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"Off The Tapestry" - Introduction

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Hockwold-cum-Wilton Millennium Tapestry – Year 2000 was created from an idea by Michael and Shirley Denney after they saw the Tapestries of the Occupation in St. Helier whilst on holiday in Jersey in October 1995.

 After the holiday they spoke to their daughter in law ( Sue Denney ) whose hobby is needlework and, after a long chat, decided to embark on the Millennium Tapestry.  They approached Jay Craft of St. Johns Street, Bury St. Edmunds who confirmed that they could supply all materials.

 The canvas ( 1m. x 2m ) was ordered.  The idea of the Tapestry was to show the area through the last century and a half made up of pictures that would be interesting.  After speaking to many different people and taking on board their ideas and suggestions we came up with 56 pictures.  These pictures were taken from old picture postcards and photographs loaned by friends and family.  Mrs. L. Gathercole proved very helpful in locating photos and by taking the up to date photographs used.  Jason Whichelow ( Brandon Estate Agent ) very kindly enlarged the photographs.

 All pictures were traced, a layout was decided upon and they were transferred onto the canvas.

 On December 2nd 1997 Sue, starting with the WI emblem, put in the first stitches.  The work was then carried out in earnest.  It was worked out that if 4.27 square inches were completed each day the stitching would be completed by mid-December 1998.

 Mrs. Brenda Deacon, Mrs. Kay Harris, Mrs. Wendy Puttock, Mrs. Pearl Goodwin and Mrs. Joan Enefer all attended on a regular basis to “work” their own pieces.  The stitching was completed in July 1998.

 Mrs. Maureen Eade then carried out the overstitching eg. SS Hockwold rigging, Red Lion etc.  Mrs. Eade and her husband Bob also introduced a person to stretch, mount, frame and glass the Tapestry at a very generous price.

 Mike and Shirley would like to acknowledge the assistance of Mrs. Sandra Boardman for typing up acknowledgements and recording all write-ups.  Also Mrs. Mary Enefer, Mr. Ted Costick, Mrs. Susan Rowe, Mr. Colin Harrington, Mr. Nathan Enefer, Mrs. Peggy Seymour, Mrs. Mary Royal and Colonel Gordon Spate who all wrote up some of the subjects.

 The Tapestry was then presented to the Village of Hockwold-cum-Wilton and it was received by St. James’ Church on 2nd January 2000 for safe-keeping.  It can be seen here hanging on the north west wall.

 Mike Denney

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