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Genealogy - ENEFER (Update: 31 January 2005)

A bit of sad information that you may be interested in posting in the Newsletter, is that one of the last two Enefers who emigrated from Hockwold to Vancouver in 1912 passed away in October, at the age of 98 1/2.

Mary Ann (Enefer) King lived at Comox, B.C., near her daughter and son-in-law, who had been an RCAF Navigator based at Comox. Mary was born at Riverbank Farm, Hockwold Fen, in May 1906, the youngest daughter of my great-grandfather Luke Enefer(half brother of Jesse Enefer, grandfather of Rosina, Bob and Mick Enefer in Hockwold).

The only survivor now of the 40-odd Enefers, Flacks and Mayes who came to Canada in October 1912 is Mary's niece, also 98 1/2 years old, Agnes May (Enefer) Hollingshurst, who lives in Langley, B. C. with one of her two living younger sisters. Agnes was also born in May 1906, a week or so later than Mary, and is one of the older daughters of Mary's brother Frederick Russell Enefer, one of Luke's older offspring.

The last time I spoke with Aunt Mary, earlier this year, she was still hale and hearty and very mentally alert, but had been having problems with falls. Apparently her health took a turn for the worse this past Summer.

The last time I saw her was in 1997, when I showed her an old photo of the house at the corner of Main Street and the High Street. I had been told it was her brother Fred's house, but she immediately said "THAT'S ME!!" pointing to the 5 or 6 year old girl in the photo. When I was in the village in 2003, I took a current photo of the old house, which she was thrilled to receive.

Copy of the "then" and "now" photos attached, in case I hadn't sent them to you before for the Newsletter. Note that the house has been extended by a few feet over the years, but otherwise external renovations are minimal.

Cheers, Jerry Vernon



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