Present:                                 Mrs P Raburn                       ) Chairman


                                                Mr T Fothergill                      ) Hockwold Parish Council

                                                Mrs D Barrett                         ) 

                                                Mr T Gossage                       )

                                                Mr D Baker                            )

                                                Mr M Denney                        )

                                                Mrs M Eade                           )

                                                Mrs T Sismey                        )

Mr A Lawrence                         District Councillor

Mr M Storey                               District Councillor

                                                Squadron Leader Jerry Neild



Apologies for Absence had been received from Norfolk County Councillor Tony White and

Mrs L Arbour Parish Councillor.


1.            MINUTES


Resolved:      That the Minutes of the meeting held on the 8th January 2008 previously circulated be approved and signed by the Chairman.  This was proposed by Mr Fothergill and seconded by Mrs Sismey.




RAF Lakenheath:   Squadron Leader Neild reported that the F15C will be flying again soon.  At the end of March Gate 2 will go into full operation, which should increase the flow of traffic.  Following discussions with Highways ‘Keep Clear’ signs will be painted at the Eriswell Roundabout and efforts are being made to reduce the congestion at the roundabout. Concern was expressed about the forth-coming closure of the Wangford Road for 6 weeks while a temporary bridge is being installed.  Squ. Leader Neild will see that their Road Safety contact is aware of this fact.  Mr Denney asked if the lights at the Feltwell Base Entrance could be checked for alignment, as they seemed very bright for drivers travelling to Feltwell.


Reeves Lane:     The clerk reported that she had written to the Land Registry as suggested by the Borough Council but so far has not had a satisfactory reply.


Parish Precepts 2008/2009:   The clerk had produced a list of Lighting and General Purpose expenses for the past year (both being slightly under budget), and the Councillors had all been sent a copy of these with their Minutes.  The clerk suggested an increase of approx. 6% and this was agreed by the council.  Street Lighting will be £2400 and the General Purpose £8800 giving a Precept Total of £11200.00.  It was proposed by Mr Denney and seconded by Mrs Eade that these figures be accepted, the clerk will let the Borough Council know and fill in the appropriate form.  Mr Denney thanked the clerk for her work in producing these figures and the Councillors all agreed with this.




South Street:   A letter has been received from Downham Market Police Station regarding making South Street a no-through road or a one-way street.  They feel this would be an issue for the Parish Council and the Highways Agency. 

A letter has been received from Highways regarding this matter.  Mr Edmunds feels that only locals use this road as a cut through, and having travelled this road himself on many occasions with no problems, he cannot see there is anything that can be done at this time.

The clerk will send Mr Abato copies of these two letters.


Highways:    Mr Edmunds is checking the area in Burdock Lane to see if anything can be done to improve the corner.  A copy of his letter will be sent to Mrs M Royal.

Mr Edmunds also states that the B1112 from the boundary to Feltwell is on a forward programme for attention and the road is checked twelve timers per year and if anything is needed it is programmed to be done.


Audit 2007:     The clerk has now received the certified Annual Audit Return and copies of this have been placed on the Notice Board for two weeks as is required by law.  Copies of the Audit Certificate have been given to councillors.


Police:    The Local Action Group for Downham, Terrington and Watlington, have sent out a booklet containing Anti-Social Behaviour and Recorded Crime Statistics for these areas.  The incidents reported from Hockwold in December 2008 and January 2008 is included in these statistics under ‘recorded crime – top streets’.  Any crime however small should be reported to the Police.


Street Lighting:    A letter has been received from Mr E Deacon of South Street, asking if something can be done about the poor lighting in South Street.  This matter was discussed but unfortunately requests for extra lighting within the village is very common, and the Council has to give the same reply, if they agree to put up extra lights in one street, they would have to do the same throughout the village.  The cost of new street lights is very high and would increase the yearly precept considerably.


Lode Cottage – Mr B W Moss:   A letter from Mr Moss has been received asking regarding an allotment.  The clerk will keep this request ready for next October when the allotments agreements are renewed.  Mr Moss also expressed a desire to become a Parish Councillor.  The Chairman has rung him and explained that there are only nine Councillors allowed for the village.  At present these positions are all taken, should there become a vacancy Mr Moss will be contacted.


Norfolk RCC:     The NRCC is holding a Council Meeting, open to the public, regarding closure of Post Offices in rural areas.  This meeting is on 26th March 2008 the day on which the announcement of post offices closures is to be made.  The meeting is to be held in Aylsham Town Hall from 7pm to 9pm.  Places to be booked by 20th March 2008.


Cowles Drove – New Vehicular Access:     A copy of a letter sent to Mr Everett from the planning department has been received stating that the proposal has been found to constitute ‘permitted development’ as defined by Order 1995.  Planning permission is therefore deemed to be granted by this legislation.  A new fence has been put in place.  The clerk had checked that no laws had been broken by taking out the old shrubs and trees etc. as it is not in a conservation area and there was no preservations orders on any of the trees.



Inspire East Community Empowerment Research:    A letter has been received from this organisation giving details of workshops arranged regarding this project.  Later in the month a questionnaire was received asking for details of any community empowerment projects being carried out in this area.  As no such projects are taking place in this area there was no reason to complete the questionnaire.


School Flashing Lights:    Mr Tony White our Norfolk County Councillor has sent to the clerk copies of email correspondence between himself and Mr Martin Edmunds of NCC Highways, regarding flashing lights outside Hockwold School.  Such lights are to be included within the School Travel Plan.


Norfolk Minerals and Waste Local Development Framework:   Notification has been received that the above documents will be sent to the Council by the end of February for consultation until 28th March 2008.  It is hoped that any response to this consultation will be provided on the internet through their website.


Corkway Drove Feltwell:   NCC Planning & Transportation have written to the council regarding White Dyke Bridge which has been assessed and found have a substandard theoretical load carrying capacity of just three tonnes. NCC is investigating options of strengthening or replacement of this bridge and are trying to establish the current and future use of this bridge.  They have consulted local residents and businesses and have asked for comments from the Council.  The clerk will write back saying that as far as the council are aware this bridge is widely and regularly used by Q Lawns and residents in this area.  The closure of this bridge could cause difficulties to business and local residents as they have no doubt informed them.


Side Table:  Standards Board Agenda and Minutes of the meeting held on the 29th January 2008.  West Norfolk Sports Council – Lets Get ACTIVE 2008/09.  BCKLWN – Funding Opportunities Jan/Feb 2008.  Meeting the Challenge WREN Waste Recycling.   Consultation on Orders and Regulations Relating to the Conduct of Local Authority Members in England. (Clerk has Consultation Papers).


133 Main Street:    An appeal has been made to the Secretary of State in relation to the refusal of Planning Permission on the above site.  Does the Council wish to make any further comments – they turned the application down before.  Councillors said their decision stands as before. Their comments will be forwarded to the Inspector.



Ref: 07/02677/F                                                                   Name:   Mr & Mrs O’Malley

                                                                                                               9 Kemps Lane

Location – 9 Kemps Lane                                                                 Hockwold, Thetford

Details – Erection of Garden Shed                                                  Norfolk IP26 4LG

It was proposed by Mr Denney and seconded by Mr Baker that this application be approved as the proposed shed does not intrude or overlook any surrounding property.

Ref: 08/00010/F                                                                   Name:   Mr & Mrs N Betts

                                                                                                               1 Harrisons Way,

Location – 1 Harrisons Way                                                              Hockwold, Thetford

Details – Conservatory extension to dwelling                               Norfolk IP26 4JH

It was proposed by Mrs Barrett and seconded by Mrs Eade that this application be approved as it does not intrude on any surrounding property and fits in well with the rest of the area.




Ref: 07/02519/F       Replacement of existing roof and insertion of roof lights at 1 Lode Cottages, Church Lane, Hockwold, Thetford, Norfolk.   Mr B Moss – Permission Recorded.


Ref: 07/02093/F       Removal of agricultural occupancy restriction at The Willows Moor Dove, Hockwold, Thetford, Norfolk.   Mr & Mrs J E Lawson – Refusal Recorded.

Ref:  07/02008/F      Removal of agricultural occupancy condition relating to 2/89/0837/F at Winchester House, Cowles Drove, Hockwold, Thetford, Norfolk.   Mr & Mrs Cobbold – Refusal Recorded.

Ref: 07/02501/F       Extension to dwelling at 8 Peacock Close, Hockwold, Thetford, Norfolk.       Mr & Mrs R Jack – Refusal Recorded.


Ref: 07/01910/F       Blackdyke Fisheries Mr Rutterford – Application Withdrawn.


4.            BILLS OF ACCOUNTS


Payments:     12.02.08         Pearce & Kemp Ltd – Lights Maintenance                     £113.13

                                                Mrs G M Taylor – Wages                                                     £335.27

                                                Mr M Moore – Bus Shelter                                                  £  25.00

                                                B.C.K.L.W.N. – Dog Waste Bins                                       £  49.03

                                                Audit Commission                                                               £158.63

                        15.02.08         EDF Energy – Lights (February 2008) DD                      £116.26

It was proposed by Mr Denney and seconded by Mrs Barrett that these accounts be paid.


5.            ANY OTHER BUSINESS


Motor Cyclists:          Mr Enefer has informed the council that motor cyclists are getting through Hastoe Housing site and on to his land, which if it continues, when crops are sown will do great damage.  It was agreed that this matter should be put before the police at the Safer Neighbourhood Meeting at Feltwell on 12th March 2008.


Freedom Recycling:    It was reported that vehicles travelling to the Cowles Drove site are missing the turning, asking for directions at the lay-by in Station Road and then turning round at the Crossroads, thus damaging the sides of the roads.  These drivers, very often of foreign origin, have very few directions.  The clerk will speak to Mark Potter the monitoring officer from the NCC about this matter.


Potholes:   It was reported that there are potholes down Nursery Lane and also at the entrance to Burdock Lane near the Crossroads.  The clerk will write to Highways – Martin Edmunds about this matter.


Station Road:    It was reported that after heavy rain the water lays on Station road up to the Wilton Bridge, this matter will also be reported to Mr Edmunds.


Village Hall:    Concern was expressed after hearing that ‘Raves’ have occurred in village halls.  The halls have been booked for a ‘party’ which has turned into a rave.  It was felt there should be a vetting system put in place if the proposed hirer is not known to the booking clerk.  This matter will be brought up at the next village hall meeting at the end of January.  It was also reported that work should start on the roof of the hall this week.



Allotments:      Councillors are concerned that if any queries are put before the council regarding the allotments, four councillors would have to declare any interest and possibly leave the hall.   Mr Storey and Mr Lawrence District Councillors, who were present at the meeting, suggested that the council have an ‘Allotment Committee’ which could meet two or three times a year, the chairman of this committee could then report to the Council any relevant matters.   It was agreed that the clerk should contact the Feltwell clerk who already have a separate committee and the matter can be discussed at the next meeting.


6.            DATE OF NEXT MEETING


It was agreed that the next meeting of the Council should be held on Tuesday 11th March 2008 at 7.00pm followed by the ANNUAL PARISH MEETING AT 8.00pm


As there was no other business the Chairman closed the meeting at 9.10pm.







One copy to each member of the Council

One copy for Mr T. White Norfolk County Councillor

One copy to Mr A Lawrence District Councillor

One copy to Mr M Peake District Councillor

One copy to Mr M Storey District Councillor

One copy to Downham Market Police Station

Two copies for display within the village

One copy for Hockwold’s Website

One copy for the Minute Book