Present:                                 Mrs P Raburn                       )  Chairman


                                                                Mr T Fothergill                      )  Hockwold-cum-Wilton Parish Council

                                                Mrs D Barrett                         )

                                                Mrs M Eade                           )

                                                Mrs T Sismey                        )

                                                Miss R Johns                        )

                                                Mr T Gossage                       )

                                                Mrs L Arbour                         )

                                                Mr M Storey                               District Councillor

                                                Squadron Leader J Neild       RAF Lakenheath


Apologies for absence had been received from District Councillor A Lawrence and Parish Councillor Mr M Denney.


1.            MINUTES


Resolved:   That the Minutes of the meeting held on the 9 October 2012 previously circulated be approved and signed by the Chairman.  This was proposed by Mr Fothergill and seconded by Mrs Arbour.




RAF Lakenheath:   Squadron Leader Neild reported that Gate 8 (Elvis) should be fully functioning before Christmas.  Regarding the early planes flying over Hockwold recently,  the F 15’s were being deployed and had to meet up with a Tanker from Mildenhall so the timing had to be early.


Chestnut Tree:     The new tree is now in situ.  The dedication by the Rev. Horan went very well on the 10 November with approx. thirty people attending. The plaque from the old railings will be put on the new ones once it has been cleaned up.


Highway Matters:    Work has been done in South Street, filling in the potholes and some larger areas of resurfacing.  The Rangers have also swept and cleaned up the corner of South Street and Station Road, and were seen working down Nursery Lane.


Allotments:   The clerk reported that she had nearly all the allotment money in, and had three allotments not being worked, and she cannot find the tenants, they seem to have moved away.

On two of these allotments there is a shed on one and a water butt on the other.  Mrs Barrett reported that the shed door is open and there is nothing inside and that the water butt leaks.  The councillors agreed that the clerk should get a padlock for the shed, and tell who ever takes over the allotment the previous tenant may come back for the shed and water butt.  The clerk will contact the three people who have applied for an allotment.







Dispensations on budgets:   Due to the Localism Act there are major changes to the Code of Conduct.  This means that Councillors who live in the parish have a Disclosable Pecuniary Interest (DPI) on the Parish Councils budget, as it relates to the council tax for their property which is listed on the register of interest. To overcome this situation all the councillors have to be granted a dispensation on the setting of the budget.   A dispensation is granted by the proper officer, who is the clerk of the Council, and this can last for a maximum period of four years.  In this circumstance it is suggested that all councillors be granted dispensation up to the date of the next election (May 2015).  Councillors have been given a copy of this letter from NALC and the application form for dispensation, which they must fill in and bring to the next meeting of the Council.


Methwold School Bus:   The headteacher of Methwold High School has informed the council that their letter has been passed on to the Passenger Transport Department at County Hall and Coach Services who operate the school buses.  A further letter from NCC Transport Dept has been received informing the council that the bus should stop outside the Post Office and opposite where there is a pavement.  They will make sure the driver is aware and stops in future where there is a pavement for the children to step off on to.


Academy Transformation Trust:    A letter has been received regarding consultation on whether Hockwold and Methwold Community School should become an Academy.  There are to be two meetings regarding this matter one in Hockwold on 14 November 2012 one at Hockwold school at 3.30 pm and one at Methwold school at 5.30pm.  The clerk had put a copy of the poster regarding these meetings on the Notice Board.  The councillors said they all knew about this matter.


Norfolk & Suffolk 4 x 4 Response:  A letter has been received from this charity asking the council to consider making a grant so they can be better equipped to provide services in our area.


MAGPAS – Emergency Medical Charity:  A letter has been received from this charity asking the council to consider making a grant as they receive no Government or National Funding.


Mr Fothergill proposed that we keep all the letters asking for grants together and at the end of the financial year we review the letters when we have all the figures and know what the Councils financial status is.  All the Councillors agreed to this proposal.


NALC Members Section Password:   Jane Scarrott who was at our meeting has forwarded the password to get into the member’s section of the NALC website.  The clerk will pass this on to the Councillors.


Norfolk Police Authority:    They have sent a provisional date for the public consultation regarding Precept by the newly-elected PCC for Norfolk.  This is Tuesday 18 December 2012 at 11 am ending approx. 12.30 pm.  They will write again to either confirm or to cancel the event.


Proposed Incinerator at Saddlebow King’s Lynn:  A letter has been received from the BCKLWN informing the council that a public enquiry into the incinerator will be held on 26 February 2013 in King’s Lynn.  A letter has also been received from Leziate Parish Council regarding working with other councils to actively participate at the Public Inquiry at Saddlebow King’s Lynn.  The clerk explained that as we are so far away (a mile from the Suffolk border) we will not be able to attend or give any financial support.   She said that we had written several letter against this incinerator since the referendum took place, and feel very strongly that the result if this should not be ignored.



NSPCC:    A letter has been received from this National Charity asking the Council to put a copy of the enclosed poster on the Notice Board and putting a copy of the press report in the Parish Magazine.  The clerk has passed a copy of the poster and letter to the Village Magazine and put the post on the Notice Board.


Norfolk ALC – Jubilee/Olympic Pictures:  Sue Lake has sent out e-mails asking for pictures showing events organised by Parish Councils to mark the Diamond Jubilee or Olympics.  These will be used to reflect the variety of communities in the county so they must be copyright free.


Norfolk Community NHS Health & Care:    Information has been received via the NALC regarding upcoming Trust Governor elections and Governor Awareness Road shows across the County.  The clerk has further details if anyone is interested.


Norfolk RCC:    Details has been received regarding 5 training courses in 2012 – 2013 entitled Introduction to Funding.  Funding Master class for Village Halls. Project Development.  Charity Governance.  Community Needs.  Each training session will cost £20 or £90 for all five sessions.

The clerk has further details of anyone is interested.


Planning System:   A letter has been received from the Borough Council regarding two planning sessions as planning systems continue to change.  They are on 7 February 2013 or 8 February 2013 both 9 am to9 12 pm.  The clerk has details if anyone is interested.


Mayor’s Design Awards:     The Mayor is seeking entries for the annual ‘Mayor’s Design Awards’ entries should be submitted by 25 January 2012.  The clerk has further information.


Norfolk ALC – NALC Smaller Councils Committee:   NALC has recently formed a smaller councils committee and are currently seeking members for this committee.  Smaller council is one with an electorate of less than 6000 people.  The clerk has the appropriate nomination form if anyone is interested.


Side Table:   Norfolk RCC E-newsletter – copy given to councillors.  Norfolk RCC Signpost – copy given to councillors.  Clerks and Councils Direct Nov. 2012.




During the last month these plans were received and had to be returned by 31 October 2012.

Reef: 12/01302/F     Mr J Scott, White Dike Farm, Black Dike Road, Hockwold, and IP26 4JW

Remodelling of existing barn to facilitate the relocation and expansion of the existing capture business, resting of existing capture pens, pr5ovision of swimming pool and gym for residential use, provision of car parking spaces and revised access to site.

Parish Councillors all saw these plans and had no objections to them.

Reef: 12/01624/F                                                                 Name:  Mr M Broker,

                                                                                                              14 Plovers way, Hockwold,

Location – 14 Plovers Way Hockwold                                             Norfolk IP26 4LF

Details – Detached single garage – Retrospective.

Hockwold Parish Council objected to this application. Firstly this is retrospective, has been built already. Secondly it virtually goes across the kerb which could be dangerous.  The plans were passed three years ago in a completely different position.

This was proposed by Mrs Arbour and seconded by Mrs Eade.



Reef: 12/01684/F                                                                 Name:  Mr P Martin

                                                                                                              30 Mill Lane, Hockwold

Location – 30 Mill Lane, Hockwold                                                 Norfolk, IP26 4LR

Details – Extension to Bungalow

Hockwold Parish Council had no objections to this application, the extension will not cause problems to anyone near by.

This was proposed by Mrs Barrett and seconded by Miss Johns.  All councillors agreed.


Reef: 12/01724/F                                                                 Name:  Ms T Clark

                                                                                                              Twelve Acre Farm,

Location – Twelve Acre Farm, Moor Drove East                          Moor Drove East, Hockwold

Details – Construction of dog kennels                                          Norfolk IP26 4JU

Hockwold Parish Council objected to this application.  They feel these kennels will be used for commercial purposes not for their dogs, which run about chasing dog walkers on the adjacent public footpaths.

This was proposed by Mr Gossage and seconded by Mr Fothergill.  All councillors agreed.


4.            BILLS OF ACCOUNTS


13.11.2012    K & M Lighting Services Ltd – Maintain. (Dec)                           £100.54

                        Mrs G Taylor Wages (Oct)                                                               £447.40

                        Mr M Moore – Bus Shelter (Sept. Oct. Nov.)                                £  66.00

                        Ravencroft Tree Services Ltd  - New Tree                                   £270.00

                        John Long – Planting New Tree etc.                                            £150.00

                        A & J Keys 4 All Needs – Key for Chapel                                    £    7.95

                        RBL – Poppy Appeal                                                                       £  25.00

16.11.2012    E- on – DD – Street Lighting (Oct.)                                               £218.27


12.10.2012    Allotment Rents                                                                               £140.13

24.10.2012    Allotment Rents                                                                               £  60.00

It was proposed by Mrs Sismey and seconded by Mrs our that these accounts are paid.


5.            ANY OTHER BUSINESS


Overhanging Trees and Bushes:    There were complaints that people are not cutting back trees and bushes hanging over footpaths etc.  Mrs Raburn will put about this matter in the Village Magazine.


Light Out:  It was reported that the light at the top of Mill Lane is still out.  The clerk will report this matter.


South Street & Station Road:   It was reported that the street light near the post pox in South Street is getting covered by Ivy,  the Clerk will asked for it to be cut back.

It was also reported that there were a lot of leaves lying on the footpath outside Hockwold Hall.


Electricity Sub Station – Lakelands:   It was reported that no-one has been to check up, or tidy up the sub station in Lakelands.  There are weeks growing and leaves piling up, it looks generally untidy.  The clerk will report this matter.




Nursery Lane:    It was commented on how very good the new wall at the top of Nursery Lane is

Now it has been finished.


Carol Singing:   Mrs Sismey reported that there will be carol singers going round the village  collecting for the new table and chair fund for the village hall.  Anyone who would like to join them would be most welcome.  This will be on the 18, 19 and 20 December meeting at the New Inn.


6             DATE OF NEXT MEETING


It was agreed that the date for the next meeting of the Parish Council will be 11 December 2012 at 7.30 pm.


As there was no other business the Chairman closed the meeting at 8.45 pm.




One copy to each member of the Council

One copy for Mr T. White Norfolk County Councillor

One copy to Mr A Lawrence District Councillor

One copy to Mr M Peak District Councillor

One copy to Mr M Storey District Councillor

One copy to RAF Lakenheath

One copy to Downham Market Police Station

Two copies for display within the village

One copy for Hockwold’s Website

One copy for the Minute Book