Present:                                 Mrs P Raburn                       )  Chairman


                                                Mrs D Barrett                         )  Hockwold-cum-Wilton Parish Council

                                                Mrs M Eade                           )

                                                Mrs T Sismey                        )

                                                Miss R Johns                        )

                                                Mr T Gossage                       )

                                                Mrs L Arbour                         )

                                                Mr Martin Storey                       District Councillor

                                                Mr Adrian Lawrence                            District Councillor


Apologies for absence had been received from Squadron Leader Jerry Neild.  Parish Councillors  Mr T Fothergill and Mr M Denney


1.            MINUTES


Mrs Sismey pointed out that under the heading ‘Cross Hill Tree Replacement’  it should read ‘we should do an amendment to Mr Denney’s proposal’.

Resolved:   That the Minutes of the meeting held on the 14 February 2012 previously circulated be amended as above and then approved and signed by the Chairman.  This was proposed by Mrs Barrett and seconded by Mrs Arbour.




Cross Hill Tree Replacement: On Friday 9 March 2012 Jonathan Osborne, a parishioner, was digging up root of the Chestnut Tree.  Due to a misunderstanding he felt he was doing it with the permission of the Parish Council.  He was not.  Mrs Raburn Chairman of the Parish Council went and spoke to Mr Osborne, and said she knew nothing about this matter and no one on the council knew about this or had given permission. 

Rebecca Johns said Mr Osborne had offered to do the work free, she had advised him to wait until after the meeting on the 13 March 2012.

Mrs Sismey said that Mr Dennis Osborne had rung her about the matter and she explained to him that the Parish Council has certain procedures to follow before any decisions can be made.  Mr Osborne then asked why the tree had to be dug up.  Mrs Sismey explained regarding the disease and said that all the details had been reported in the village magazine.

The question of whether the Minutes could be put in the village magazine.  The clerk said that five foolscap pages of minutes would take up a huge amount of space, but that she would speak to the editor of the magazine about this matter.  This was proposed by Miss Johns and seconded by Mrs Sismey.

It was then proposed by Mrs Eade and seconded by Mrs Sismey that the clerk should write letters of apology to the three contractors the clerk had written to ask for quotations for the work.  She will also speak to the parishioner who, during the month, had rung and offered to pay for the work of digging the hole.





Dogs – Twelve Acre Farm:  An E-mail from Esther Bortz PCSO has been received, she had spoken to John Long regarding the incident with his dog and then went to see Sarah Clark (formerly Dyke) who is the owner of the dogs, and she said she new they had been getting out, but she assured PCSO Bortz that this will not happen again as the German Shepherd’s are now in a pen and the small dogs now live in the house and are kept a close eye on.   PCSO Bortz gave words of advice anyway to Sarah Clark and has written to Mr Long.


Retrospective Planning:   An E-mail has been received from Elizabeth Truss informing the Council that she has written to Greg Clark MP the Minister responsible for Planning at Department of Communities and Local Government.  She will contact us again when she gets a reply.

Mrs Eade said there had been a programme on the Television regarding retrospective planning.  There has been 1000 cases in the Eastern Region, of which 45 have been turned down and one enforcement carried out.


NCC – Free Community Composting Seminar:   Details have been received of this seminar from Rachel Stewart at NCC.  It is on Sunday 25 March 2012 at Redgrave and Lopham Fen near Diss.

Unfortunately no one was able to attend, the clerk will inform Rachel Stewart.


West Norfolk Village Games 2012:   The date for this event is Sunday 24 June 2012 at Lynnsport.  The Chairman will put details in the Village Magazine.


Norfolk’s Recycling Centres:   NCC is appealing to householders to take part in a new month long survey about the County’s Recycling Centres. 


NALC:   Details have been received of a FREE – NORMIT Business Continuity Event on 22 March 2012  5.30 to 8.00 at Abbey Conference Centre Bracondale Norwich Buffet will be included.  The clerk has full details if anyone is interested.


NALC:    An e-mail has been received regarding Prayers at Parish Council meetings.  NALC have received requests as to what councils should do regarding this matter.  Further information can be found on their webb site www.norfolkalc.gov.uk


Jubilee Commemorative Mugs:   The clerk has received an order form for the ordering of jubilee mugs, which are priced at £4.95 each.


South Street:   A letter has been received from Mr J Deacon regarding the large vehicles parked along South Street on the grass verge.  They are bringing mud onto the road and leaving South Street looking very untidy.  It was agreed the clerk will send a cope of this letter to the Highways Department.


Grass Cutting – Cross Hill:   Mr John Long has sent in his account for the grass cutting at Cross Hill for the summer. 8 cuts at £5.00 plus weeding £55.00 and asks for the money to be donated to Hockwold & Methwold Community School.  Everyone agreed this should be paid


Side Table:  Norse – Landscape Development and Fencing.  Society of Local Council Clerks – AGM 30 March 2012 Agenda.  NCC E-newsletter February 2012 (copy given to Councillors).  The Big Jubilee Lunch Sunday 3 June 2012.  Clerks and Councils Direct March 2012.








Ref: 12/00116/F  -  Mr P Grisbrook, 22 College Road, Single Storey front extension to form, a porch & dining area  - Permission Recorded.

Ref: 12/00130/F  -  Mr M E Cobbold, Winchester House, Erection of an agricultural building (retrospective) – Permission Recorded.

Ref: 11/01788/F  -  Mr Colin Rogers, The Red Lion Main Street,  Single storey rear extension, provision of pitched roof to part of single storey flat roofed extension and replacement of existing windows with new white PVC glazed units and smoking shelter  - Permission Recorded.


4.            BILLS OF ACCOUNTS

Payments:     13.3.12           MHB Services Ltd - Lighting Maintn.  (Mar.)       £106.72

                                                MHB Services Ltd – Replace Lantern 9034        £198.00

                                                Mr M Moore – Bus Shelter                                        £22.00

Mrs G M Taylor – Wages (March)                          £397.64

Hockwold & Methwold Community School           £55.00

                       25.3.12            E.On – DD – Street  Lighting Feb. 2012              £202.30

It was proposed by Mrs Arbour and seconded by Mrs Barrett that these accounts be paid.


5.            ANY OTHER BUSINESS


Cowles Drove:   It was reported that there is a pothole at the entrance of Hockwold Lodge Stables gate.  The clerk will report this to Highways.


Mud on Footpath:    It was reported that the footpath in Main Street  from Nursery Lane towards the Red Lion is in a bad state - covered in mud.      The clerk will report this to Highways.


Main Street/Boundary Road:   The new owner of 71 Main Street has started parking their vehicle on the large grass verge in Boundary Road, the clerk will report this to Highways, to see if they can help with this matter.


Nursery Lane:     The gullys down Nursery Lane need clearing out, and no-one has put new posts in for the Nursery Lane Sign at the bottom of the Lane.  The clerk will report these matters to Highways.  The clerk has already reported the matters to the Rangers.


Church Lane:    This lane is very slippery, and as yet the Rangers have not cleared up all the dead leaves, the clerk will report this matter.


Mrs Sismey reported to the Councillors that there is a Fashion Show on Friday 23 March 2012 in aide of MENCAP, being put on by Sainsburys.


6.         DATE OF NEXT MEETING    It was agreed that the next meeting of the Council will be on the 10 April 2012 at 7.30 pm.

As there was no other business the Chairman closed the meeting at 7.45 pm.


One copy to each member of the Council, One copy to Mr T White NCC, Mr M Storey, Mr M Peake, and Mr A Lawrence District Councillors, Downham Market Police, RAF Lakenheath, Two

copies for display within the village and one copy for the web-site: