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Further Adventures of the S.S. Hockwold

 Does anyone in Hockwold know how the SS Hockwold  got her name?   The  SS Hockwold was a collier owned by William Cory.

 My mother who died a few years ago remembered her mother travelling to Falmouth to identify the body of her brother Thomas David Jones who was the Captain of the ill-fated ship.  As a young lad I remember my mother telling me how her uncle's ship was in a collision in the fog off the Cornish coast.

 More recently, I have carried out my own research into the sinking of the Hockwold and now have the grid references for where she still lies and is listed as an official wreck.  Captain Jones, I was told, was the last to leave his ship and my mother told me that he apparently hit his head when jumping from his stricken ship.  The family were told he was probably unconscious when hitting the water, which might have been as well as he was unable to swim. His body was later recovered and landed at Falmouth. Captain David Thomas Jones came from a family of mariners and he is buried in a family plot in the East London cemetery.

 Official records show that my mother's uncle was Captain of the Hockwold.  The ship was on admiralty business and had left Wales with a cargo heading for the Dover Straights.  She now lies about six miles off the Lizard Point.

 I would be interested to know how the Hockwold Tapestry lists someone else as the Captain of the Hockwold ???

 John Cootes  (e-mail JFC1944@hotmail.com)

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