Present:                                 Mrs P Raburn                       )  Chairman


                                                Mr T Fothergill                      )  Hockwold Parish Council

                                                Mrs L Arbour                         ) 

                                                Mr T Gossage                       )

                                                Mr R Baker                            )

                                                Mr M Denney                        )

                                                Mrs M Eade                           )

                                                Mrs T Sismey                        )

                                                Mrs D Barrett                         )

                                                Mr M Storey                             District Councillor

                                                Four members of the Public


Apologies for absence had been received from Squadron Leader Paul Harrison and County Councillor Tony White.


1.            MINUTES


Mr Storey pointed out that his name had been missed off the list of attendance, the clerk apologised for this oversight, which will be corrected.

Resolved:      That the Minutes of the meeting held on the 8th May 2007 previously circulated, (amended as above) be approved and signed by the Chairman.  This was proposed by

Mr Gossage and seconded by Mrs Eade.




Nominations for Vice-Chairman:   Nominations for Vice-Chairman were requested, Mrs Arbour nominated Mr T Fothergill and this was seconded by Mrs Eade, as there were no further nominations, and all the councillors agreed, Mr Fothergill accepted the proposal, and was duly elected.


Drainage Board:       Nominations were duly requested for the Parish Council representative on this board; Mr Dave Owens had previously held this position and if no-one else wished to take over the he would be willing to carry on.  It was proposed by Mr Gossage and seconded by Mr Denney that Mr Owens carries on as our representative, the clerk will write to Mr Owens regarding this matter.


Village Hall:     At present the Council’s representative on the village hall committee is Mrs Raburn, who informed the council that she would be willing to continue.  It was agreed that Mrs Raburn should continue to attend these meetings.


United Charities:      Mrs Arbour and Mrs Sismey said they would carry on as representatives of the council on this Charity Committee.






Code of Conduct:    All the councillors had been given a copy of this new Model Code of Conduct at the last meeting so that they could read through before making a decision.  It was proposed by Mr Denney and seconded by Mrs Eade that this ‘Model Code of Conduct for Members including Paragraph 12(2) effective immediately’ be adopted.


Audit 2006/2007:     The Clerk had finalised all the figures for the audit and copies of these had been sent out with the Minutes.  The Councillors had accepted these and they then answered all the questions in Section 2 – Statement of Assurance.  It was proposed by Mrs Arbour and seconded by Mrs Sismey that the Accounts Statement - Section 1 and Statement of Assurance - Section 2 be signed by the Chairman and Clerk.


H.A.T.S. – Donation:    Mrs Sismey Declared an Interest in this item as her husband is Chairman of HATS.   A letter had been received from Mr Graham Whitaker asking for a donation from the Parish Council towards the cost of a powerful adjustable spotlight.  They have applied for a grant from the Borough Council but they also expect them to apply to the Parish Council as well.  Everyone agreed that this theatrical society brings great deal of pleasure to a number of parishioners, and also people from outside the village, so it was proposed by Mr Denney and seconded by Mrs Barrett that a donation of £100.00 is sent.  Everyone agreed to this proposal.


Hockwold Village Hall:    A letter has been received from the Treasurer of the Hockwold Village Hall Committee thanking the Parish Council for their yearly grant towards the running costs of the Village Hall.


Parish Church of St James:     A letter has been received from the Treasurer of the PCC of St James’ Church thanking the Parish Council for their yearly grant towards the upkeep of the Churchyard.


Safer Neighbourhoods & Community Action Group:     Mrs Arbour and Mrs Taylor attended the first meeting of this group.  It soon became clear to them that other parishes have a lot more problems than Hockwold.    After every village, giving their problems and views, it was decided that the police priorities for the next 8 weeks would be Upwell Village, Howdale Downham Market and Emneth Village.  The next meeting will be held in eight weeks time.


Highway Matters:   A letter has been received from the Highway Department informing the council that the patch outside 8 Mill Lane has been programmed for work.  Plans have been sent off to their records department to see if there is an encroachment at the Barns Mill Lane.  Patching work has been identified in Main Street.  It was also reported that the White Lines in Station Road have been renewed.


Notification of Property Address for New dwellings at Webb’s Way and Mill Lane:   Notification has been received from the Borough Council regarding the numbering of 1, 2, 3, and 4 Webb’s Way and 7 and 9 Mill Lane.


Notification of New Property Addresses Whitedyke Farm:      Notification has been received from the Borough Council regarding the numbering of Barn 1, 2 and 3, Whitedyke Farm, Black Dyke Road.






E – On Energy:       Notification has been received from E – on Energy that the Council’s energy contract runs out on the 30th June 2007.  They have given new quotes of 1 year and 2 years, which seem very reasonable, in fact being lower than we are paying at present.  The clerk is in the process of getting other quotes.  It was agreed that the clerk and the Chairman should look at all the prices received and make a decision before the end of June without contacting all the councillors.  Everyone was in agreement with this proposal.


NCC – Norfolk Minerals & Waste Development Framework:  This rather large document and questionnaire has been received.  Mrs Raburn said she would read the document and fill the questionnaire on behalf of the council as the return date is well before the next meeting, everyone agreed.


Norfolk RCC AGM:  Notification has been received that the AGM of this organisation is to be held on the 16th July 2007 at 6.0 pm. at Bawburgh Village Hall.


BCKLWN – Standards Board:     A letter has been received informing the Council that the Borough Council are advertising for Parish/Town Council members for its Standards Committee.  If any Councillor is interested in taking on this work the clerk has the necessary information and application forms.


Flower Festival:    Mrs Linda Arbour, on behalf of the Parish Council did an arrangement in St. James Church Flower Festival, which was very successful.   Mrs Arbour spent £30.00 on flowers and other decorations and it was proposed by Mrs Eade and seconded by Mrs Sismey that Mrs Arbour be refunded this money.


Omar Homes Ltd:     All the Councillors had received a letter from Omar Homes inviting them to view a typical Omar Lodge Home and see their manufacturing premises.  They are working with Masterman Park Homes Ltd with a view to develop a special holiday lodge development on the Weeting Road Hockwold.   The date for this viewing is Thursday 14th June between 12 noon and 2.30pm including refreshments, buffet lunch and presentation.   Councillors felt this date was too short notice for anyone attending, plus the fact that this type of invitation could put them in an invidious position.  The clerk will ring and inform them of the above and suggest an evening time would be more suitable with no food or drink just the viewing of a typical lodge.


Parish Plans:               The Campaign to Protect Rural England have notified the council that they are holding a meeting in King’s Lynn on Tuesday 10th July 2007 at 6.30pm. to discuss producing a Parish Plan.  This is a document that tackles important issues that will influence the village in the future and provide local planning authorities with detailed information, which would be beyond their means to collect.  Two councillors and the clerk said they would try to attend.


The Chalk Barn – The Lilacs:    Notification has been received from the Enforcement Officer that planning permission for this development had been granted in 2003 to Mr D Buckton.


Enforcement Queries:   Letters have been received from this office informing the council that Unauthorised Caravan at 39 Station Road, Unauthorised Development at 21 Station Road and Unauthorised Caravan at Fen View Cowles Drove are being investigated and they will contact the Council again in due course regarding the action to be taken.





Side Table:    NCC – New Farming and Public Rights of way Advice Booklet – The clerk is to keep this information on record.        New Timetables for the Western Area Mobile Police Office has been received.  A copy has been given out to councillors and a copy will be placed on the Notice Board.  Local Councils Update Issue 92 June 2007.   Quality Norfolk LINK March 2007 copy given to councillors.   Norfolk RCC invitation to Free Roadshows & Evening Events ‘Building 21st Century Villages’ (clerk has details).



Ref: 07/01042/O                                                                   Name: Mrs N Peckham

                                                                                                            12 Main Street

Location – Land East of 12 Main Street                                       Hockwold Thetford

Details – Outline permission for one dwelling.

The Parish Council raised no objection to this application feeling that it would not overlook or intrude on any of the surrounding dwellings.


Ref: 07/00714/F – Mr Waterlow – Continued standing or mobile home at Maytree Yard, Moor Drove, Hockwold, Thetford Norfolk.

Permission Recorded

Ref: 07/00786/F – Miss C Simpkin – Conservatory extension to dwelling at Point Ground, Reeves Lane, Hockwold, Thetford, Norfolk.

Permission Recorded.


4.            BILLS OF ACCOUNTS


            12.6.07           Pearce & Kemp Ltd – Lights Maintenance                     £107.74

                                    Mrs G M Taylor – Wages                                                     £327.18

                                    Mr M Moore – Bus Shelter                                                  £  30.00

                                    Mrs L Arbour – Flower Festival                                          £  30.00

                                    HATS – Donation                                                                £100.00

            25.6.07           E. on Energy – Lighting Energy  DD                                £105.77

It was proposed by Mr Denney and seconded by Mrs Sismey that the above accounts be paid.


5.            ANY OTHER BUSINESS


Country Fair:   It was reported that this fair had been very successful and everyone said what a good day out it had been.


Lights:   The last light up Kemps Lane is on all the time.  The clerk will report this matter.


Flashing Lights Outside School:      The clerk has heard nothing about this matter, but understood the school had been in touch with NCC regarding this matter as part of their School Travel Plan.


Trees and Shrubs:  Now is the time when shrubs and tress could do with cutting back from footpaths etc.  This matter will be put in the village magazine.


Village Hall Auction:   Mr Denney reported that the final figure for the village hall Roof Fund was £935.00.  He also reminded everyone that there was to be a Bowls Match on Sunday 1st July with the funds going to the Village Hall Roof Fund.




Car Parking:    It was reported that a car has been parked on the footpath at the entrance to Lakelands, which is making the entrance very narrow, the clerk will report this matter to the police.


It was reported that the footpath from Nursery Lane to the Doctors Surgery had been nicely trimmed up.


Vandalism in Hockwold:    It was reported that recently a councillor had his vehicle badly damaged

Overnight, so bad that it will have to be written off.  Also on the same night a parishioner had two vehicles and a trailer damaged and a hole drilled in his central heating tank resulting in the loss of a lot of heating oil!!   Both matters were reported to the police, who have been out and taken statements and are looking into the matters.   This is not really a Parish Council remit but it was felt the vandalism was directed at the council so everyone was advised to take care.


6.            DATE OF NEXT MEETING


It was agreed that the date of the next meeting be put back by two weeks to the 24th July 2007 at 7.30pm.   This will means that there is no meeting in August.  The next meeting in September will be on Tuesday 4th September 2007 (this is a week early at the clerk’s request).   Every one agreed to these dates.


As there was no other business the Chairman closed the meeting at 8.30 pm.





One copy to each member of the Council

One copy for Mr T. White Norfolk County Councillor

One copy to Mr A Lawrence District Councillor

One copy to Mr M Peake District Councillor

One copy to Mr M Storey District Councillor

One copy to Downham Market Police Station

Two copies for display within the village

One copy for Hockwold’s Website

One copy for the Minute Book