Present:                                 Mr T Fothergill                      )  Vice Chairman

                                                Mr T Gossage                       ) Hockwold-cum-Wilton Parish Council

                                                Mrs D Barrett                         )

                                                Mr M Denney                        )

                                                Mrs T Sismey                        )

                                                Mrs L Arbour                         )

                                                Mr M Storey                              District Councillor

                                                Mr A Lawrence                        District Councillor

                                                One member of the public.


Apologies for absence have been received from Councillors Mrs P Raburn, Mrs M Eade and Miss R Johns and RAF Lakenheath.


1.            MINUTES


Resolved:   That the Minutes of the meeting held on the 26 July 2011 previously circulated be approved and signed by the Vice-Chairman.  This was proposed by Mr Denney and seconded by Mrs Sismey.




Horse Chestnut Tree:   CouncillorJohns, who is not able to be at the meeting has e mailed the clerk, saying that Mr Charles Smith has offered to store the tree railings free of charge for as long as we wish.  He also said that he and his family would be happy to sponsor the railings or contribute to a tree fund.   The clerk said she has heard from Mr G Thompson, who is also offering to keep them for as long as necessary, and if necessary will get them blasted and painted.  The clerk has finally spoken to Mr Garner, who said Mr Thompson had been to see him regarding the railings.  Mr Garner informed the clerk that to shot blast them and paint them would cost £300 including the storing of them.  The clerk told him that as yet nothing has been decided regarding the railings.  Mr Garner informed the clerk that the council could get approx. £150 should they decide to scrap the railings.  The clerk has been in touch with a company in Ely dealing only in trees.  They have in stock the trees the arboreal officer suggested we should consider planting as a replacement.  They are not open to the public, but one can make an appointment to visit them and see their stock.   After further discussion it was proposed by Mr Denney and seconded by Mrs Sismey that the Council should accept Mr Smith’s offer to store the railings, this will give the council time to decide what to do with them. A vote was taken on this proposal, one councillor was against the rest agreed.  The clerk will write to Mr Smith, Mr Thompson and Mr Garner about this matter.  She will ask Mr Garner to inform her of any expenses he has incurred on the day of the tree removal and since.


Proposed Incinerator, Saddlebow King’s Lynn:    A reply has been received from BCKLWN thanking the council for their letter sent to Eric Pickles, and also from the NCC thanking the council for commenting on the planning application, and saying that all comments will be taken into account when a decision is made.  Mr Storey and Mr Lawrence said they would inform the council what is going on when they know anything.



Speeding – B1112 – Station Road:    A letter has been received from NCC Highways Mr David Bullock.  Councillors have been given a copy of this letter.  In essence he said that following an informal assessment of Station Road compliance to the present limit would seem to be an issue and that speeding is a police issue of enforcement ‘NCC implement speed restrictions, it is then the responsibility of the Police to enforce them’.  The clerk said she had sent copies of the original letter to NCC Anthony white and Downham Market Police.   After Further discussion it was agreed that the clerk should write and send copies of the two letters to Norfolk Constabulary.


Allotments:     Notices have been put up regarding the forthcoming renewal of allotment rents.  The clerk has put of date of 16September 2011 for parishioners to let the clerk know of they wish to give up their allotment.   The clerk has received one letter asking for an allotment, Mr J Long.  She has also received a tender from Mr N Enefer, who wishes to carry on with the tenancy of Crossroads and Dobbs and has offered £130.00.  It was proposed by Mr Denney and seconded by Mrs Barrett that this figure be accepted.  This will only be done so if no other person comes forward to want to farm the land.  This notice also says by the 16 September 2011.


Lakenheath Crossing:   Lakenheath Parish Council knew nothing about the chance of Hockwold attending the meeting with Network Rail, this meeting would be part of Lakenheath Parish Council meeting so no-one would be able to speak.   No councillors from Hockwold went to the meeting, but Mrs Banks, Lakenheath Clerk will let us know the outcome.  After the meeting Mrs Banks informed us that the work at the station will begin in October and finish in June 2012, but there would be little rail/road disruption.   Short periods of traffic lights – possibly overnight.  There should be a letter drop to those effected.


Highways:   A letter has been received from Highways, they have ordered replacement barriers for outside the playing field and the work will be carried out as soon as the barriers are received.

A technician has been asked to inspect Cowles Drove to see what can be done to solve the issue.

The pothole near the New Inn will be dealt with.  With regard to the planting of daffodils – written details of the location and number of bulbs that the parish wishes to plant and the date on which the work will be carried out must be sent to the Highways engineer.  High visibility jackets must be worn, all work carried out through the parish council, the clerk will be the lead person with whom all correspondence will take place.  Regarding Cowles Drove Mr Denney suggested that a signpost should be erected at the point, directing drivers to either Lakenheath and Hockwold.


NCC – Waste Reduction Officer:  A  letter has been received from Rachel Stewart who is the Waste Reduction Officer at NCC and has been allocated the parish councils in Councillor Anthony White’s Feltwell Division.   She would be prepared to come to a parish council meeting to discuss

all forms of recycling.  It was decided to write and invite her to attend one of our meetings, November, December or January, giving time for a notice of the meeting to be placed in the village magazine.  


Audit 2011:    The clerk has heard from Mazars our auditors, informing the council that the Audit has been passed, and enclosing the certified Annual Return.  The required ‘Notice of Conclusion of Audit and Right to Inspect the Annual Return’ has been put up on the notice board for at least 14 days.    Mr Denney congratulated the clerk, on once again having no problem with the audit.







Vitalise - Essential Breaks for Disabled People and Carers:  A letter has been received from this Charity asking for a donation to help them continue providing holidays for disabled people, thus enabling their carers to have a rest.  As we have said to other charities this year we will not be be giving out any donations this year.


West Norfolk Sports Council:   An application form has been received from this Council for sports clubs and organisation to apply for funding to help them stage their own events or initiatives linked to the Olympic Games.


Countryside Services:  Details have been received of this company run by A P Bramley  who would be willing to be contracted by Parish Council to undertake work, such as cutting rural foot paths and other such work, that at present the NCC does but are unlikely to do next year. Details to be kept on file.


RHS Britain in Bloom:  Details of this community driven environmental campaign, which helps people to improve their surroundings and bring neighbourhoods together, has been received from the RHS. 


Norfolk RCC E-Newsletter:   July 2011 news letter has been received, it will be placed on the side table for the next meeting.


King’s Lynn Core Strategy Adoption Statement:    This final adoption statement has been received  and Mr Denney took it home to read through.


Church Car Park:   On the 2 August the clerk was contacted by Audrey Fuller and Sue Annear regarding trouble they were having with cars and youths in the Church Car Park.  The Rev. Horan and themselves met with PCSO Sophie Watson regarding this matter.  The clerk said she would contact the Police and find out what was happening.  She received a reply from Esther Bortz,  the village PCSO on the 3 Aug, who suggest that the gate to the graveyard is shut in the evenings, she also said when possible, she will increase her patrols in the area, but if car details could safely be taken and forwarded to her, they could chase up the individuals.   This e-mail was forwarded on to Sue Annear.


NALC – AGM 1 October 2011:    Agenda and application form for people wishing to attend this meeting that will be held at East Tuddenham Village Hall 10.00am to 1 pm. has been received.


Site Specifics – BCKLWN:   The Borough Council is due to consult on  the Site Specific Allocations and Policies Dev. Plan Document from Friday 23 September 2011 to 4 November 2011.  Three briefing sessions have been arranged late September, unfortunately no-one was able to attend.  Concern was expressed about the lack of Development for the Future in the area for Hockwold and Feltwell.  This it was felt, was due to Natural England and the buffer zone created covering this whole area due to the Stone Curlew.   It was proposed by Mr Denney  and seconded by Mrs Barrett that a letter be sent to Mr Geoff Hall expressing concerns regarding the effect the Stone Curlew is having on the lack of planning sites in the area.


Cinderella @ King’s Lynn:    An invitation has been received to attend the VIP Launch of this years pantomime on 15 September at 3.30 pm.  Unfortunately no one was able to attend.





 Norfolk RCC – Local Food:  An invitation has been received from the Norfolk RCC to attend a meeting entitled Local Food on 14 September at 10.00 at the RCC offices in Dereham. Unfortunately no one was able to attend.


EACH – Christmas Cards:   A brochure has been received from EACH showing their Christmas Card Selection for 2011.  The clerk has this if anyone would like to look at it.


Enforcement – Moor Drove:    Following on from the enforcement letter sent regarding the Log Cabin being seen being delivered to Moor Drove (East), the clerk queried the large concrete building built in 2008, with planning permission to a height of 2.5 meters.  This is in fact much higher that 2.5 mts. enforcement will look into this matter.


Norfolk Police Authority:   This Authority has issued a Pocket Fact Guide 2011 which the clerk will keep for information.


Big Lottery Funding:   Information has been received from the RCC regarding Lottery Funding available £10,000 to £30,000 available for local business ideas.  This was passed on to the Village Hall.


Side Table:    Norfolk LINK August 2011.   Community Gym Amazon Leisure UK Ltd .  NALC Why Quality Status.   Clerks & Councils Direct - September 2011.  Cambridgeshire City Council Minerals and Waste Plan (not our area).




The following plans were received on the 29 July 2011 and had to be back NCC by the 17 August 2011, subsequently they were passed round to all the councillors for their comments.


Freedom Farm, Cowles Drove :   Amended application for the retrospective siting of a power engine for the on site generation of renewable energy, the installation of a 10 metre exhaust stack, and ancillary pipework, wiring and ducting, and 9 metal bollards to provide protection from accidental vehicle damage.

As no form for comments was enclosed the clerk e-mailed the Councils views:-

As with all retrospective plans we feel there is no point in fighting them, it is already built so would be unrealistic to expect it to be altered or pull down at this point.

Suggest regular noise and emission readings are made to ensure continuing compliance.

Out previous request for clarification has been met, so no further questions.




Ref: 11/01074/F       Miss B Webb,  Retention of two storey dwelling in adjusted position at Dairy Farm, Hockwold-cum-Wilton IP26 4JY - Permission Recorded


Ref:  11/00676/F      Mr K Peckham, Retention of existing building to be used for the storage of machinery and ancillary equipment in association with East Fen Fisheries at East Fen Lodge Hockwold-cum-Wilton IP26 4ND – Permission Recorded.






4.             BILLS OF ACCOUNTS


Payments:     6.9.2011         MHB Services Ltd – Lighting Maintn (Aug)                     £106.72

                                                Mr M Moore Bus Shelter                                                       £22.00

                                                Mrs G Taylor – Wages (Sept.)                                            £397.62

                                                Wheelers (Internal Audit)                                                   £132.00

                                                Mazars (External Audit)                                                      £162.00


         24.9.2011         E.On – DD Street Lighting August 2011                         £202.30

It was proposed by Mrs Arbour and seconded by Mrs Sismey that the above accounts are paid.


5.             ANY OTHER BUSINESS


Red Lion:   Mrs Eade who was not present at the meeting  had asked for the following points to be raised.   Concern had been expressed that the gate into the garden of the Red Lion was open with the latch not working.  The clerk will ring up the agents and report the matter to them.


Bus Shelter:    The coping stones have not yet been replaced at the Bus shelter wall.  Mr Denney said that Mr Osborne will be dealing with the matter but is busy at the moment, he will remind him about the wall.


Parking Issues in the Village:   Complaints have been received about large works vans parked on the pavement, very difficult for mobility scooters and prams getting round them sometimes being forced into the road.   Parking on both sides of Main Street resulted in a large farm machinery not getting through (5.30 am).   Parking on junctions is creating hazards for both turning and exiting into oncoming traffic.  The clerk will report these matters to the police.


Street Light:   It was reported that a street light is on all day in College Road.  The clerk has already reported this matter.


Fly Tipping:    Rubbish has been tipped at the beginning of the road going down the side of the cut-off channel.  The clerk will report this matter.


Untidiness of Village:    Mr Denney said he felt the village was looking very untidy and there seems to be more dog fouling again.  This will be put into the village magazine.


Bushes – South Street:    Mr Storey reported that he had cut down, at the request of a parishioner two large bushes which were growing out into the road and blocking her view getting out of her drive.   He will go back and kill the roots, as they are growing out of the flint wall.


6.         DATE OF NEXT MEETING   The date for the next meeting of the council will be 11 October 2011 at 7.30 pm  As there was no other business the Chairman Closed the meeting at 8.50pm.




One copy to each member of the Council, One copy to Mr T White NCC, Mr M Storey, Mr M Peake, and Mr A Lawrence District Councillors, Downham Market Police, RAF Lakenheath, Two

copies for display within the village and one copy for the web-site: