Present:                                 Mrs P Raburn                       )  Chairman


                                                Mr T Fothergill                      )  Hockwold-cum-Wilton Parish Council

                                                Miss R Johns                        )
                                                Mr M Denney                        )

                                                Mrs M Eade                           )

                                                Mrs T Sismey                        )

                                                Mrs L Arbour                         )

                                                Mrs D Barrett                         )

                                                Mr M Storey                              District Councillor


Apologies for absence had been received from Parish Councillor Mr T Gossage,  District Councillor Mr A Lawrence and Squadron Leader Jerry Neild.


1.            MINUTES


Mr Storey said that under the heading Site Specifics – the consultation period should run to the 18 November not 4 November as the clerk had put.

Resolved:   That the Minutes of the meeting held on the 6 September 2011 previously circulated, and amended as above, be approved and signed by the Chairman.  This was proposed by  Mr M Denney and seconded by Mrs L Arbour.




RAF Lakenheath:    Mrs Raburn reported that there will not be a new Squadron Leader at the base, Squadron Leader Jerry Neild has agreed to sign up for a further four years.  Unfortunately he is not able to attend the meeting tonight.   He has sent a message regarding complaints being received about the hold-ups at the new gate entrance being built (Elvis).  Unfortunately there is nothing that can be done about this matter, hopefully the work will be finished soon.


Chestnut Tree:   The clerk reported that Mr C Smith at the Ferry has now got the railings and will store them until the Parish Council decides what to do with them.  As yet Mr Garner has not sent in a bill for recompense for storing them and the work he did in taking them to pieces.  Mrs Eade asked if it was the Council’s wish that she and the clerk should go to look at trees at Barcham’s in Ely.  This could then be planted in January or February 2012.


Speeding – B1112 Station Road:   Three letters have been received following our letter to Norfolk Police Authority.  One from them saying they have forwarded it to King’s Lynn Safer Neighbourhoods team.  Who in turn have written to  say he has asked Inspector Mick Bates at Norfolk Constabulary at Downham Market to look into the matter.  And one from Inspector Bates saying he has received our correspondence from the Police Authority and Highways and telling us that a number of his Special Constabulary colleagues are being trained in the use of speed detection devices and he will ask them to carry out checks along the B1112, and ask them to keep the council updated with any results.




Allotments:    The clerk has sent out all the allotment agreements.  Laura Sands has written in giving up the tenure of her allotment.  Also Mr D Barnes has written in giving up his two Allotments, and informing the clerk that Mr Grass would like to take them on.  The clerk has confirmed this with Mrs Grass, who already has one.   As Mr Long is on the list waiting for an allotment, it has been agreed we should wait until the rents are all received to see which allotments are free.  Mrs M Barber has written in to give up hers, and asked if Mr W Askew could take it over as he has been helping her to keep it in order.  Mr Askew has written in asking to take it over.  The councillors agreed to the above, and that Mr Askew could take over Mrs Barber’s  allotment.


Highway Matters:   A letter has been received from Mr A Wallace the Highway Engineer regarding HGV turning movements at Cowles Drove junction with Lakenheath Road (Station Road).  Following on from the clerk’s letter to him about this matter, suggesting that a sign should be erected at the top of the green in Cowles Drove directing vehicles clearly to Lakenheath and Hockwold.  Mr Wallace has no objections to this sign and has asked for it to be ordered and then programme the works to erect the sign.  He thanked the Councillor who made the suggestion.


NCC – Waste Reduction Officer:   Rachel Stewart has accepted our invitation to attend our meeting on Tuesday 8 November 2011.  It was agreed that we should start the meeting at 7.00pm and all these details should be placed in the Parish Council report in the village Magazines.  The clerk will also put this on the Agenda’s.  The clerk will email her and let her know the times and the full address of our meeting place.


Police:    The clerk let the Police know about the problems being experienced in the village with regard to parking on pavements, making it difficult for prams etc to get passed and also parking on both sides of Main Street, so large vehicles cannot get passed.   An email has been received from Esther Bortz  saying she has looked at the areas when she was on late shift, but there did not seem to be any problems, but will keep and eye on things.


Site Specific – Stone Curlew:   A letter has been received from Alan Gomm of the West Norfolk Borough Council and a copy of this has been given out to Councillors.  We have also received the Site Specific Allocations and Policies Development Plan Document – Issues and Options Consultation, in this it shows the potential sites in Hockwold that have been put forward, being unacceptable due to the ‘buffer zone’.  The Stone Curlew is a significant issue for Natural England when they consider planning policies.  Mr Denney said this matter was a blight on our rural area and a lot a bureaucratic nonsense.  Mr Storey said it was not the birds’ fault, Breckland District Council were most concerned, and they included Hockwold and Feltwell without consulting West Norfolk Borough Council.   It was agreed that the clerk should write to Elizabeth Truss our Member of Parliament about this matter enclosing copies of letter we have sent and received.


Delivering Local Highways Improvements in Partnership with Town & Parish Councils: This letter has come from the Cabinet Member for Planning and Transportation via NCC at Martineau Lane Norwich.   A copy of this letter has been given out to councillors, it is regarding sharing the cost of delivering small improvements in our area, information on proposals and inviting Councils to submit bids.  The date that bids have to be in by is 20 January 2012.   To be discussed at next meeting.






Draft Statement of Licensing Policy – Licensing of Sex Establishments:  This letter informs the Council that from the 30 September 2010  the BCKL&WN adopted the amendment to the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1982 to allow the licensing of sexual entertainment venues.  The general effect of this is to allow the BC to regulate ‘sexual entertainment venues’ in the same way as it regulates sex shops and sex cinemas.


Future Role of Small Schools in Norfolk:   Details of events arranged to discuss this matter during October and November 2011.  Copies of this information given out to councillors.


Proposed Power & Recycling Centre Saddlebow King’s Lynn:    The clerk has received an e mail from Mike Knights (info@farmerscampaign.org) asking for help with legal costs to fight this proposal. 

A copy of this e-mail has been given out to councillors for discussion at the next meeting.


Highway Rangers:   An e mail has been received informing the council that the Rangers will be making scheduled visits to communities in this area – commencing week beginning 7.11.2011

and would like details of any work we would like done.  Church Lane cleared up of leaves and beechnuts.  Strimming round Hockwold Signs.  Corner of South Street and Station Road tidied up.   30 mph sign in Nursery Lane covered by wild hop.  The clerk will e mail this information over to them.


NALC – CPRE – How to respond to planning applications:  The Campaign to Protect Rural England has produced this booklet, a copy of which has been sent out to all Councils.  The clerk will keep this for future reference.


The Mayor’s Awards for Design in the Environment:  The Mayor is seeking entries for this annual award.  This matter will be put into the Village Magazine.  The clerk has the necessary forms.


The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Beacons 4 June 2012:  The leaflet has been received giving size details regarding beacons and the clerk has the Registration Form for anyone who would like to consider jointing in with a beacon.


Active Norfolk:   Active Norfolk is the County Sports partnership hosted by NCC.  They are responsible for increasing participation in sport and physical activity in Norfolk.  The village games enters its second full year in 2012 and is open to all the villages across the County.   Details will be placed in the Village Magazine, if anyone would like to help.


Side Table:   NALC – Trading standards service is looking for volunteer Consumer Champions to help people in the community.  NALC - Wordpress Parish Websites – basic training.  CPRE Norfolk Talk and Discussion on Wednesday 19 October 2011 at King’s Lynn.  Details of Big Lottery Fund money available to groups and organisations in rural areas.  NCC has adopted the Norfolk Minerals and Waste Local Development Framework.  Clerk has Email.  Norfolk RCC are currently preparing bids to improve rural life in Norfolk and has requested that a Rural Needs Survey 2012 be completed on line.  Clerk has the appropriate address.  Landscaping and fencing services – the clerk will keep this address.  Norfolk RCC E-Newsletter July 2011 & October 2011.  NCC Year Book 2011/12.  Invitation to West Norfolk Community Transport Annual General Meeting has been received, to be held on 18 November 2011 at the North Lynn Community Centre.






Ref: 11/01459/F                                                                               Name:  Mr J Scott

                                                                                                                          White Dyke Farm

Location – White Dyke Farm                                                                       Black Dyke Road, Hockwold,

Details – Change of use and extn. of existing cattery to dwelling and change of use of existing barn to cattery, poultry unit, assoc. office accom. and work/live unit.

The Parish Council supported this application.  Permission was granted for cattery etc and they feel this alteration will not effect anyone nearby.  This was proposed by Mr Fothergill and seconded by Mrs Eade, a vote was taken four voted for the application, one against and one abstained.


Mrs Barrett, Miss Johns and Mrs Raburn all declared an interest in this application and took no further part in the discussion.

Ref:  11/01555/F                                                                              Name:  Mr Barry Moss

                                                                                                                          Hockwold Village Hall

Location – Hockwold Village Hall, Main Street                                        Main Street, Hockwold

Details – Single Storey side extn. To create additional storage.           Norfolk IP26 4LW

The Parish Council supported this application. It will not intrude on any other properties, and will help the successful running of the Village Hall.  This was proposed by Mrs Eade and seconded by Mrs Sismey, every one agreed.


4.            BILLS OF ACCOUNTS


Payments:     11.10.2011    MHB Services – Lighting Maintn (Oct)                 £106.72

                                                Mrs G M Taylor - Wages (Oct)                                £397.64)

                                                                               Broadband                                   £51.00) £499.56

                                                                               Telephone                                    £30.18)

                                                                                Postage                                       £20.74)

                                                Mr M Moore – Bus Shelter                                        £22.00

                        24.10.2011    E On – DD Street Lighting Sept. 2011                 £202.30


5.9.2011      Business Base Rate Tracker Acc. Interest               £0.73


It was proposed by Mrs Sismey and seconded by Mrs Arbour that these account be paid.


5.            ANY OTHER BUSINESS


Daffodil Bulbs:  Mrs Sismey informed the Council that the Daffodil Bulbs have been purchased.  She will let the clerk know when they are going to plant them.


40 mph Flashing Light:   This light was not working but has now been repaired.


Nursery Lane:   It was reported that the drainage ditches down this lane need to be cleaned out.


Church Lane:     It was reported that the grups down Church Lane need to be cleared out.   The clerk will report these matters to the Highways Department.


Macmillan Coffee Morning:   The coffee morning held on the 30 September 2011 raised  £1,033.56.  Very successful.



Dog Waste Bins:   Miss Johns asked if it would be possible to have another couple of dog waste bins put in the village.  This matter had been discussed some time ago, and it had been decided it was not possible.


South Street:     The house next to the Chapel has a skip out in the road, which has not lights or reflectors on it, which makes it dangerous for vehicles coming round the corner.  The Chairman will put about this in the village magazine.


State of the Village:   Mr Denney said how untidy the village was.  Over hanging trees and shrubs

all round the village, this will be put in the village magazine.  The Lakenheath to Feltwell road B1112 is getting very uneven, and is in need of some repair.


Junction of Reeves Lane and Mill Lane:    Mrs Sismey reported that there are over hanging shrubs right on the corner of this junction, Coming out of Reeves Lane recently she was nearly hit by a car coming up Mill Lane.  This will be covered by the article in the village magazine.


Wall beside Bus Shelter:   This work has not been attended to yet.  Mr Denney said Mr Osborne is very busy at the present, but will do the work when he is in the village.


Craft Club:   Mrs Eade reported that the newly formed Craft Club held at the Village Hall on Tuesday nights seems to be very successful, with a good turn out of young and old people turning up each week.


Chestnut Tree Replacement:   Mrs Eade said she has heard that some parishioners would like a chance to donate towards the new tree and/or railings to be planted during the winter on Cross Hill.  It was agreed that a notice should be placed in the village magazine asking for anyone who wishes to donate should contact the clerk about this matter.


6.            DATE OF NEXT MEETING


It was agreed that the next meeting of the Council will be on the 8 November 2011 at 7.30 pm


As there was no other business the Chairman closed the meeting 9.10 pm.





One copy to each member of the Council, One copy to Mr T White NCC, Mr M Storey, Mr M Peak, and Mr A Lawrence District Councillors, Downham Market Police, RAF Lakenheath, Two

copies for display within the village and one copy for the web-site: