Present:                                 Mrs P Raburn                       ) Chairman


                                                Mrs D Barrett                         ) Hockwold-cum-Wilton Parish Council

                                                Mr T Gossage                       )

                                                Mr D Baker                            )

                                                Mr M Denney                        )

                                                Mrs M Eade                           )

                                                Mrs T Sismey                        )

                                                Mrs L Arbour                         )

                                                Mr M Storey                              District Councillor

                                                Mr A Lawrence                        District Councillor

                                                Squadron Leader J Neild      RAF Lakenheath

                                                Rachel Hadingham                            Planning UK


Apologies for absence had been received from Mr T Fothergill Parish Councillor.


1.            MINUTES


Resolved:   Mr Denney had a query about these Minutes under the heading of ‘Planning Applications – Permissions’, he disagreed with the clerks statement that Mr Fothergill felt the council had made a mistake in passing this application.  Unfortunately Mr Fothergill was not present at this meeting so it was agreed that the Minutes could not be passed at this meeting, so the matter was put in abeyance until our May meeting.




RAF Lakenheath:    Squadron Leader Neild said he had nothing to report to the Council, all seems quiet; have the councillors anything for him?   He reported that the meeting held recently in Brandon was attended by 39 people, and asked if the councillors thought such a presentation in Hockwold would be appreciated, Councillors felt this would be a good idea.   Mrs Sismey asked about base activity over the Easter period.  Easter Monday is not a holiday in America, school and work goes on as normal, they do have down days, but these are not scheduled days. 

Mr Lawrence asked if the Base have been approached regarding the proposal for a Wind Farm at Weeting, which involves 80-meter masts.  Are there any special questions they would ask re positioning?  Sqd. Leader Neild said if it would affect their radar, and if there would be any adverse affect on flight safety.  The Defence Estates have a check list for such situations.  They have not, as yet, been formally asked regarding this matter.


Dog Waste Bins:   A letter has been received from the Borough Council checking up on the number and position of the dog waste bins within the village.  It was proposed by Mrs Arbour and seconded by Mrs Sismey that the clerk should write back with the required information.


Norfolk Association of Local Councils:  The Annual Subscription to this association is due and it was proposed by Mrs Eade and seconded by Mrs Arbour that we should continue to subscribe as in the passed they have been very helpful in many matters.



Local Government Reorganisation:  There is a meeting regarding this matter at the Council Offices in King’s Lynn on 27 April at 6 pm.   Mr Lawrence and Mr Storey feel that the Government is putting pressure on Borough Councils to make a decision.   Mr Storey feels that the parishioners should have the full facts.  One Councillor to 9000 individuals. The clerk said she have already written to the Boundary Committee stating that Hockwold Parish Council support the statue quo.


Audit 2008/09:    Notification has been received from ‘Mazara’ that the statutory deadline for approval of this year Annual Return by the Council is 30 June 2009 (including the section 4 by the internal auditor.  The clerk will get all the figures ready for the May meeting and arrange for the internal auditor to have all the paper work after this date. This was proposed by Mrs Sismey and seconded by Mrs Barrett.


Playing field Accounts:  Mr Gossage has spoken to Mr Waller their retiring Treasurer, and he has explained the Account Statement, the Playing field has a balance of £5921.15.  These figures will be added to the Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on March 10th 2009.


Code of Conduct:   A copy of a Guidance Note on how to make a complaint under the Code of Conduct about a Member’s behaviour has been received.   Councillors have been given a copy of this guidance note.


Highways:    A letter has been received from Martin Edmunds Assistant Highway Engineer saying he will be inspecting the village on 17 March and will check the areas of concern mentioned in the clerk’s letter.

Councillors stated that the pothole next to the Post office is really quite dangerous, as also is the one at the junction of Malts Lane and Station Road turning to Feltwell, the clerk will write about these matters.


Spinal Injuries Association:   Details have been received about a fund-raising day on Friday 15th May 2009 ‘The Great British Fish & Chip Supper’ supporting Spinal Injuries Association.  The clerk will put the poster on the Notice Board.


Local Council Risk System (LCRS) Software:    Details have been received about this new computer software covering Risk areas in villages.   Councillors did not feel this was necessary; the clerk will keep the information on file.


NCC Planning & Transportation Department:    A letter entitled ‘Local List Validation Requirements: Consultation’ has been received as part of a drive to produce a quicker, more predictable and efficient Planning Service.  A copy of this letter has been given out to councillors.


Norfolk Constabulary:   A letter and leaflet has been received entitled ‘Changing Times – the changes that affect you’.   This is a set of standards agreed by all police services in England & Wales.   They have been adopted as part of the Norfolk Policing Pledge.  The Attached leaflet regarding the above will be delivered to all households in a six week period from 6 April 2009.


Pride in Norfolk Awards:    All entries for this award must be received by 20 April 2009.  The chairman will but details in the Parish Magazine.  Anyone can nominate a design or village for entry.





EDG Energy:   An e-mail has been received regarding the renewing of our contact with EDF Energy for our street lights energy which comes up for renewal on the 1st July 2009.  The clerk will get some other quotes for consideration.


Side Table:   Norfolk Parent Partnership – Leaflet put on Notice  Board.   Information Commissioners Office – Freedom of Information Act latest DVD Tick Tock.  Downham Market LAG - Minutes of meeting on 13 March 2009.  Local Development Framework - Breckland Council.  Standards Committee BCKLWN - Minutes of meeting held on 24 March 2009.  Your Council Spring Issue.   Campaign to protect Rural England Norfolk – Message from Bill Bryson.  Cambridgeshire & Peterborough - Mineral & Waste Development Proposals.





Ref:  09/00324/F                                                                  Name:   Mr B Waterlow

                                                                                                               Maytree Farm, Moor Drove

Location – Maytree Farm, Moor Drove                                            Hockwold-cum-Wilton

Details – Construction of modest 2 bedroomed bungalow         Thetford Norfolk IP26 4JL

Rachel Hadingham of Planning UK, Gave a short presentation regarding this application in the Ten Minute Open Forum at the beginning of the meeting.  Mr Waterlow has been running this pig farm as a successful business for the past 20 years.  He has always applied for and been given extensions for his mobile accommodation, he is now applying for a permanent dwelling.

Mr Lawrence asked if the building was in the building envelope, Ms Hadingham replied No.

Mr Denney said that Mr Waterlow has been farming pigs for many years on this site and he proposed that the planning application  be supported.  This was seconded by Mrs Barrett, and all councillors agreed.


Councillor Tony Gossage declared an interest in the following application and took no part in any discussions over this application.

Ref:  09/00383/F                                                                  Name:   Mr M A Cobbold

                                                                                                               Winchester, Cowles Drove,

Location – Land East of Winchester House Cowles Drove        Hockwold-cum-Wilton

Details – Constr. of tourist accomm. of 2 log cabins.                   Thetford Norfolk IP26 4JQ

Councillors raised the question of the need for any more holiday cottages in the area.

After some further discussion Mr Denney said that as long as they were to be genuine holiday homes he would propose that the application be granted, but if change of use is later applied for the Parish Council is notified.  Mr Baker seconded this application.  A vote was taken, one councillor voted against the proposal, two councillors abstained and four voted for the application.


Ref: 09/00396/F                                                                   Name:   Mr & Mrs S Greaney

                                                                                                               31 Station Road

Location – 31  Station Road, Hockwold-cum-Wilton                    Hockwold –cum-Wilton

Details – Extension to Dwelling                                                    Thetford Norfolk IP26 4HZ

This application received just after last meeting, they were passed round the councillors and no-one had any objections to the plans, this decision was sent off to Planning within the three weeks time period.






4.            BILLS OF ACCOUNTS

Payments:     14.4.09           MHB Services Ltd – Lights Maintn.                      £  97.38

                                                Mick Moore – Bus shelter                                       £  21.00

                                                Mrs G Taylor – Wages Postage Telephone         £408.79

                                                BCKLWN – Dog Waste Bins                                 £  47.99

                                                Norfolk Assoc. Local Councils – Subs.               £178.99

                                                Hockwold Methodist Chapel 6 x £10                    £  60.00

                        15.4.09           EDF Energy – Lighting DD                                    £114.03

Receipts:       02.3.09           Interest on Tracker Account                                   £    1.85

                        04.4.09           BCKLWN – Parish Precepts                             £11800.00

                        06.4.09           EDF Energy – Wayleaves                                      £  40.71

It was proposed by Mrs Arbour and seconded by Mr Denney that these accounts are paid.


5.            ANY OTHER BUSINESS


Cowles Drove – Planning:   Mr Gossage pointed out that Mr Peckham got planning permission for log cabins, as well as Mr Rutterford  and other people all on agricultural land, what difference is there to Cowles Drove, why should they have to apply for change of use.  It was agreed that the clerk will write to the Planning Department regarding this matter.


Allotments:     Mr Dave Barnes has asked if he could put a small fence around his allotment to protect his plants from an infestation of rabbits.  Mr Barnes should write in for permission from the council, as per his agreement.


Cross Hill:  It has been reported that there is an advertising A board on the Cross Hill green.  The Parish Council is not against this as long as it is not causing lack of vision coming out of Church Lane.


Litter:   It was reported that rubbish has been dumped on the sluice road; the litter line telephone number is in the parish magazine and in the ‘Your Council’ booklet given out to councillors today.  Mrs Raburn will put the telephone number in her magazine report.


Road Sweeper and Footpath Clearing:      It was reported that the alleyways from South Street to Main Street have not been swept for some time; also the new footpath on Station Road is in need of attention.  The clerk will report this matter to the Highways Department.

Mr Storey reported that Brian Hussey of the Borough Council is in charge of the road sweeper, and Hockwold was swept on the 16 – 17 March 2009.  If this machine is not successful the NCC takes over with a different machine.


Google Street Maps:     Mr Denney said he was against Google putting street maps on line and everyone agreed with him.


Norfolk Records Office:    Mrs Eade reported that this trip planned for the end of April has been cancelled due to the lack of support, perhaps consideration will be given to try again in the autumn.

6.         DATE OF NEXT MEETING       It was agreed that the date for the next meeting of the Council, the Annual Parish Council Meeting will be held on the 12 May 2009 commencing at 7.30pm.   As there was no other business the Chairman closed the meeting at 8.45pm.






One copy to each member of the Council

One copy for Mr T. White Norfolk County Councillor

One copy to Mr A Lawrence District Councillor

One copy to Mr M Peake District Councillor

One copy to Mr M Storey District Councillor

One copy to RAF Lakenheath

One copy to Downham Market Police Station

Two copies for display within the village

One copy for Hockwold’s Website

One copy for the Minute Book