Present:                                 Mrs P Raburn                       )  Chairman


                                                Mr T Fothergill                      )  Hockwold-cum-Wilton Parish Council

                                                Mr T Gossage                       )

                                                Mr D Baker                            )

                                                Mrs T Sismey                        )

                                                Mrs L Arbour                         )

                                                Mrs D Barrett                         )

                                                Mr M Storey                              District Councillor

                                                Mr A Lawrence                        District Councillor

                                                One Member of the Public


Apologies for absence received from Councillors Mrs Eade and Mr Denney, Squadron Leader Neild and PCSO Esther Bortz.


1.            MINUTES


An E-mail has been received from RAF/CC, under paragraph one RAF Lakenheath it should read ‘Last base tour has been rescheduled for 2 December 2010 not 2nd November as the minutes stated’.

Resolved: That the Minutes of the meeting held on the 12 October 2010 previously circulated and amended as above, be approved and signed by the Chairman.    This was proposed by Mrs Arbour and seconded by Mrs Sismey.




Allotments:    The clerk reported that a lot of the rent money has been received.    Numbers 21 and 22 the tenants have given them up.  A letter has been received from a Mr P Burden of Lakenheath asking to take on an allotment.  Mr Burden does gardening for residents in Boundary Road.  This matter was discussed, as we have previously said the allotments are for Hockwold residents only.   At present we have no residents who wish to take one on.  It was proposed by Mrs Arbour and seconded by Mr Baker that allotment No 22 is offered to Mr Burden.  No 21 will remain empty.


Clean Sweep Day:   The clerk has heard from a Mr John Hussey regarding our clean sweep day.  The Borough Council can send out Litter Picking Bags, each holding 8 hi vis jackets, 8 pick up sticks,  black bags and Risk Assessment details.  They will bring them out the day before and come back the day after to collect the bags and also the litter etc. we could have up to three bags if they are available.  After some discussion it was agreed that the clerk should try to arrange for the 25 November, and order two bags to be delivered to her address.  Mr Fothergill will speak to the school and see if they can help.  The clerk will make these arrangements, leave a note for Mrs Eade and let everyone know before she goes on holiday.






Chestnut Trees:    The clerk spoke to Mr T. Thompson yesterday regarding these trees.  He said he had already spoken to one of our Parish Councillors regarding this matter and through he would have told the clerk!  He felt the tree on the village green is in decline and should either be pollarded or removed and replaced.  The one in Pearces Close has some dead wood to be removed. Old stubs should be tidied up and some crossing branches taken out.  He felt this should all be done by a Professional Tree Surgeon.   After some discussion it was agreed that the clerk should send out for three quotes to get this work done.  What ever we decided Mr Thompson would have to be consulted as both trees have TPO’s on them.

The clerk pointed out to the councillors that this work could prove costly and might have to be added to our precept  when they are done in December,  if we are allowed to up our precept.  Mr Storey  and Mr Lawrence informed the council that should we have to contribute towards the cost of next May’s  Parish Council Elections, this amount would not have to be paid until 2012.


Hockwold Primary School/Methwold High School:   A letter has been received from the Chair of Methwold High School and Hockwold Primary School Governors regarding the proposal for the two schools to become a school for children from five to nineteen.  Proposing they have one Governing Body, one Headteacher as now, and one overall staffing structure.  Copies of this letter have been given out to Councillors to read and give their views.


Land Registry:   A letter has been received from the Peterborough Office of the Land Registry urging councils to register their property.  Hockwold Parish Council have already registered their Common Land some years back.


Norfolk LINK:   The October Issue of this publication from the NALC has been given out to councillors, they have also sent out a Members Survey for completion.  It was agreed that the clerk should fill this form in.


Society of Local Council Clerks:   Letters addressed to the Chairman and also to the clerk have been received try to encourage the clerk to become a member of the clerk Professional Body.  The clerk has never felt the need to do this.  We do belong to the NALC and any help needed is always available from them.  It was agreed not to join this society.


Also received are details of a meeting this society is holding on 8 November 2010 at Dunston Hall Norwich entitled Coming Your Way – Data Information and Dealing with the Press.  Cost £95 for members £120 for non-members plus VAT.  The clerk did not wish to attend.


Elizabeth Truss MP:    A letter has been received from out Local MP informing the council that she has established an office in Thetford and Westminster and has been working on local issues including the duelling of the A11 and improvements to the A47.  She is keen to meet Parish Councils on an informal basis, but is working at Westminster from Monday to Thursday evening, but would be happy to arrange a meeting on a Friday or during parliamentary recess.  It was agreed this letter be kept on file.


Active Norfolk – Village Sports Initiatives:   Details of this new Sports Development Unit working with BCKLWN have been received along with leaflets.  This will be kept on file for any future referral.


Poppy Wreath:    The clerk has brought to the meeting the Parish Council’s wreath, Mrs Arbour said she would lay this at the Remembrance  Service on the 14th November 2010.




Police:   Esther Bortz cannot attend the meeting tonight and sent her apologies.   The clerk has received an e-mail from PCSO Steve Cockrell listing the incidents occurring since last meeting.

On 5 different occasions there have been hoax calls to the emergency services from the kiosk on Main Street, done by persons unknown at this stage.  6 different occasions of anti social behaviour in the village, including ten youths causing a disturbance in Pearces Close, names were given to them but on police arrival no complaints so there had been no offences. Youths throwing fireworks and glass bottles on South Street but had gone on police arrival, also youths down College Road throwing stones about at cars and houses.  There has been a theft of a trailer from Black Dyke Road, and a shed burglary in South Street, they gained entry by forcing the padlock and stealing some tools including a socket set.  If anyone has heard any whispers of any of these incidents please let the police know.

At the bus shelter one of the new coping stones has been broken and knocked off.  The clerk will look into getting this repaired.


Keepers Cottage – Burdock Lane:     A letter has been received from the owner of this cottage informing the council that yet again a vehicle has knocked down the fence in front of this property.  Mrs Royal wrote to the council about this matter in 2008, the letter was passed to the highways department.  It was agreed that the clerk should write and send a copy of the letter to the highways, asking them to inspect the corner and see what can be done.  The clerk will also write to Mrs Royal telling her the above.   Copy of her letter to be sent to Mr Storey District Councillor.


Local Development Framework:    A letter and DVD has been received from the Borough Council informing the council that the Core Strategy submission plan document has been submitted to the Secretary of State for Independent examination on Friday 5 November 2010.


NCC – Community Services:   The clerk gave out to councillors a copy of a leaflet she had been given at a meeting entitled ‘Prevention Service’ regarding all the support people can get to help them  have independence.


Buffer Zone – Stone Curlew:    The District Councillors informed the council that this ‘Buffer Zone’ is being looked into!!


Side Table:  Cambridgeshire County Council – Minerals and Waste Plan  - does not effect this area.   Clerks and Councils direct Issue 72 November 2010.



Ref: 10/01577/F                                                                               Name:               Mrs P Cobbold

                                                                                                                           Utopia, Cowles Drove

Location – Utopia, Cowles Drove, Hockwold                                             Hockwold, IP26 4JQ

Details – Constr. of new building for garden Machinery & Furniture.

The Parish Council supported this application. The felt the building would not intrude on any other properties or over look anyone, as it is set well back from Cowles Drove.   This was proposed by Mr Fothergill and seconded by Mr Baker everyone agreed.


Ref: 10/01747/F                                                                               Name:               Mr R Young

                                                                                                                           Grange Farm

Location – Grange Farm, Burdock Lane                                                    Burdock Lane, Hockwold.

Details – Erection of single wind generator adj. to agric. Buildings.     Hockwold, IP26 4JN






The Parish Council raised no objections to this application, the siting of the wind generator is not close to the road and any other properties, so should not intrude i.e. site or noise.  This was proposed by Mrs Barrett and seconded by Mr Fothergill and everyone agreed.


Ref:  10/01755/F                                                                              Name:   Mr N Russell

                                                                                                                           37 Nursery Lane, Hockwold

Location –Land to the north of 37 Nursery Lane.                                     Norfolk IP26 4ND

Details – Erection of 2 no dwellings.

Hockwold Parish Council supported this application.  They feel this will tidy up this rather derelict looking corner of Nursery Lane and fit in with the surrounding bungalows.  This was proposed by Mrs Barrett and seconded by Mrs Sismey. Everyone agreed.


Councillor Sismey declared a pecuniary interest in the next application and left the room.  Councillor Gossage declared an personal interest and took no further part in the discussions.

Ref:   10/01827/F                                                                             Name:   Mrs T Sismey

                                                                                                                           8 Mill Lane. Hockwold,

Location – Dairy Farm, Mill Lane , Hockwold.                                           Norfolk IP26 4LR

Details - Construction of dwelling on Plot 1

(Asbestos building on the site to be taken down)

The Parish Council supported this application for a 5 bedroom property instead of the original 3 bedroom.  The front of the house will have no extra windows looking over Mill Lane, all the extra ones look over the back on to the owners own properties.  This was proposed by Mrs Arbour and seconded by Mrs Barrett. Everyone agreed.



Construction of side extension to form garage and construction of rear single storey extension following demolition of existing conservatory at 25 College Road, Hockwold IP26 4LD

This was sent to Parish Council for information only and to update our records.


4.            BILLS OF ACCOUNTS


Payments:     9.11.10           MHB Services Ltd – Lighting Maintn. (Nov.)                   £99.50

                                                Mrs G Taylor – Wages                                                     £397.64

                                                Mr M Moore – Bus Shelter                                                  £22.00                                                           Royal British Legion – Poppy Appeal                              £25.00

                        30.11.10         E.ON – DD Street Lighting Oct. 2010                          £197.85


Receipts:         6.09.01         Business Base Rate – Tracker Acc. Interest                    £1.18

                        19.19.10         Allotment Rents (Part)                                                      £125.00


It was proposed by Mrs Sismey and seconded by Mrs Barrett that these accounts be paid.











Street Lighting:    It was reported that the lights in Station Road are being shaded by the trees that are growing over the lights.  These are NCC lights, the clerk will report this matter to them and request that the trees be cut back.


It was also reported that the light in Main Street opposite Faulkners is shinning into the sky!  The clerk will report this matter to MHB services.


Highways – Cowles Drove:    Following the new kerbs that have been put at the entrances to Cowles Drove, it  was reported that there is a hump in the approach road going into Cowles Drove from the Hockwold side.  The clerk will report this matter to Highways Department.


Bus Shelter:  One of the new coping stones at the side of the bus shelter have been pulled off and broken.  The clerk will see about this matter.  Mr Palmer who put the stones on some time back is now working for someone else not himself.


B1112 – Closure:   When this road was closed for resurfacing the American Base school buses were able to go through, when others were refused, this has caused much annoyance with local parishioners.   Who makes such decisions.  Mr Storey District Councillor said that it is up to the Works Manager or the Foreman on site as to who goes through.  This has happened before when the road was closed, the USA school buses were allowed through.


Big Lottery Funds:      Mr Fothergill informed the Council that the Big Lottery Fund has announced that there are big funds available for rural and urban community-use buildings to broaden the scope of existing facilities, such as village halls. 


Highways:     Mr Storey District Councillor informed the meeting that the new Highways Engineer covering this area is Jon Barnard.  Mr Edmunds is covering North Norfolk


5.            DATE OF NEXT MEETING


It was agreed that the next meeting of the Council will be held on 14 December 2010 at 7.30 pm.


As there was no other business the Chairman closed the meeting at 8.50 pm




One copy to each member of the Council

One copy for Mr T. White Norfolk County Councillor

One copy to Mr A Lawrence District Councillor

One copy to Mr M Peake District Councillor

One copy to Mr M Storey District Councillor

One copy to RAF Lakenheath

One copy to Downham Market Police Station

Two copies for display within the village

One copy for Hockwold’s Website

One copy for the Minute Book