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Hockwold-cum-Wilton in the year 1577...

The Muster of 1577

This is one of several Tudor Musters designed to see what resources the country could provide in the event of invasion or civil problems. There are 39 men listed as suitable for soldiers, and another 42 who are available as labourers. Unlike many other villages, no smiths or wheelwrights were found, very strange!

Spelling had not been invented at this time, and the use of capital letters varied according to taste. The forename Christopher is written as Xpofer, the X and p stand for the Greek letters chi and ro which are the first two letters for Christ as written in Greek. We still use Xmas for Christmas. 

The 'cum' in Hockwold cum Wilton is the Latin word for 'with'. As is common in documents at this time, odd letters were missed off and an a small mark added instead, so cum has become cu'.

HOCKWOLD CU' WYLTON what were these person's occupations in 1577...

John blancherd
Roger mysson
Robert branson
Thomas woodrowe
John Pallmer
Rycherde smythe
John Mason
Edwarde Pratt
Willm herryson
Thomas cuckowe
thomas Largent
Robert Master
Jeffrey gray
Robert dyell
John Fytt
Henrye mason
Pawll Pratt
Robert Secker
george bode
Willm Russell
Thomas Warner
Peter drake
John wace
John Peyrson
Willm Rumbold
Robert Andrewe
John olyoke
Thomas Howlett
Willm Huske
Wollm Sole
Hamonde baxster
Edmonde Freman
Edmond botor
John bennett
Rycherd aylmeare
Thomas Sutton

T. P'son
John Pratt

Selected P'sons
Willm Spenser
Edmonde Wallman



Pyoners & Laborers
Nycholas browne
Thomas Mallett
Thomas Lewes
Tbomas gewybbon
Phillipp Whytebread
Robert Fytt
Hanse baylyfe
thomas Warren
John Fytt
thomas cowp
John Robynson
Adam Wade
osbert Otton
Xpofer Walker
Robert Walker
John Sampson
thomas Cadney
John Peyrson
Wyllm burton
Rycherd Hawkyngs
Robert Downyng
John Downyngs
Thomas breckles
Henrye botter
John bartram
Roger benroste
John Wattson
John bensted
Jobn rycherdson
Thomas Reynold
george Herryson
Willm bower
Wyflm Harby
Wilm Pen'iton
John Snowe
Nycholas mannyng
John cheston
Edmond baker
Samewell Wooclroue
Arthewre Watts
Jaymes Aylmeare
Wyllm burroxe

Smythes & Whelewrigbts

Ablemen                 xxxiv
Selected P'sons        ij
Pioners & Laborers   xlij
S. & Whelw             none

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