Present:                                 Mrs P Raburn                       )  Chairman


                                                Mr T Fothergill                      )  Hockwold-cum-Wilton Parish Council

                                                Mr T Gossage                       )

                                                Mr D Baker                            )

                                                Mrs M Eade                           )

                                                Mrs T Sismey                        )

                                                Mrs D Barrett                         )

                                                Mr A White                               Norfolk County Councillor

                                                Mr M Storey                              District Councillor

                                                Squadron Leader J Neild      RAF Lakenheath

                                                PCSO Claire Law

                                                4 members of the public


Apologies for absence have been received from Parish Councillors, Mrs L Arbour and Mr M Denney and District Councillor Mr A Lawrence


1.         MINUTES


Resolved: The clerk pointed out that she had made an error in the calculation of VAT on E-on’s Account.  That the Minutes of the meeting held on the 8 February 2011, amended as above, be approved and signed by the Chairman.  This was proposed by Mrs Barrett and seconded by Mr Gossage.




Horse Chestnut Trees:   Notification has been received from the BCKLWN that our application to carry out work on our two Trees has been registered and is due to be determined by 1April 2011.

Mr T Thompson will be processing the application and could be visiting the site.  The clerk will check with him before the next meeting.


Proposed Power & Recycling Plant at King’s Lynn:   Mr A White our Norfolk County Councillor,  was at our meeting.  Mr Baker said that Cory has got permission and will now put in plans. Mr White explained that he was not able to vote at the NCC Meeting, only Cabinet Members can vote, out of the nine votes 2 abstained, 1 against and 6 for the plant.  The result of the referendum taken in West Norfolk is 65000 voted NO only 6000 voted yes.  A very large majority are against the proposal.  There is to be a special meeting on the 17 March regarding this matter, which could change things.

After this discussion Mr White asked if there was anything else the council would like him to help with.  It was agreed that we would like something done soon about the potholes within the village.  The clerk explained about the meeting with Jon Barnard the Highways engineer.  Mr White would like a copy of the list of work we gave to Mr Barnard, he will arrange a date and time to go round the village with the Highways Officer.





Grit Bin for South Street:     The clerk reported that they do produce the Slimline Bin in Green.  It was proposed by Mr Fothergill and seconded by Mrs Eade that the clerk should go ahead and order the Bin.  Mr Baker said he would be prepared for the bin to be delivered direct to his address.


Parish Council Elections – May 5 2011:   The clerk had handed out elections nomination papers to all the councillors, for the election in May.  Mr Storey confirmed that the District Council Elections will be held on the same day.  This should cut down the cost the parish council will have to pay towards the election.


Norfolk Minerals & Waste Core Strategy – Submission:     Notification has been received that this policy was submitted to the Secretary of State in February 2011.  The submission is on a disc and the clerk has the copy if anyone would like to view it.


Pre Application Charging:    A letter has been received from the Development Services Department of the Borough Council regarding their proposal to charge for the service of pre-application advice. Approval has now been granted for a charging regime to be implemented.  A copy of this letter has been given out to Councillors.


Grass Cutting – Cross Hill:  An invoice has been received from John Long for 9 cuts of the grass at Cross Hill at a cost of £5.00 per cut = £45.00, this money, he has requested that it be donated  to Hockwold Primary School.  It was proposed by Mr Gossage and seconded by Mrs Sismey that this amount is paid.   A letter of thanks to be sent to Mr Long.


Norfolk RCC:    Notification has been received that our subscription of the coming year is due from the 1 April 2011.   The cost is still £15.00.  It was proposed by Mrs Eade and seconded by  Mrs Sismey that we should again pay thissubscription.


NCC Highways:   A letter has been received from NCC regarding their offer for Parish Council to take on some highway services.  Councils who expressed an interest will be contacted to begin discussions with engineers from local highway area offices.  Hockwold did not wish to accept this offer.  Copies of letter given to councillors.


NALC re Amenity Land:    An E-mail has been received from this association asking to hear from councils with amenity land.  A parish council has been in touch with them regarding such matters. 

It was agreed that the clerk should contact NALC and find out more about this matter, we only have the common land at the river front and the allotment land.  The playing field is owned by the Playing Field Association not Hockwold Parish Council.  The clerk will ring NALC and explain above.


NRCC – Future of Rural Services:    The RCC have been in touch to inform the Council of a meeting on Wednesday 6 April at 10.00 am at their offices in Dereham. Hosted by Norfolk RCC and Norfolk Rural Forum.   Unfortunately no-one is able to attend this meeting.


Side Table:    Parish Matters Spring 2011.  All About Local Councils – Booklet for anyone wishing to know more about Parish Councils and the role of local councillors.   Norfolk Village Games – 26 June 2011 at Lynnsport.   Norfolk LINK extra (copy given to councillors).  Suffolk Local Authorities – Suffolk Air Quality Management Group (Not our area).  Clerks & Councils Direct  March 2011.  Inspire East Reportage Spring 2011 (This partnership is ending 31 March  2011).





These plans were received on the 11 February and the Planning Dept. requested them back to them by 2 March so they were passed round to all the Councillors for their views.l

Ref: 11/00151/RM                                                                Name:   Mr B Waterlow

                                                                                                               Maytree Farm, Moor Drove

Location - Maytree Farm, Moor Drove                                             Hockwold, Norfolk, IP26 4jl

Details – Reserved Matters – Proposed agric. restricted dwelling.

No councillors had any objections to this application, we have always supported this parishioners applications.  The property is not situated close to any other properties.


Ref: 11/00077/F                                                                   Name:   Mr K Peckham

                                                                                                               East Fen Lodge, Nursery Lane,

Location – East Fen Fisheries Leisure Activities                          Hockwold, Thetford IP26 4ND

Details – The retention and change of use of garage to annexe, and new agricultural building for storage of agric. equipment at East Fen Fisheries.

This application had been passed at our last meeting, and has been sent out again because of change of wording under ‘Details’,  the plans are the same.

The councillors did not feel this change of wording altered their views on this application, which they supported last month.



Appeal Decision - Mrs J Robertson, 133 Main Street, Hockwold-cum-Wilton, Norfolk IP26 4LX

The Appeal was Dismissed.


3.            BILLS OF ACCOUNTS


Payments:      8.3.2011        MHB Services Ltd.- Lighting Maintn. (Jan.)        £101.62

                                                Mrs G Taylor – Wages                                             £397.64

                                                Mr M Moore – Bus Shelter                                      £  22.00

                                                John Long – Grass Cutting            9 x £5.00                   £  45.00

                                                Norfolk RCC – Yearly Subscription                      £  15.00

          24.3.2011      E.On – DD Street Lighting – Feb. 2011                 £201.66

It was proposed by Mr Gossage and seconded by Mrs Eade that these accounts be paid.


4.            ANY OTHER BUSINESS


RAF Lakenheath:    Squadron Leader Neild reported that understandably the base was very sombre following the death of personnel at Germany.   The Councillors passed on their commiserations to the base.

Squadron Leader Neild reported that at the July 4th celebrations the Red Arrows would be flying at 6.00pm.  and that they also hope there will be a Battle of Britain Memorial Flight.   He also confirmed that all personnel have been told to restrict their speed limit and be careful overtaking.  The base publication is always saying ‘Drive Carefully’.  Mr Baker said about the accident at the corner of South Street last Friday which involved an American, two people were hurt, and Station Road was closed for some time.  Squadron Leader Neild had not heard about this accident, will look into the matter.   Mrs Arbour reported that on 10 February at 7.25 there was a long queues at Lakenheath to pass the barns.   As there were no further matters for Squadron Leader Neild, he gave his apologies as he will miss our April Meeting due to his holiday and left the meeting.



Police Matters:  PCSO Claire Law had arrived at the meeting, warned the Councillors that there have been oil thefts in the village, a delivery yesterday (7 March) was stolen last night/early hours of the morning.   This could mean that a vehicle is following the tankers, which are seen in the village most days.  This will be put in the village magazine so villagers can take note if they see any vans hanging around tankers.  Mrs Barrett reported that they think oil was taken from the Village Hall, but it was not reported to the Police. The police are also experiencing theft of catalytic converters from four-wheel drive vehicles, in the Downham Market area.  There has been a burglary in Northwold.   Mr Fothergill reported that he rang the police twice two weeks ago regarding cars not bikes charging round the forest, track 49 up Mill Drift.  Claire Law did not know anything about this matter.  It was agreed that the clerk should e-mail the details to PCSO Esther Bortz.  Claire Law asked if we had registered on ‘Police Direct’  The clerk had tried to some weeks ago but could not find the links will try again and let Esther know if she cant get through.  The chairman thanked the PCSO for coming to the meeting.


Nursery Lane:    The Chairman has received a letter from Mrs K Stratford of Rose Cottage, East Fen Drove, informing the council that the 30 mph signs near her property have been moved, putting her outside the 30mph limit, no-one knew the reason for this.   It was agreed that the clerk should send a copy of the letter to Jon Barnard of Highways and Mr T While our NCC, and ask them to look into this matter.


Village Sign:    It had been reported to the Chairman that there were cracks appearing in the paint work of the Village Sign, at the top in the clouds.  Mrs Eade said she will report this matter to  Mr Fenn who did the refurbishment.


Dog Fouling:    The Chairman has received a telephone call from Mrs Atkins reporting that people have been collecting their dog droppings, but instead of taking them home or putting them in the bins provided in the village, they have been throwing them in plastic bags into her field along the side of South Street.   Plastic bags are dangerous if cows swallow them.  The cows will soon be put out into the field.   This matter will be reported in the village magazine.


Cowles Drove:   Mr Gossage reported that the kerbs at the Hockwold entrance to Cowles Drove have been done but the dip in the road has not been seen to.  The clerk will report this matter in her letter to the Highways Engineer.


Lights:   It was reported that the light on the bend in Church Lane is out.  The clerk will report this matter.


Nursery Lane;   Mrs Barrett reported that the posts holding the Nursery Lane street sign have not yet been replaced, the clerk will report this matter.


6.         DATE OF NEXT MEETING    It was agreed that the next meeting will be 12 April 2011 at 7.30 pm.   As there was no other business the Chairman closed the meeting at 7.55 pm.




One copy to each member of the Council, One copy to Mr T White NCC, Mr M Storey, Mr M Peake, and Mr A Lawrence District Councillors, Downham Market Police, RAF Lakenheath, Two

copies for display within the village and one copy for the web-site: