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06 August 2002

Village Event -

Hockwold Raft Race - Bank Holiday Sunday 25th August
1130 - Duck Race
1200 - Raft Race

....followed by Beer Festival and ebntertainment for all ages at the Red Lion

All money raised goes to Hockwold Pre-School and East Anglian Air Ambulance

See last years event at: http://www.hockwold-cum-wilton.org/PhotoAlbum/RaftRace/hockwold_raft_race.htm

Other Updates:

Parish Council Meetings for May and June posted at:

Another Story from Gordon Langley

and finally...

...a plug for West Norfolk Branch of CAMRA's Beer Festival held at Larling "Angel" 15th - 18th August 2002, on the A11 between Thetford and Norwich - Over 40 Real Ales and Ciders, Live Music each night, food and good company!!

11 July 2002

Village Event -
Some photos from the Jubilee Celebrations on 2nd June at Hockwold are available here Hockwold Country Fayre - We are a bit thin on the ground for photos so does anyone else have more to share?? Especially nice would be ones for the scarecrows!! I was out of the village that day so haven't seen any and I'm sure many people would like to see more ;-) You can send hard copy photos to me, I can scan and return them same day and you'll get credit - how about that?
Please check out the Diary for future events in and around the village  - Updated 09 July 2002
Link of the month -
Courtesy of Bob Meads here is a great link for the 1851 Census Info for Hockwold

25 May 2002Site Update:

Village Event -
Details of the Jubilee Celebrations on 2nd June at Hockwold are available here Hockwold Country Fayre
Please check out the Diary for future events in and around the village 
History Articles Added -
Parish Records for Hockwold & Wilton
St James Church - Long Lost Decorations
The sinking of the  SS Hockwold

02 May 2002Norwich City vs Stockport photos at:


04 April 2002
Hi once again - Spring has truly sprung in Hockwold:

New Items Just Added ~
Ex-Norwich City Football Club Hero Peter Mendham was in town recently and visited the Red Lion in Hockwold - Find out why here:

The Queen's Golden Jubilee Celebrations will be celebrated in Hockwold on 2nd June with the Hockwold Country Fair - Watch those scarecrows!!!

26 March 2002 - The site has won it's first web award:

02 January 2002 -

2 new items:

Click here to view Wintry Scenes 

Click here to view Nige's Web Design Guide for Beginners 


07 December 2001 - 

Next year we will be holding a Queens Golden Jubilee Fayre on 2nd June at the village Playing Field for which preparations are already under way.  Dan Jones provided some photos for the web site from the last event of this kind. I hope you'll agree that they are rather surreal in nature!!    Click here to view Millennium Fayre 2000 

The above is the only new item this month, so I've given the website another "clean" and added graphics and improved text here and there notably the Guestbook, Newsletter Request Form and Message Board (where I had to remove an inappropriate entry!!).

16 November 2001 -

Not many changes I know this month but I think the website is running itself quite well, instead I will bore you all with some facts and figures!!!

Currently the website is getting around 20,000 hits total per month (for all pages visited) and is increasing each month (In June it was 11,000 hits!!).  The front page is currently averaging 600 hits per month

22 September 2001 - 

Pictures of the recent Bank Holiday Raft Race are at: http://www.hockwold-cum-wilton.org/PhotoAlbum/RaftRace/hockwold_raft_race.htm

14 September 2001 - 

The website front page has been given a new look lately - I hope you will agree it is less cluttered and loads much faster than previously.  If you have any further comments or suggestions please contact me.

I hope you are all enjoying the Photo Album pages - I am still eagerly awaiting photos for the "action packed" Raft Race which took place last month - there should be some absolute classics.

20 August 2001 -  Dear All - Please take another look at Hockwold's Web Site - Lots of Updates!!

West Norfolk Inter Village Games 2001

Amy's Round-the-world Trip

Hockwold In Sepia

Don't forget the Raft Race this Sunday (At I think, 11 am down by the river - bring eggs to throw at the opposition!!)

         ......... AND the beer festival at the Red Lion will be continuing thru' the afternoon (so the losers can "drown" their sorrows and the winners can celebrate!!)

6 August 2001 - I've started to rearrange the History Section and the first new sub-section is Genealogy 
- The Photo Album Section is up and running has new Local Area pictures and pictures from the recent Flower Festival 
- Look out for pictures of the upcoming Raft Race and Beer Festival soon and some nostalgic photos from the early 1900's.

I recently created 2 mini websites on the Hockwold site which you may view and these are:

29 June 2001 - Summer IS HERE!!! 

Not quite so many updates this month as I've been on holiday for the past 2 weeks....If anybody wants a personal home page (i.e. non-commercial pages) on the site, let me know as there is loads of space aching to be used and I can advise you on how to make your own sites.

New/Updated in the last few days are:

HISTORY - History buffs have a field day this month!!  This section has about 8 updates this month - I will have to split this section into more useable sections very shortly but until then there are articles on: Religious Census of 1851; Hockwold Wills 1371-1845; Visitation of Bishop Redman 1597; Church Goods 1552; Hockwold & Wilton Parish Records; A couple of sories by Gordon Langley (The Walk & Poor Old Jack)



Still to come...those elusive new photos around the village!!!

02 June 2001 - Well looks like Summer is (was!) almost here so with little spare time I have I've been round the village and taken some fresh photos for the web pages - coming up soon will be a special Photo Album section for the web site which will include pictures of local events and activities, village life and scenes etc  (has anyone got any from the Flower Festival etc???) - Apart from that, everything is coming along slowly but surely - there is plenty of space on the server for much more material - please let me know if you have anything for inclusion!!!

New/Updated in the last few days are:






26 April 2001 - As you may see on the site there's been quite a few cosmetic changes to the home page et al.  I hope it's it all colour-coordinated to your tastes (no doubt better than my own DIY efforts!).  We are happy to report that we are finally on most of the major search engines such as Google, Hotbot, Yahoo etc so hopefully we will be receiving a few more hits in the future (At present we are getting around 100 hits per week to the home page which ain't bad really!!).  Recently someone accessed the site from the Lebanon!!

New in the last few weeks are:

Hockwold Parish Register

A current Map of the Village

Info on the 2 pubs (at last) Red Lion and New Inn

01 March 2001 Diary updated and "packed" with local events for the next 2 months  - History ~ Off the Tapestry  - These are local anecdotes/stories/articles provided by Michael Denney - One to be added each month   - Message Board ~ FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions and how best to use this facility  - Re-arranged page for the Local Area - Includes maps/photos/what to see in the local area  - Businesses ~ Please support our advertisers who help to fund this site (If you would like to advertise yourselves contact Nick and Helen or if you need a web page built contact me also - see also Bobs Taxis for an example)  Finally, we say goodbye to Ged & Louise Tonkin who are moving up to Manchester shortly - They have been magnificent in their respective roles in helping establish the Hockwold Computer Club - All the team wish them good luck for the future (and keep in touch!) 

15 February 2001 - Added couple more links to History pages.  Also added links for Feltwell and Lakenheath web pages. Busy spreading the word for this website, hence Irish & British Villages link at bottom of pages.

12 February 2001 - Added Message Board for exchange of information, lost friends/relatives, selling items etc etc.  Added Google search engine. Added MindIt automatic notification of web page via email facility. Updated Services and Maps links


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