Present:                                  Mr D  Owens                                    )  Chairman

                                                Mrs P Raburn                        )  Vice Chairman


                                                Mrs I Adams                                    )  Hockwold Parish Council

                                                Mrs Linda Arbour              )

                                                Mr T Gossage                    )

                                                Mrs K Stratford                     )

                                                Mr R Allsop                         )

                                                Mrs T Sismey                       )

                                                Mr M Denney                       )

                                                Mr Martin Storey             )  District Councillor      


1.                  MINUTES


Resolved:  That the Minutes of the meeting held on the 13th January 2004

previously circulated be approved and signed by the Chairman.   This was proposed by Mrs Raburn and seconded by Mrs Stratford.




Playing Field:     Four members of the council Mr Owens, Mr Gossage, Mr Allsop and Mrs Raburn  declared an interest in this matter.  The clerk had written to the Customs and Excise and also spoken to the Audit Commission, who had no objections to helping the playing field as long as the VAT people were in agreement.  A letter has been received from the C& E.  As long as the council has placed the order, received the supply, received a tax invoice in their name, paid for the equipment from council funds (including funds warded to you – for example, lottery funds).  It was generally felt it would be all right for the council to act for the playing field in view of this ruling.  It was proposed by Mrs Sismey and seconded by Mrs Arbour that the council should do this if the funding was forth coming, a vote was taken, everyone agreed with one abstention.


Audit:    A letter has been received from the Audit Commission informing the Council that the Audit had taken place and there were no comments or complaints.  The clerk put a notice on the Notice Board to this effect and a copy of the Audit Statement – this has to be on the notice board for 14 days.


C.A.B.:    A letter has been received from the King’s Lynn CAB asking for funding.  After some discussion it was decided as before to say no, as we support our local branch in Brandon.


Highways:   A letter has been received from the Highways Department informing the Council that they will inspect Weeting Road and programme any necessary grip cleaning required.  They have also passed a copy of the letter to Highways dealing with Weeting, so the whole length of the road can be checked.







SCC – B1112: Letter received from the SCC re the closure of the B1112 apologising for not letting the parish know of the closure, as normally Councils in neighbouring counties are informed of road closures.  A copy of our letter has been passed to their Head Office.   The chairman said he stopped to ask why it was not possible to have temporary traffic lights for such work?   He was told it was now a government directive that roads have to be closed both sides because too many road workers have been killed in the past doing such road works.


Planning:   A leaflet for each councillor has been sent from the planning department entitled ‘Parish Councils and The Development Control Process’.  Copies given out to councillors.


Electricity – Lighting: A letter has been received from Powergen who purchased TXU Energi last year, informing the council that our un metered supply has been transferred to their system.  They ask for a new Direct Debit form to be completed so that our monthly charged can be put on their billing system.   Mr Owens and Mr Gossage will sign the form at the end of the meeting.


N.C.A.P.T.C:  Two meetings are to be held entitled ‘Risk Assessment’ this is to help to establish your parish requirement for a risk assessment.  The first meeting is in Downham Market on Wednesday March 17 9.15 to 12.30 and the second in Upton on Wednesday 14 April 12.45 to 16.00  - no councillor was available to go.

The 2004 Handbook is now available, councillors all had one for 2003, so it was decided not to replace them this year.

A Spring Seminar and Update is to be held on March 16 at the George Hotel Swaffham on the current initiatives challenging parishes, at a cost of £25.50 for one delegate and £46.50 for two delegates.

NORFOLK LINK issue No 141 – copies given out to councillors.


Norfolk Constabulary: The council has received a list of contacts for both the Police and Police Authority; the clerk will give all the councillors a copy of this list.


Wind Turbine Development: A letter has been received from the WNBC informing the council that the landscape assessment and capacity study on wind turbine development is now complete, and is available on CD if required. 


West Norfolk Road Safety Committee: Copies of the latest minutes and an agenda for the next meeting of the committee has been received.  The next meeting was on the 29 January 2004!!!


CountyLife Companion: This association is developing a new free information service website for use by businesses and residents of Norfolk.   The clerk has the address if anyone would like to make use of this opportunity.


Stock Transfer: The BCKLWN decided to ballot council tenants regarding a new form of landlord and about improving homes to meet modern standards at a meeting on the 27 November 2003.

The initial views of tenants seem to indicate support for a transfer to a housing association.  This is in the very early stages of a process that could take two years to complete.  Mr Storey said he had been to one meeting regarding the matter and agreed tenants there did support a transfer.  It was decided to leave the matter in abeyance and see what transpires in the future.






Parish Boundary Review: Mr Storey asked the council about this matter at the end of last year, Hockwold loses three small bits of land to Feltwell and gains two pieces of land from Feltwell, which in fact, when looked at on a map makes sense and tidies up the borders of the villages.


NCC Booklets: Several copies of this booklet has been received which includes timetables for Norfolk Green Bus Services and A10 Road Closures.  Councillors to take a copy if they wish.


Dog Fouling: Mr Owens reported that he had a very angry parishioner on his doorstep recently, accusing him of having his name printed in the village magazine in regard to dog fouling.  The chairman assured him that his name was not in the magazine!!


Standing Orders: The Chairman has, at long last, received a copy of the latest Standing Order for Parish and Town Councils.  This is 29 pages long, and is also being sent to him on disc.  It was agreed that copies be given to councillors to read, and then they can decided which standing orders relate to this Parish Council.


Norfolk Matters:  Copies of the Jan/Feb 2004 issue of the NCC Newsletter have been given out to councillors.


Norfolk RCC:  A copy of Jan 2004 Issue 72 of SIGNPOST has been received.


Documents placed on the Side Table: The following leaflets and information has been placed on the table for councillors to read and take away if they wish: Transport Partnership Annual Report; Leaflet re Funding Information Day; Leaflets for training workshops in February and March 2004; Village of the year Competition Information; Magazine for Riverside Owners:  Rubbish Bin Collection Information; Standards Board Agenda for 2 February 2004 Meeting.






Ref: 2/03/2382/F - Mr & Mrs Ellison, 48 Main Street, Hockwold.    Conservatory extension to dwelling – PERMISSION RECORDED.


4.                  BILLS OF ACCOUNTS



10.02.04            BCKLWN – Dog Waste Bin emptying                                            £  28.99

Viking Direct – Stationary                                                                 £  87.98

Asset Management Services – Lights Maintenance                        £  91.71

Audit Commission                                                                                    £141.00

NCAPTC – Standing Orders                                                            £  14.98

Mr M Moore – Bus Shelter                                                                        £  18.00

Mrs G M Taylor Wages & Allotment Commission                        £262.71


20.01.04            Mr M Enefer – Allotment Rent                                                    £160.00

It was proposed by Mrs Raburn and seconded by Mr Gossage that these accounts be paid.





5.                  ANY OTHER BUSINESS


Flint Wall:  Rebecca John of 155 Main Street has been in touch with the Chairman regarding the removal of a flint wall and outbuilding.  It was agreed that she should be advised to contact the Planning Department at King’s Lynn regarding the matter.


Street Sign – Adders Lane: The street sign has still not been erected, the clerk will contacted the Borough Council and ask when it can be expected.  The Chairman will try to find out where the missing Adders Lane sign is, that was taken down some years ago.


SCC – Wilton Bridge: Each side of this bridge there are some rather bad dips in the road and also one near the RSPB Reserve, they have been getting worse monthly and nothing seems to be done about them.  The clerk will write to the Suffolk County Council Highways Department about the matter.


Bus to Thetford: Mr Owens has not been able to speak to Brandon Partnership about this bus coming through Hockwold, as Mr Bishop has been ill.  He will do so as soon as possible.


Post Office: Councillors had taken note of conditions regarding backing and driving out from the forecourt of the post office and did not feel there was any difficulty.


Lagoon – Church Lane: The clerk has found out that the lagoon belong to the Borough Council and not Anglian Water and is expecting to hear from them shortly regarding the safety – It is inspected weekly.


South Street: Several parishioners have complained that carrot tractors have been using South Street instead of turning into Main Street.  After some discussion it was agreed that the clerk would write to Mr Murfitt at the Old Chicory Factory and ask if he could help with this matter.


Car Parking:  Cars are persistently parking on the grass in Main Street near the College Road entrance, so that motorists have difficulty in seeing if the road is clear to pull out.   It is difficult to know how to stop this, as if they park on the road it makes the roadway very narrow.


Gritting:   The last piece of Main Street to Station Road is never gritted, could this be done.  The clerk has written to Highways on numerous occasions regarding this matter and each time they have refused, saying that Malts Lane is the main roadway.


Motorcycling Youths:  Two young boys have been seen riding up Mill Lane on cross-county bikes, and are under age, sometimes they are accompanied by an adult.  It was agreed to put an article in the magazine and the clerk will contact the police about the matter.

Mobile Police: The mobile police unit go to Feltwell every month, they also go to Weeting but not Hockwold, the clerk will speak to Linda Peckham the Feltwell clerk and find out when they are due next, the chairman will then go and see them.


Church Lane:  Mr Denney pointed out that a drainage pipe was laid outside Rose Cottage and Chandler Cottage some years ago to help with the drainage problem.  The grips have all been filled in now so they will not work.






Overhanging Trees and Shrubs: Parishioners are still not heeding the request in the magazine to cut back trees and shrubs.  It was agreed that councillors should note the addresses of such offenders so that they can be written to.


Station Road: Parishioners have been asking about the possibility of getting a 30mph speed limit on Station Road.  The council has written and asked many times for this, but the request has been refused, saying this part of Station Road is not residential enough.


Unadopted Roads: Parishioners living in such roads pay the same council tax but the roadway is not looked after.  There is nothing that can be done about this, although they could pay to have the road made up, it is generally felt that they no the road is unadopted when they move there.

Mr Storey explained that the majority of the council tax goes to the NCC for Education, Fire and Police Service and Highways, the Borough Council is left with a very small part of the money, which has to be spread about.


Mill Lane – Clay Pit: Young Children have been going into this field to play and in one part of the field there is some corrugated iron which could be dangerous for the children.  It was pointed out that this field is private and the children should not really be playing there, so there is nothing the Parish can do about the matter.  It is really up to the parents of the children concerned.


6.                  DATE OF NEXT MEETING


It was agreed that the next meeting of the council will be on the 9 March 2004 at  7.00pm

Followed by the Annual Parish Meeting at 8.00pm.



As there was no other business the Chairman closed the meeting at 9.05pm.





One copy to each member of the Council

One copy to Mr J Norris Norfolk County Councillor

One copy to Mrs C Sharp District Councillor

One copy to Mr M Peake District Councillor

One copy to Mr M Storey District Councillor

One copy to Downham Market Police Station

One copy for the Web-site.

Two Copies for display within the village