunciationem 1742


Rudderland   Thomas & Eliz'bth: Bird by banns                         Mard: March 29th

Rudderland   John Son of Thomas & Eliz'bth                              Babd: April 1st

Horn               Elizabeth Daughter of Luke & Eliz                         Burd: May 4th

Gore                Mary daughter of Henry & Eliz'bth                       Babt: May 24th

Seeker             Robert                                                                                    Burd: June 21

[The next two entries are rather muddled - this seems to be the sense.]

Hudson           William Son of Willm & Frances                             Bab: June 27th

Hudson           Eliz'bth Daughter of Will & Frances                      Bapd June 27th

Shephard       Richard of Ixworth in ye County of Suffolk

                        Singleman & Eliz: Smith of Bury St Edmds

                        Singlewoman                                                             Mard: July 20th

Hensby           Mary Daughter of James & Jane                            Babd: August 17th

Hensby           Mary Daughter of James & Jane                            Bur: August 24

Warner           William Son of John & Alice                                    Babd: Sep 8th

                                                // Roger Sturgeon  Curate


[New page]


Aggus             Mary Daughter of Stephen & Mary                       Burd Sep 12

Rudderham   John son of James & Elizabeth                                Babd Oct 30th

Rudderham   John son of James & Elizabeth                                Burd Novr 3rd

Haske              John                                                                            Burd Nov 5th

Husk               Alice Daughter of Mary                                           Babd Nov 9th

Warner           William Son of Thomas & Alice                              Burd Nov 14th

Field                William                                                                       Burd Dec 1st

Pleasants        Margarett Daughter of George & Margt                            Bab Feb 3rd

Pleasants        George Son of George & Margarett                                    Bab Feb 3rd

Holmes            Eliz'bth daughter of John & Grace             [s/b Bapd]       Burd Feb 4th


1742                            Ab Annunciatione 1742

                                    Ad Annunciationem 1743



Holmes            Eliz'bth daughter of John & Grace [s/b Burd]       Babd Mar 29th

Fuller              Elizabeth                                                                    Burd May 30th

Barnard         Margatett Daughter of Edwrd & Ann                    Burd June 9th

Holmes            John                                                                            Burd July 15th

Greene            John of John & Frances                                           Babd August 22nd

Bullock           John Son of Edward & Elizabeth                           Babd August 22nd

Rudderham   Mary Daughter of James & Eliz'bth                       Babd Decbr 4th

Downing         William Son of Edm & Susan                                  Babd Janry 1st

Beeting           Sarah Widow the younger                                       Burd Febr 7th

Baron             George & Eliz'bth veal                                             Mard Feby 9th

Hudson           Willm                                                                          Burd March 1st

Tuck               Mary Daughter of Willm & Eliz'bth                       Babd March 22nd


1743                            Ab Annunciatione 1743

                                    Ad Annunciationem 1744


Hudson           Elizabeth Daughter of Frances                                Burd May 22nd

Oldman          William Son of Tho: & Betty?                                 Burd July 9th

Hemsby          James Son of James & Jane                                     Babd July 20th

Green              Elizabeth Daughter of John & Frances                  Babd July 22nd

Poolsey           Sarah Daughter of Frances[sic] & Sarah               Burd Septr 11

Gore                Sarah Daughter of Henry & Eliz'bth                      Babd Septr 14th

Ketteringham Osborn & Mary Woods  by Banns                         Mar Septr 30th

Lancaster       Sarah Daughter of Saml & Eliz'bth                        Babd Octr 9th

Field                Willm Son of Willm & Elizabeth                             Babd Oct 16th

Field                Joseph Son of Willm & Jane                                    Babd Oct 29th

Nathaniel Gold Son of Nathaniel & Eliz:                                        Babd Novr 4th

Gold                Nathaniel Son of Nathaniel & Eliz'bth                   Burd Nov 8th

                        // Roger Sturgeon  Curate


[New page]


Ketteringham Sarah Daughter of Osborn & Mary                       Babd Decr 11th

Fatom?           Sarah Daughter of Edwd & Mary                          Babd Decr 11th


1744                            Ab Annunciatione 1744

                                    Ad Annunciationem 1745


A stranger his name unknown                                                         Burd Aprill 9th

Smith              Sarah Daughter of Edmund & Jane                       Babd Aprill 12th

Rolfe               Mary Daughter of Thomas & Ann                         Babd Aprill 27th

Cock               Joseph Son of John & Margarett                            Babd May 1st

West                John & Elizabeth King - by Banns                         Mard May 21st

Rudderham   John Son of Thomas & Alice                                   Babd June 10th

Peas                Ann Daughter of Willm & Mary                             Babd June 10th

Peas                Mary Daughter of Willm & Mary                           Babd June 10th

Miller              Ann Daughter of John & Elizabeth                                    Bap Sep 24

Otley               Mary a base child of Mary Otley                             Bab Octbr 7th

                        John Tingey of Feltwell the reputed Father

Ashley             Eliz'beth Singlewoman                                             Burd Octr 26th

Smith              Sarah [sic] of Edmd & Jane from Feltwell             Burd Novr 23rd

Green              Susan Daughter of John & Frances                        Bab Nov 25th


                        Decbr 30th John Belchior Curate of this Parish


Bullock           William Son of Edward & Elizab                            Bab Decr 3rd

Sheen                                                                                                  Bur Jan 6

Scotts              Eliz'bth Daughter of William)

                        and Mary                                 )                                 Bapt Jan: 29

Lancaster       Samuel Son of Samuel)

                        and Eliz'bth                 )                                             Bapt Feb:12


Marriages are now often marked 'By Banns' which is the normal way of going about things. This year we have a marriage 'By Licence'. This is a Licence granted by the Bishop which allows a marriage to take place quickly the calling of the Banns.


1745                           Ab Annunciatione 1745

                                    Ad Annunciationem 1746


Richard Adams and Eliz: Breckells)

with a Licence                                   )                                               Mard Mar:25

Hannah Root Single woman                                                                        Burd June 11

Riches             Simon Son of Simon & Margaret                            Burd June 27?

Ketteringham  Osborn [unintelligible note]                                      Burd Sept 4th

Rolfe               Mary Daughter of Thomas & Ann                         Bap Sep 11

Barnard         Simon Son of Edward & Ann                                  Burd Oct 19

Aylmer           John                                                                            Burd Nov 20?


[New page. There are several different hands.]


Reke?             Rose Derghtir of Wll & Elizabeth

                        beptised                                                                      Decr 26 1745

Downing         Samuel a Son of  Edmund & Susen

                        baptised                                                                      Dec 29 1745

Smith              Dorcas Daughter of

Wm & Jane buried Febry 1st

Perry              Elizabeth base Daughter of

                        Sarah Perry baptized Febry 6th


The Rector of Hockwold, Thomas Eglinton, Doctor of Divinity, was buried this year in the Chancel of St. Peter's Church, Hockwold.


                                       Ab Annunc 1746

                                      Ad Annunc 1747


Thomas Eglinton D.D Buried April 18th

Oct 23rd Buried Margater Ketteringham Wid

Oct 26th Baptd Edmund Son of William and

                                                Mary Pease

Decemr 23rd Baptd Eliz: Daughter of Nathaniel

                                                and Elizabeth Gold

Decemr 27th Bapt Nathaniel Son of Thomas

                                    and Ann Rolfe

Feb: 7th Baptd John son of Samuel and

                                    Eliz Lancaster

Feb 15th Bapd Eliz Daughter of Richard

                                    and Mary Scot

April 26th Baptised Mary The daughter of Edw & Elizab: Teson?


The Widow Durrant is the first person to show age at time of burial pity the Christian name is missing.



April 5th Buried Mary Daughter of Francis &

                                    Sarah Woolsey of Wilton

April 13th Buried Edmund Smith of Feltwell

April 21st Buried Edward Cock

Bullock Henry Son of Edward & Elizabeth Bap May 17th

James Hardy 1748  Bur Mar 27th

Gould Susanna Daughter of Nathan:

            & Elizabeth                                                                Bap Mar 27th

Dunn              Phebe? Daughter of John &                        Bap Apr 20th

Holmes Thomas                                                                     Bur: May 27th

Thickpenny Eliza: daughter of Anthony                            Bap June 5th

Rolf                 Daughter of Andrew & Grace                     Bap July 17th

Johnson          William of Weeting & Frances

                        Field of Hockwold by Banns                        Mar July 30th


Durrant          Widow Aged 88 years                                   Buri Aug 7th

Warner           Ann Daughter of Tho & Alice                     Buri Oct 26th

Rolfe               Nathaniel Son of Tho & Ann                       Bap Nov 29th

West                John Son of John & Elizabeth                     Bapt Oct 4th

Oldman          William Son of Tho & Elizabeth                  Buri Feb 19th


                        Ab Annunc: 1749

                        Ad Annunc: 1750


Smith              William of Feltwell                                        Buri Ap 6th

Rudderham   Mary daugh: of Thos & Alice                      Bap Sep 10th

Rudland         Eliz'th Daug: of Tho & Eliz                         Bap Feb 18


[New page]


Rudland         Elizabeth wife of Thomas                             Bur Mar 1st


            Ab Annunc: 1750 ad Annunc: 1751

If the Christian name below is Erequist, it is a very rare one.



Rudderha'     Ann daughter of James? & Eliza                            Bap Apr 1st

Warner           Elizab: Daughter of Tho & Alice                             Bur July 2nd

Green              Sarah Daughter of John & Frances                        Bap Oct 23rd

Cross              Frances Daughter of                                                 Bap Nov 4th

Field                Anthony Widower                                                    Buri Nov 13th

Harling           Sarah daugh: of John & Marga                              Buri Nov 18th

Riches             William Son of Simon & Marg:                               Bap Dec 1st

Rolf                 Joseph & Rose Killingworth                                    Mar Dec 17th

Rolfe               Anthony son of Thomas & Ann                              bap Dec 23

Rule                John Son of Erequist & Mary                                 Bap Jan 7th

Dunn              Mary Daught: of John &                                         Bap Jan 8th

Rolfe               Joseph Son of Joseph & Poore?                              Bap Jan 22nd

Rolfe               John Son of Andrew & Grace                                 Bap Mar 4th

Ketteringha'  Osbern Son of Osbern & Mary                                Bap Mar 18th


Ab Annunc: 1751 ad Annunc: 1752

Cross              Philip & Eliza: Beten by Banns                               Mar July 24th

Rudderha'     William Son of Tho & Eliza:                                    Bap Sep 22d

Rudderham   Mary daugh: of Will & Mary                                  Bap Sep 22d

Mason             Mary daugh: of                                                         Bap Octo 20th

Cross              Francis                                                                       Bur Dec 31st


Parliament decided to follow the civilized world and use the Gregorian Calendar instead of the Julian Calendar which had no leap years, and to adopt January 1st as start of the year. To bring Britain into line with Europe, the 31st December 1751 was followed by January 1st 1752, later in the year September 2nd was followed by September 14th to correct the errors inherited from use of the Julian Calendar. This revolution reached Hockwold cum Wilton as can be seen by the next entry viz -


                        Ab Janu: Pri: die 1752 ad Janu: Prim: 1753

[From the first day of January 1752 to the first of January 1753 - still not quite right,

Widow Barns was buried on September 13, a date which ought not to have existed in 1752]


Woolsey          Mary daughter of Francis & Sarah                        Bap: Jan 23d

Cock               Widow                                                            Bur Feb 6th

Bullock           Edward son of Edward & Eliza:                 Bap Feb 19th

West                Thomas Son of John & Elizab:                    Bap Mar 29th

Spinks             Osbert                                                             Buri: Aug 9th

Riches             Simon Son of simon & Margaret                 Bap Aug 19th

Grimmer        Robert Son of Robt & Ursila (sic)               Bap Aug 30

Barns              Widow                                                            Buri Sep 13th

Holden            Ann Daughter of Rich & Ann                     Bap Oct 8th

Rust                William                                                           Bur Oct 9th?

Thornton                                                                                Bur Oct 19th

Stallon            Adam & Ann Raw by Banns                       Mar Oct 25th

Rolfe               Tho: Son of Joseph? & Rose?                      Bap Dec 19th


                        Ab Janu: Pri:die 1753 ad Junu: Pri die 1754


Hardy             Mary Widow                                                 Bur Jan 1st?

Rudderham   Tho: Son of Tho: & Elizabeth                     Bap Feb 1st

Rudderham   Tho: Son of Tho: & Eliza:                            Bur Feb 4th

Cann               Elizabeth Daug: of Jno                                 Bap Feb 11th

Mason             James Son of  base born                               Bap Feb 14th

Biton               Edm Son of Edmd & Elizab                                    Buri March 14th

Gold                Lydia Daught of Nathan'l & Eliza              Bap Mar 15th

Morley            William wid & Jane Davy sing wom           Mar May 14th

Rolfe               John & Ann Rolfe widow                            Mar Jul 25th

Rudderha'     Wm Son of William & Mary                        Bap Aug 19

Whaite?          Robt & Marg Childerston                            Mar Aug 20th

Stallon            Robt Son of Adam & Ann                           Bap Sep 23

Rolfe               Edward Son of Andrew & Grace                Bap Sep 24

Towler            Jacob & Martha Smart                                Mar Sept 30

Rudland         Tho & Sarah Curry by Banns                     Oct 29 Mar

Bullock           Mary Daugh: of Edw & Eliza                      Bap Nov 11

Cross              Mary daugh: of Philip & Eliza:                   Bap Nov 25


[New page]


            Ab Janua: pri: die 1754 ad Janua:

            pri: diem. 1755


Cross              Mary Daugh of Philip & Elizab                   Buri Jan 4

Olley               William                                                           Buri Jan 15th

Towler            Jacob Son of Jacob & Martha                     Bap Feb 26

Riches             Ann daugh: of Simon & Marga:                 Bap April 2d

Grimmer        Ursula daugh: of Robt & Ursula                 Bap July 19th

Rolfe               Sarah                                                              Bur: Oct: 29th

Ketteringham John Son of Osbert & Mary                       Bap Nov 3d

Millar              John Son of Ann & John                             Bap Nov 10th

Ruthera'         Mary Daugh: of George & Mary                Bap Nov 17th

West                Tho Son of Jno & Elizab:                             Bur Dec 27


            Ab Jan:pri:die. 1755 Ad Jan:pri:die.1756


Smith              Thomas Son of Edmd & Jane                      Bur: March 22d

Rolfe               Bridget daugh: Of Andrew & Grace          Bap Apr 9th

Gathercole      John Son of Ann base born                         Bap Jul 6th

Bayring?        Elizabeth Wife of Edmd                               Bur July 10th

Rudderha'     James Son of Wm & Mary                           Bap July 13

Dunn              John Son of Jno & Mary                              Bap July 20th

Rudland         Thos Son of Tho & Sarah                            Bap Aug 24

Rolfe               Bridget Daugh of Andrew & Grace            Bur Sep 16th

Harvey            Tho Son of Tho & Ann                                Bap Octo 8

Plat                 Elizab: Daugh: of peter & Elizab:               Bap Nov 30

Rolfe               John Son of Jno & Ann                                Bap Oct 12


Ab Janu: pri: die 1756 ad Janu: prim: die 1757


The entry for Grimmer has an extra name .

Grimmer        Tho Upwood Son of Robt & Ursula           Bap Jan 11

Morley            Tho Son of Wm & Jane                                Bap Feb 7th

Stallon            Adam Son of Adam & Ann                         Bap Mar 8th

Rutheram?     George Son of George & Mary                    Bap Mar 14th

Mason             William Base Born Son of Mary                  Bap mar 17th

Pattel?                        Hanna daugh: of Tho & Marga:                 Bap Mar 31

Bullock           Elizab: daugh: of Edw & Eliza                    Bap Apr 11

Rapel?            John                                                                Buri May 6

Hensby?         Jane Wife of James                                       Buri May 31

Cross              William Son of Philip & Eliza                      Bap June 26

Bullock           Willm Son of Edw & Elizab:                        Bur July 22

Riches             Sarah Daughter of Simon & Marg              Bap Aug 8

Dunn?                        Amy Daught: of Jno & Mary                      Bap Oct 10

Rolfe               Thos Widower                                               Buri Oct 24

Driver             John Son of Jno & Ann                                Bap Oct 29


            Ab Janua: pri: die 1757. ad Janua:pri: di: 1758


Riches             Elizab. base born Daugh: of Eliza:              Bap feb 26th

Harvey            Tho' Son of Robt & Ann                              Bur Mar 6th

Rolfe               John son of John & Ann                              Bap: Feb 21

Kettringham  Mary daugh: of Osbert & Mary                  Bap Mar 20th

Rutherham    Sarah Daugh: of Willm & Mary                  Bap May 31

Cock               Ann daught: of John & Ann                        Bap Jul 3rd

Grimmer        Thos Son of Rob & Ursula                           Bap: Jul: 5

Browning?     Alice Daugh: of Jno & Alice                                    Bap Jul 8th

Rudderham   John ye Son of George & Mary                   Bap Jul 20th


            Ab Janu: pri: die 1758 ad Jan: pri: Di: 1759


Plat                 Jane Daugh: of Peter & Eliza                      Bap Jan 8th

Harvey            Tho son of Rob & Ann                                 Bap Jan 12th


[New page]


Rudland         Martha Daughter of Thos                                        Bap Feb 5th

                        & Sarah

Hallon             Mary Daugh: of Adam & Ann                                Bap June 18

Rudderha'     Elizab: Daugh: of George & Mary                          Bap Sep 7

Aggus             John Son of John & Mary                                       Bap Nov 16

Dun                 Ann Daugh: of John & Mary                                  Bap Apr 21


Ab Janu: pri: die 1759. ad Janua: pri:

diem 1760


Ollet                Ann Wife of Tho'                                                      Bur Jul 22d

Green              Mary Daugh: of Jno & Frances                              Bap Aug 30

Bullock           Ann Daugh: of Edw & Elizab                                 Bap Sep 13

Wade              William                                                                       Bur Sep 20

Rule                Mary                                                                           Bur Sep 27

Towler            Susanna Daug: of Tho' & Flora?                            Bap Oct 1st

Cross              Philip Son of Philip & Eliza                                     Bap Oct 21

Driver             Sarah Daugh: of Jno & Ann                                    bap Octo 28


Ab Janua: pri: die 1760 ad Jan: pri: Diem 1761


Porter             Frances Dau: of Jno & Hannah                  Bap Feb 10th

Rudderham   John Son of Wm & Mary                             Bap Mar 17

Grimmer        Simon Son of Robt & Ursula                       Bap Mar 25

Harvey            Mary Daugh: of Robt & Ann                      Bap Apr 9th

Rudderha'     James Son of George & Mary                      Bap June 18

Driver             Ann Daugh. of Jno & Ann                           Bap Nov 5th


Ab Jan: pri: Die 1761 ad Jan: pri: Di: 1762


Towler            Judd Son of Thos & Flora                           Bap Feb 27

Grimmer        John Son of Sarah base born                       Bap June 15

Cross              Mary Daugh: of Phil &                                Bap June 15


Grimmer        Joseph Son of Robt & Ursula                      Bap July 30

Aggus             Phebe (sic) Daug: of Tho' & Phebe             Bap Aug 16

Watson?                   Wife of                                                 Bur Oct 16

Cross              Mary Daugh: of Phil & Elizab                     Bur Nov 22

Rudderha'     Jos: Son of George & Mary                         Bap Dec 6

[Next entry is in wrong year, and was repeated in 1762]

Rudderha'     Joseph Son of Wm & Mary                         Bap Jan 17th


Ab Janua: pri: die 1762 ad Jan: pri: die 1763


There is a faint entry for what looks like 'Jane Hockwold' with possibly 'Caesar' as the father's name. It is probable that this is a record of an illegitimate child as there was a practice of giving such children the name of the parish with a spurious father.


Rudderha'     Joseph Son of Wm & Mary                         Bap Jan 17th

Driver             Mary Daugh: of Jno & Ann                                    Bap Jan 31

Pendal                        Sarah Daugh: of Jno & Alice                       Bap Feb 10th

Green              Elizab Daugh: of Jno & Frances                 Bap Mar 7th

Hockwold?     Jane Daugh: of Caesar? & Elizab:              Bap Mar 22d

Rudderha'     Sarah Daugh: of Joseph & Mary                Bap Apr 10

Rudderha'     Sarah Daugh: of Joseph & Alice                 Bur April 12

Bullock           Sarah Daugh: of Edwd & Elizab                Bap May 9

Horn               John Son of Christo: & Mary                      Bap May 13

Pendal                        Sarah Daugh: of Tho' & Alice                     Bur May 27

Stallon            Sarah Daugh: of Adam & Ann                   Bap June 8

Hurst              Jane                                                                Bur Jul 8

Grimmer        Ursula Daugh: of Robt & Ur                       Bap Sep 13


Ab Jan: pri: die 1763. ad Jan: pri: Diem 1764


Here is another example of a child called 'Hockwold'. The mother is again called Elizabeth, but this practice makes it difficult to identify the mother exactly.


Hardy             Robt Son of Robt & Ann                             Bap Jan 8th

Shinn              Wife of John                                                  Bur Mar 7th

Gould              Alice Widow                                                  Bur Mar 2d

Secar               Ann                                                                 Bur May 5th

Harrey            Robt Son of Robt & Ann                             Bur May 21

Perry                          Widow                                                Bur June 23


[New page]


Riches             Simon                                                             Bur July 22

Johnson          Grimmidge                                                     Bur Sep 7

Rutherha'      Sarah Daugh: of george & Mary                 Bap Nov 6

Hockwold       Caesar Son of Caesar & Elizab:                  Bap Nov 13

Barfort           Isaac Son of Isaac & Alice                            Bap Dec 11

It is difficult to be sure about the dating of the next two entries

Rutherha'      Sarah Daug: of Joseph & Alice                   Bap Dec 12

Rutherha'      Sarah Daugh: of Joseph & Alice                 Bur Apr 12


Ab Janua: pri: die 1764. ad Janua: pri: Diem 1765


Aylmer                       Widow                                                Bur Apr 18

Spinks             Mary Daug: of Jno & Mary                         Bap May 10

Harvey            Robt Son of Robt & Ann                             Bap Mar 28

Bullock           Elizab: Wife of Edwd                                   Bur Aug 5th

Rutherha'      Dallice? Daug: of Joseph & Alice                Bap Octo 12th

Driver             Susan Daugh of Jno & Ann                         Bap Octo 15th

Harvey            Mary Daugh: of Robt & Ann                      Bur Nov 4th

Grimmer        Joseph Son of Rob & Ursula                       Bap Nov 4th

Cross              Robt Son of Philip & Elizab:                       Bap Nov 18

Smith              John                                                                Bur Dec 29


Ab Janua: pri: die 1765. ad Janua: pri: die 1766


Manning         Isaac Son of Edwd & Mary                         Bap Jan 23rd

Aggus             William Son of John & Mary                       Bap Feb 3d

Pendal                        Joseph Son of John & Alice                         Bap Mar 20th

Rutherha'      Thos Son of Wm & Mary                             Bap Apr 6

Ruthera'         Alice Daugh: of Joseph & Alice                   Buri Apr 16

Spinks             Alice Daugh: of Jno & Mary                       Bap Apr 28

Gould              Elizab: Daug: base born of Mary                Bap May 26

Taylor             Elizab: Daughter of Thos & Elizab:            Bap May 27

Harvey            Ann Wife of Robt                                         Buri July 23

Harvey            Mary Daugh: of Robt & Ann                      Bap Apr 2d

Hockwold       Mary Daugh: of Caesar & Elizab:              Bap Sep 29

Machum         John Son of Wm &                                       Bap Octo 27

Driver             John                                                                Bur Jan 20


An Janua: primo die 1766. ad Janua: pri dies 1767


Rutherha'      Joseph Son of Joseph & Alice                      Bap Jana 15

Spinks             Robt Son of Robt & Mary                           Bap Apr 27th

Grimmer        John Son of Rob & Ursula                           Bap: May 30th

Ashley             Sarah Wife of Jno                                         Buri June 17

Gould              John baseborn son of Sussanah                   Bap July 16

Grimmer        John Son of Robt & Ursula                         Bur July 31

Wade                          Widow                                                Bur Aug 5

Harvey                        Robt Son of Robt                              Buri Sep 25

Taylor             Ellen dau: of Thos & Elizab:                       Bap Sep 28

Field                William Son of Thos & Elizab:                    Bap Oct 20

Field                William Son of Thos & Elizab:                    Bur Octo 23

Betsh?             Mary Wife of Edwd                                      buri Octo 26

Warner           Thos Junr                                                      Buri Oct 29

Spinks             Mary Daugh: of Jno & Mary                      Bap Nov 2d

Hudson           Susanna Daug: of Thos & Ann                   Bap Dec 16

Gould              Mary Daughter of Nathaniel                       Buri Dec 17


Ab Janua: primo die 1767 ad Janua: pri diem 1768


Cock               Joseph Son of Joseph & Sarah                    Bap Jan 2d

Towler            Martha Daug: of Jacob & Martha              Bap June 25

Wiseman        Benjamin Son of Benja: & Susan                Bap Jun 28

Manning         Thos Son of Isaac & Mary                           Bap July 19

Rutherham    Thos Son of Joseph & Alice                         Bap July 28

Cock               Ann Wife of John                                         bur Sep 6

Hockwold       Thos Son of Caesar & Ann                          Bapt Octo i8


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Tompson?      Thomas son of ?                                            Bap Jan 8

Spinks             Jno Son of Rot & Mary                                Bap Jan 13

Taylor             Elizab: daughter of Tho & Elizab               Bur Feb 14

Manning         Elizab: Daughter  [blank]                             Bap Apr 8


Ab Janua: pri die 1768 ad Janua: pri die 1769


Manning         Eliza: Daug: of James & Jane                      Bap April 1st

Aggus             Susan Daugh: of Thomas & Phebe             Bap April 10

Bullock           Elizab: Daug: of Edwd & Elizab:                Bur April 12

Howse             John Son of    Sarah base born                    Bap June 4th

Cross              Philip ? Elizab:                                              Bap June 11

Field                Lucy Daug: of                                               Bap July 11

Binks              Mary                                                               Bur July 30

Rudderham   Thos Son of Joseph & Alice                         Bur Aug 7th

Gaffer             Susan                                                              Bur Aug 23

Bernard          Edward                                                          Bur Nov 17

Spinks             Robt Son of    Jno & Elizab:                         Bap Nov 28th

Cock               Field Son of Joseph & Sarah                       Bap  Dec 27


Ab Janua: pri: die 1769 ad Janua: pri: diem 1770


Taylor             Willm Son of Thos & Elizab                        Bap Jan 7th

Aggus             Joseph Son of Jno? & Mary                                    Bap Jan 7th

Harvey            Robt                                                                Bur Jan 19th

Bullock           Elizab: Daugh: of Edwd & Elizab:             Bap Mar 5th

Eagle               Mary Daugh: of Jno & Martha                   Bap Apr 16

Morley            Mary Daugh: of Cutty? & ?                                    Bap Mar 30

Rushbrook     Alice                                                                Bur June 13

Driver             Thos Son of Ann Widw baseborn               Bap Jun 18

Hockwold       Jno Son of Caesar & Ann                            Bap Sep 25

Robbison        Susanna Daugh: of Tho & Susan                Bap Sep 26

Hodson           Elizab: daught of Francis & Ann                            Bap Octo 5

Duckling         John                                                                Bur Nov 6


Ab Janua: pri: die 1770 ad Janua: pri diem 1771


Hall                 Ann dau of Robt & Ann                                          Bap Apr 15

Manning         Samuel Son of Saml & Jane                         Bap Apr 23

Holden            Sarah Daugh: of Richard & Susan             Bap May 3d

Barfoot           Alice                                                                Bur Sep 25

Field                Martha Dau of thos & Elizab                      Bap Oct 19

Taylor             Thos Son of Thos & Eliza:                           Bap Nov 20


Ab Janua: pri: die 1771 ad Janua: pri diem 1772


Bullock           Susan Dau: of Edw & Elizab:                      Bap Jan 16th

Gaffer             John                                                                Bur Jan 22d

Everit              John Son of Wm & Jane                              Bap Jan 26

Pattel              Margaret                                                        Bur Mar 19

Morley            Thos Son of Christopher? & (blank)          Bap Mar 28

Spinks             Willm Son of Wm & Elizab:         (s/b Bap) Bur Apr 2

Spinks             Willm Son of Wm & Elizab:         (s/b Bur) Bap Apr 23

Eagle               Wm Son of Jno & Martha                           Bap June 30

Rutherham    James                                                              Bur Aug 2d

Hockwold       Sarah daugh: of Caesar & Ann                   Bap Sep 15

Blog                Wm Son of Wm & Elizab                             Bap Nov 10

Clark              Richard                                                          Bur Dec 29

Bird                Thos                                                                Bur Dec 30


Ab Janua: pri: die 1772 Ad Janua: pri: Diem 1773

Hockwold Sarah daug: of Caesar & An                              Bur Jan 7th

Robison (sic) Sarah daugh: of Thos & Susan                     Bap Jan 1st

Laveder Alice Wife of John                                                  Bur Feb 1st

Aggus James Son of John & Mary                                      Bap Feb 2d

Hockwold Tho Son of Caesar & An                                    Bur Apr 15

Rule Susan daugh: of Jno & Ann                                        Bap Apr 26

Norman John Hanslip Son of Francis & ?                          Bur May 23

Thickpenny Thos Son of Jno & Sarah                                Bap June 7th

Rider Mary daugh: of Wm & Mary                                    Bap Aug 2d

Barfoot Susan Daug: of Wm & Susan                                 Bap Aug 16

Wiseman Flora Daug: of Benja: & Susan                           Bap Sep 13

Clark Judah                                                                           Bur Dec 2d

Norman Thos Son of Francis & Frances                             Bap Dec 4th                         


Ab Janua: pri: die 1773 Ad Janua: pri: Diem 1774

Godfrey Mary                                                                       Bur Jan 19

Lavender Mary daug: of Jno & Ann                                  Bap Jan 24

Taylor James Son of Thos & Elizab:                                  Bap Mar 7th

Leeds Wm Son of Wm & Ann                                             Bur March 8th

Holden Richard                                                                     Bur Mar 15

Robison Priscilla daught: of Thos & Susan                        Bap Jul 20

Bullock Robt Son of Edwd & Elizab:                                 Bap July 20

Manning John Son of Sam: & Jane                                    Bap July 25

Driver Susan daug: of Jno &                                               Bur Aug 20

Spinks Elizab: daugh: of Tho & Mary                               Bap Aug 22

Leeds Anthony James Son of Wm & Ann                          Bap Octo 3d

Morly Robt Son of Christopher? & (blank)                       Bap Nov 14

Eagle Tho Son of Tho & Martha                                        Bap Nov 14

Carter Sarah daugh: of James & (blank)                           Bap Dec 26


Ab Janua: pri: die 1774 Ad Janua: pri: diem 1775

Hockwold Tho Son of Caesar & Ann                                 Bap Jan 8d(sic)

Barfoot Wm Son of Wm & Susan                                       Bap Mar 6

Grimmer Ursula                                                                    Bur Mar 7th

Grimmer Robt Sonof Robt Jr & Mary                               Bap Mar 13

Cock John                                                                              Bur Mar 20

Johnson Wm Son of Wm & (blank)                                    Bap Apr 5

West Elizab:                                                                           Bur Apr 9

Aggus John Son of Jno & Mary                                          Bur May 9

driver Mary                                                                           Bur May 29

Hockwold Tho Son of Caesar & Ann                                 Bur June 5

Barfoot Wm Son of Wm & Susan                                       Bur July 13th

Lavender Jno Son of Jno & Alice                                       Bap July 31

Hansby? James                                                                      Bur Sep: 4

Rutherha' Alice daug: of Jos: & Alice                                Bap Sep 18

Wiseman Thos son of Benj: & Susan                                  Bap Oct 2d

Darking James son of Tho                                                   Bap Sep 9?

Aggus Mary daug: of Jno & Mary                                      Bap Nov 7?

Gore Issac Son of Isaac & (blank)                                       Bap Dec 4


Francis and Frances Norman have a daughter called Fanny who unhappily dies a few weeks later. Such a death is common. However, this couple have another child in 1777 and also call her Fanny. It seems to be one way of dealing with this dreadful mortality amongst children.


Ab Janua: pri: die 1775 ad Janua: pri: diem 1776

Norman Fanny daugh. Of Francis & Frances                   Bap Feb 1st

Driver John Son of Wm & Mary                                        Bap Feb 5

Hockwold Jno Son of Caesar & Ann                                  Bap May 21


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Norman Fanny daugh: of Francis & Frances                    Bur June 12

Field Banjamin Son of Wm & Ann                                     Bap July 9th

West Susanna daug: of Jno & Sarah                                  Bap July 30th

Norman Elizab: daug: of Thos & Mary                              Bap Aug 13

Spinks Ellen Daug: of Jno & Mary                                      Bap Aug 27

Hockwold Jno Son of Caesar & Ann                                   Buri Sept 17

Harply Jno Son of Tho & Frances                                       Bap Octo 29

Bullock Wm Son of Edw & Elizab                                       Bap Nov 26


Ab Janua: pri: die 1776 ad Janua: pri: diem 1777

Johnson Elizab: dau: of Wm & (blank)                              Bap Jan 14

Johnson - Widow                                                                  Bur Feb 6

Thickpenny Elizabeth                                                           Bur Feb 18

Spinks Mary daug: of Wm & Elizab                                   Bap Mar 26

Rutheram James Son of Joseph & Alice                             Bap Apr 8

Jendal Janet daugh: of Nathan & Ann                               Bap Apr 8

Manning Fanny daug: Sam: & Jane                                    Bap Apr 8

Norman Fanny daug: Of Francis & Frances                      Bap Apr 8

Spinks Mary daug: of Robt & Mary                                   Bap Apr 9

Lamb Wm Son of Ann Lamb base born                             Bap Apr 14

Grimmer Ursila (sic) daug: of Rob'J(?Jun) & Mary          Bap Apr 15

Grimmer Ursila daug: of Rob; J & Mary                           Bur Apr 21

Manning Wm son of Samu: & Jane                                     Bap Apr 28

Grimmer Ursula                                                                     Bur Apr 28

Ketteringham Mary dau: of Mary baseborn                      Bap Sep 8

Carter John Son of James & - Elizab -                                Bap Sep 8

Darking Priscilla daug: of James & Priscilla                       Bap Sep 15

Thickpenny Wm                                                                    Bur Nov 16

Ollet Thos                                                                               Bur Nov 18

West Susan daug: of John & Sarah                                     Bap Dec 23

Aggus Tho                                                                              Bur Dec 30


Ab Janua: pri: die 1777 ad Janua: pri: diem 1778

Driver Wm Son of Wm & Mary                                          Bap Janu 5

Robison (sic) Mary daug: of Tho & Susan                         Bap Feb 1st

Norman Fanny daug: of Francis & Frances                      Bap Feb 9th

Norman Rob Son of Thos & Mary                                      Bap Mar 7

Grimmer Ursula dau: of Robt Poy? Mary                          Bap June 24

Armiger Eliz: base born daugh: of Ann                              Bap June 25

Aggus Elizab: daugh: of Mary                                             Bap Julu 6

Field Wm Son of Wm & Ann                                               Bap July 16

Bird Ann daugh: of James & Ann                                       Bap Aug 18

Darking Thos Son of James & Priscilla                               Bap Sept 1st

Eagle Elizab: dau: of Thos & Martha                                 Bap Sep 7

Bullock Jno Son of Ann Bullock baseborn                         Bap Sep 28

Rutheram Elizab: daug: of Wm & Elizab:                          Bap Nov 2d

Spinks John Son of Jno & Mary                                          Bap Nov 16

Rutheram Henry Son of Joseph & Alice                             Bap Dec 26


The name of Christ, Xριστός in Greek, was sometimes rendered by

the initial letter Chi X as in Xmas. Curiously, this has been done to Christopher

Morley but an H has been introduced, so the name is written as Hristopher.


Ab Janua: pri: die 1778 ad Janua: pri: diem 1779

Taylor Robt Son of Thos & Elizabeth                                Bap Jan 4th

Bullock Roger Son of Edw & Elizab:                                  Bap Feb 22d

Norman Francis Son of Francis & Frances                        Bap Apr 20

Norman Franic=s Son of Francis & Frances                      Bur Apr 24

Morley Htopher (Christopher)                                             Bur Apr 24


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Spinks George Son of Robt & Mary                                    Bap June 8

Hensby Jno  Son of Jno                                                         Bap July 26

Hawes Mary daug: of Wm & Mary                                     Bap Aug 30

Seward? George Son Of Robt & Ann                                 Bap Aug 30

Manning Tat? daug: of Samuel & Jane                              Bap  Sep 17

West John Son of Jno & Sarah                                            Bap Sep 27

West King Son of Thos & Elizab                                          Bap Octo 5

Field Isaac Son of Wm & ann                                               Bap Nov 29


Ab Janua: pri: die 1779 ad Janua: pri: diem 1780

West John Son of Jno & Sarah                                            Bur Jan 15

Field William Son of Tho & Susanna                                  Bap Feb 1st

Manning Edwd                                                                      Bur Feb 25

Robson Thos Son of Thos & Susan                                     Bap Mar 30

Grimmer Margaret daug: of Robt Jr & Mary                    Bap May 10th

Lavender Elizab: daugh: of Jno & Ann                              Bap July 4th

Pendal Mary daugh: of Nathan & Ann                               Bap July 4th

Osbern Martha daug: of Thos & (blank)                            Bap Aug 7th

Norman Sherlotta Daug: of Thos & Mary                          Bap Sep 19

Rutherham Benja: Son of Wm & Elizab:                           Bap Octo 3d

West Mary Daug: of Jno & Sarah                                       Bap Nov 25

Asley? John                                                                            Bur Dec 31


Ab primo die Janua: 1780 ad primu' diem Janua: 1781

Bird Hannah daugh: of James & Ann                                 Bap Jan 20

Taylor Joseph Son of Thos & Elizab:                                  Bap Feb 13

Spinks Phoebe daug: of Tho & Mary                                  Bap Mar 9th

Eagle Benjamin Son of Jno & Priscilla                                Bap Mar 19

Pleasance Ann daug: of Thomas & Ann                             Bap Apr 9

Darking Mary daug: of James & Priscilla                           Bap Feb 3d

Taylor Thomas                                                                       Bur July 9th

Haddenham Nathani: Son of base born                              Bap Bap Sep 29

Poole Robert Son of Simon & Susanna                               Bap Octo 6th

Johnson Wm son of Wm &                                                   Bap: Nov 19 

Field Henry Son of Thos & Susanna                                   Bap Dec 10


Ad primo die Janua: 1781 ad primu' diem Janua: 1782

Rutheram Mary daug: of Wm & Elizab:                            Bap Janu 7th

Everit Thos Son of Wm & Elizab:                                       Bap Janu 28

Pattel (blank)                                                                          Bur Feb 1

Turrinton Thos Son of Matthew & Mary                           Bap Feb 18

Howes Wm Son of Wm & (blank)                                        Bap Feb 25

Buttock Edmund Son of Edwd & Elizab:                           Bap Feb 28


West Elizab: daug: of Jno & Sarah                                     Bap Apr 11

Field David Son of Wm & Ann                                            Bap May 26

Theobald Wm Son of Wm & Ellen                                      Bap July 13


West John                                                                               Bur Apr 23

Susan Wife of Benj Wiseman                                               Bur Sep 22

Abraham Son of James & Eliza Carter                               Bapt Sep 22

William son of Thomas & Mary Bell                                   Bapt Sep 23

Henry Son of Henry & Sarah Green                                   Bap Nov 24


The new year seems to have been deemed to start at the old Lady Day (25th April)!


                                 Lady 1783

James Son of William & Mary Driver                                 Bur April 27

Susan Daught of Edmd & Elizth Manning                         Bapt May 4

Ann Daught of Edmd & Eliz Manning                               Bur Jul 5

                   Edward White Rector

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(tear) Son of John & Elizabeth Booty Bapt July 29

(tear) William Son of James & Priscilla                               Bapt Aug 18

(tear) Simon Son of Robt & Mary                                        Bapt Sept 1


                                  New Duty


Grimmer Joseph Son of Thos & Elizth                                Burd Oct 2

Kittringham Mary                                                                 Burd Oct 19

Aggas Mary Widdow                                                            Burd Oct 23

Ann Daughter of Robert & Mary Spinks                           Bap Nov 4?

West John Son of John & Sarah                                          Buried Decr 27

Smith Jane Widow of Edmund fr Northwold                    Bur Decr 31




Turrington Mary Daugh of Matthew & Mary                   Bap Jan ?

West Elizabeth Daughter of John & Sarah                         Bur Jan ?

Cross Susanne Daugh of William & Mary                          Bapt Feb ?

Wiseman John Son of John & Susan                                   Bap Feb 22

Cadnum Mary illegitimate Daugh of Elizabeth                  Bapt Feb?

Norman Margaret Daugh of Francis & Frances                Bapt March 1?

Poole Frances daughter of Simon & Susanna                     Bapt Apr 2?             

Carter Ann daughter of James & Elizabeth                       Bapy May 1  

Norman Margaret daughter of Francis & Frances            Bur May 2


Darkins William Son of James & Priscilla                           Bur June 4

Hatt Peter Son of John & Elizth a Pauper                          Bur June 4th

Bullock Jane Daugh of Edwd & Elizth                               Bapt June ?

Lamb Ambrose son of William & Mary                              Bapt Jul 11th

Howse William son of William & Mary                               Bapt Aug 1st?

Grimmer Joseph Son of Thos & Elizabeth                          Bapt Sept 13

Darkins William and Thomas Iwin sons

                Of James & Priscilla Darkins                               Bapt Sept ?


                The 15th day of Dec: 1784

Duty raisd on the Entry of all Births

Burials & Marriages made in this Register

Book for the Parish of Hockwold from the 1st

October 1783 to 1st October 1784 amounting

in the whole to the sum of Six Shillings


                                             ( Signature)



                                            Edward White Rector


[New page]

There is a tear at the top right hand corner of this page which has destroyed the date

column. However, because of the confusion over the new duty, these entries were

first written on the previous page, and then crossed out.



Thoebald John Son of William & Ellen                               Bapt Oct 3

Rudderham Sarah Daugh of Willm & Eliz                         Bapt Oct 10

Eagle Martha Wife ofJohn                                                   Bur Oct 19

Field Joseph Son of Thomas & Susanna                             bapt  Nov 17

Susanna base born Daughter of Martha Wing                   bapt Dec 27


Hockwold Thomas Son of Caesar & Mary                         bapt Jan 27

Hockwold Thomas Son of Caesar & Mary                         buried Jan 29

Ruddersham Elizabeth Widow from Brand(on)                buried Feb 20

West Thomas Son of Thomas & Elizath                              bapt Feb 23

Howes James aged 81                                                            Burd April 6th

Manning James Son of Edmund and Eizath                      Bapt April 19

Arnold Elizabeth Daug of John Elizabeth                          Bapt May 29

Booty Sarah Daug of John & Elizath                                  Bapt July 12

Osborne Elizth Daugr of Thomas & Elizath                       Bapt July 23

Feild (sic) Mary Ann Daughter of Willm & Ann                Bapt July 30

Manning James Son of Edmund & Elizth                           Bur Aug 14





Peck Mary single Woman                                                     Bur Dec 29th


Thickpenny Thomas aged 87                                                Bur Jan 6

Wiseman William Son of Benj & Elizab                              Bapt Jan 8

Grimmer Mary Daughter of Robert & Mary                     Bapt Jan 8

Smith Frederick Son of John & Elizth                                Bapt Jan 27

Wiseman Thomas Son of John & Susan                             Bapt March 19

Driver? Sarah base born Daughter of Sarah                      bapt May 2

Oldfield Frances Daugtr of Matthew & Sarah?                 Bap May 20

Grimmer Mary Dg of Robt & Mary                                    Buried June 4th

Driver Sarah Dr of William & Mary                                   Bapt Sept 17th

Field Margaret and Ann twin

          Daughters of Thomas & Susan                                  Bapt Sept 23d

Grimmer Elizabeth Daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth

                                                                                                 Bapt Octr 8

Manning Hannah Daug of Edmund & Eliza                      Buried Dec 2

Field Ann Daug of Thomas and Susan                                Buried Dec 21


Grimmer Mary Daugh of Robert & Mary                          Bapt Jany 15

Field Margaret Daugh of Thomas & Susan                        Burd Jan 20

Taylor Robert Son of Elizabeth Wid                                   Burd Jany 30

Turrington Sarah Daug of Matthew & Mary                     Bapt Feb 8 1787

Turrington Sarah Daugr of Matthew & Mary                   Buried Feby 10th

Bullock Abraham Son of Edm & Elizath                            Bap Mar 9th

Morley Edward base born son of Alice                               Buried March 11

Martin? Robert                                                                      Buried March 19

Carter Ann Daughter of James & Elizth                            Buried April 11th

Green Elizbth Daugh of Henry & Sarah                             Bapt April 15

           Edward White Rector


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Booty Mary & Ellen Twin Daughters

           of John & Elizabeth Bapt June 24th

Wiseman Elizth Daughter of Bengh and

           Elizabeth                    Bapt July 16

Manning Elizabeth Daughter of Edmund and

           Elizabeth bapt            Augst 8th

Manning Elizabeth Daughter of Edmund and

           Elizabeth Buried August 10th

Carter Ann Dagth(sic) of James & Elizth                           Bapt Aug 14th

Smith George Son of John & Elizth                                     Bapt Sept 2

Fenton Ann Dr of John & Sarah                                         Bap Sept 20th

Smith George son of John & Elizabeth                                Buried Nov 12th

West Mary Dr of John & Sarah                                           Buried Nov 25th

West Sarah the Wife of John                                                Buried Decr 9th


Duckling Elizabeth Widow a pauper aged 89                     Burd Jany 11th

Johnson Ann Daugr of Job & Sarah                                   Bapt Jany 12th

Waits Elizabeth Widow aged 90                                           Buried Jany 30th

Robinson Rebecca Daugh of Th & Susan                           Bapt June 8th

Harper James Son of John and Frances                             Bapt June 12th

Level Ann Daug of John & Elizth                                        Bapt Aug 6th

Grimmer Thomas Son of Thomas & Elizth                        Bapt Sep 11th

Poole Simon Son of Simon & Susanna                                Bapt Sept 21

Smith George Son of John & Elizabeth                               Bapt Sept 27

Harper Edward Son of John & Martha                              Burd Oct 7

Wiseman James Son of John & Susan                                 Bapt Oct 12

Arnold William Son of John & Elizabeth                            Bapt Nov 23d


Manning James Son of Edmund & Elizabeth                     Bapt Feb 4th

Adams? Sarah Daughter of Elizabeth                                 Bapt Febr 8th

Manning James Son of Edmund & Elizabeth                     Bapt Febr 13th

Johnson Frances Daughter of Joseph & Sarah                  Bapt Feby 15th

                                   Edward White Rector



       [space - then very faintly ]


Robert Pooley about 45

Simon Pooley


[New page]

[Blank page]


John Miler of ye Parish

& Ann Veal of ye Parish

were married in ye Church (by Licence)

                              ye 23d day of April

in ye Year of Our Lord 1754

                             by me {Wm Adamson}

                                         {  Rector            }


This marriage was Solemnised

                                  Between us John Miller

                                  Wm Batterum

                                                                             Ann Veal

                                                                             Her Mark

in ye Presence of Wm Chickeo



[End of Register]                                                                                                                   


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