Present:                                 Mrs P Raburn                       )  Chairman


                                                Mrs M Eade                           )  Hockwold-cum-Wilton Parish Council

                                                Mrs D Barrett                         ) 

                                                Mrs T Sismey                        )

                                                Miss R Johns                        )

                                                Mr S Turner                           )

                                                Mrs L Arbour                         )

                                                Mr M Storey                              Norfolk County Councillor         


Apologies for absence had been received from Parish Councillors Mr T Gossage and Mr M Denney and Squadron Leader J Neild.


1.            MINUTES


Resolved:   That the Minutes of the meeting held on the 11 November 2014 previously circulated be approved and signed by the Chairman.  This was proposed by Miss Johns and seconded by  Mrs Eade.




NALC Weekly Updates:   The Parish Councillors had all received their copies and there were no queries from anyone about them.


B1112:    Squadron Leader Jerry Neild had contacted the Chairman today to give his apologies and informed her that this road will be attended to on the 2 March to the 16 March 2015.  He also wished everyone a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year.


Parish Precepts 2015/2016:    The clerk has received from the BCKLWN the Council Tax Base and Government Funding for Parishes 2015/2016.  Our Precept Requirement form should be returned to the Council by 31 January 2015, which the clerk will endeavour to do, by having all the necessary calculations by the Parish Councils next meeting.


Dial-a-Bus Services:    Notification has been received regarding this new service  run by the West Norfolk Community Transport Project.  A copy has been given to Councillors and the village magazine.


John Long – Police:    Having sent a copy of Mr Long’s letter to Esther Bortz our police liaison officer, she has now replied.  She did speak to Mr Long on the night of the attack, and saw their dog, and explained to them what needed to be done to proceed with a prosecution.  She made arrangements for a police office to see them the next day.  The next day they had changed their minds and accepted payment from the owner of the Rottweiler for the injuries to their dog.  The Council should get back to her if there are any further incidents or queries of this nature.





Highway Matters:  Following on from reported highway matters to the Engineer, he had replied with the following – He has checked the areas in the village and has programmed to fill the potholes, he has also checked the flint wall of Wilton Farm, there is no drainage on the wall side of the road, so he will speak to Andy Wallace regarding this matter.


Hastoe Housing:  A letter has been received from this Housing Association, who have rental properties in Boundary Close and Clingos Way in this village.  They are keen to ensure that their homes do go to local people, and would be willing to email someone at the Parish Coujncil when we know a vacancy is due to be advertised in case we are aware of someone who could bid for it.  Mrs Raburn will put details in the village magazine and the clerk will give a copy of the letter to all the Councillors at the next meeting.


Light Pollution Questionnaire:   This questionnaire is from the Campaign to protect Rural England.  It was proposed by Mrs Arbour and seconded by Mrs Barrett that the clerk and Mrs Raburn the Chairman should fill the form in on behalf of the Council.


Norfolk RCC:  This latest E-Newsletter has been received and all the Councillors have received a copy.


Elizabeth Truss MP Monthly Report October 2014:   All the Councillors have received a copy of this report.


Donations 2014:   During the year the Council have received several requests from Charities for Donations, they are, of course all worthy causes, but we cannot give to them all.  The councillors went through all the requests and decided to give £25 to EACH East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices and Norfolk Accident Rescue Service.  This was proposed by Miss Johns and seconded by Mrs Eade all the councillors agreed.


Side Table:  Breckland Local Plan Issues & Options.  Not our Area.  Norfolk Age UK – Open your Garden for Age UK Norfolk.  NCC Warm and Well in Norfolk – put on Notice Board.




These two sets of plans were received on the 15.11.2014 and had to be back before our next meeting, so were passed round to all the councillors:-

Ref: 14/01621/F  -  Variation of conditions 1, 3 and 4 attached to planning permission 14/01109/F construction of four dwellings following demolition of existing buildings. 78 Main street, Hockwold.

Eight Councillors had no objections to this application.  One councillors said how can a decision be made if the conditions are not known

Ref:  14/01618/F  -  Retention of block of six storage sheds to service existing six flats.  78 Main Street, Hockwold.  The Parish Councillors had no objections to this application.


Mrs Sismey declared an Interest and took no further part in the discussions on the following applications.

Ref: 14/01648/F                                                                           Name:  Mr B. J. Rutterford

                                                                                                                      121Undley Hall,

Location – Twelve Acre Farm, Moor Drove East, Hockwold, IP26 4JU

Details – Proposed Change of Use of land for the siting of a temp. 2 bedroom agric. dwelling.

Hockwold PC objected to this application, there is no need for someone to live on site as there is no livestock. Proposed by Miss Johns & seconded by Mr. S Turner, 1 for, 5 councillors against.



Ref: 14/01644/F                                                                               Name:  Mr B. J. Rutterford

                                                                                                                         121 Undley Hall

Location – Twelve Acre Farm, Moor Drove East, Hockwold                Lakenheath,  IP27 9BY

Details – Application for the erection of a general purpose agricultural building.

As long as the building is built to the measurements on the plans the council have no objections to this application.  Proposed by Mrs Eade and seconded by Mrs Arbour, one councillor against and six councillors for this application.


Ref:  14/01657/F,  14/01658/F,  14/01659/F.                               Name:  Mr B. J. Rutterford

                                                                                                                          121 Undley Hall

Location – Twelve Acre Farm, Moor Drove East, Hockwold.                 Lakenheath,  IP27 9BY

Details  -  3  Applications for the erection of nine polytunnels

Hockwold Parish Councillors, with the exception of one councillors, had no objections to the erection of these polytunnels.   This was proposed by Mrs Barrett and seconded by Mrs Eade.




Payments:     9.12.2014      K & M Lighting Services Ltd – Maintn. (Jan.)      £  70.55

                                                                             Mr M. Moore – Bus Shelter      £  22.00

                                                               Mrs G M Taylor – Wages (Dec)   £451.83 )

                                                      One off Payment for December 2014      £  24.92 ) £476.75


                     15.12.2014       Norfolk Accident Rescue Service – Donation    £  25.00

                                                                                     EACH  – Donation    £  25.00


                    16.12.2014                     E-on – DD – Street Lighting ( Nov)          £145.08

It was proposed by Mrs Barrett and seconded by Mrs Sismey that these accounts be paid.




Mud on Road:     Complaints have been received regarding mud on the road going out of Feltwell.  This would come under Feltwell Parish Council not Hockwold.


Village Christmas Tree:    Mrs Sismey said that following the councils discussion regarding placing a Xmas Tree on the Village Green, and their decision to look into the matter for next year.  She reported this to the parishioners who had brought the matter up, and the owner of the Red Lion placed a large Xmas Tree outside the pub with lights.


Road Works in Main Street:    Mrs Sismey reported that the roadworks ? telephone works outside her mothers bungalow on the corner of Main Street and Station Road,  had dug the road up and had not used any stop and go for traffic coming and going onto Station Road.  The work has still not been finished.


Nursery Lane:     Mrs Barrett reported that the drain and guly in Nursery Lane require cleaning out, and also the flooding at the bottom of Nursery Lane after heavy rain needs some attention.  The clerk will report the gullys to the Parish Rangers when they next contact her.


Mud on Road:    There has been mud left on the road Hockwold to Weeting, and also the White Lines are still in need of repainting.



Housing Associations:    Hockwold has bungalows and houses under two associations in the village.  Hastoe as per the letter received recently, and also Freebridge Housing Association.  Mr Storey said that Councillor Lawrence knows about this association and can be contacted regarding any questions or concerns about Freebridge.


Site Specifics:     Mr Storey reported that this matter has gone before the Council in King’s Lynn

and was agreed at the full council on 27 November 2014, which allows for it to go to public consultation for six weeks to the 23 February 2015.  There are briefing sessions, the clerk will check on these dates and let the council know.


Mr Storey also reported that there will be a special meeting in February regarding the budget, as £33.7 million is owed to Corey following on from the pulling out at the site at Saddlebow in Kings Lynn.




The next meeting of the Parish Council will be on Tuesday 13 January 2015 at 7.30pm.   As there is not other business the Chairman wished all the Councillors a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and closed the meeting at 8.30 pm.


Distribution :-


One copy to each councillor.  One copy to Mr M Storey Norfolk County Councillor,  Mr M Peake & Mr A Lawrence District Councillors, Downham Market Police, RAF Lakenheath, Two copies for display within the village and one copy for the web-site