Present:                                  Mr Dave Owens                    )  Chairman

                                                Mrs Pat Raburn                     )  Vice Chairman


                                                Mrs I Adams                          )  Hockwold Parish Council

                                                Mr T Gossage                       )                                              

                                                Mr M Denney             )

                                                Mrs T Sismey                        )

                                                Mr M. Storey                             District Councillor

                                                One member of the Public


Apologies had been received from Mrs K Stratford, Mrs L Arbour and Mr B Allsop.


1.                  MINUTES


Resolved:   That the Minutes of the meeting held on the 15th March 2005 previously circulated be approved and signed by the Chairman.  This was proposed by Mr Denney and seconded by Mrs Raburn.




N.C.A.P.T.C.:    Notification has been received that the Councils annual subscriptions for 2005/2006 are now due, this year they will be £155.84.  It was proposed by Mrs Raburn and seconded by Mr Gossage that this amount be paid.


They have also notified the council that our subscription to the Norfolk LINK has now expired.  It was proposed by Mr Gossage and seconded by Mrs Adams that we should send a cheque for £30 to cover ten subscriptions at £3.00 per subscription.


Notification has also been received that the 2005 edition of the Handbook for Norfolk Parish & Town Councils is now available and it was proposed by Mr Owens that all councillors should have one this year.


The Association is also holding two courses, one on May 18 and the other on June 17 for clerks and councillors entitled ‘Conservation of Parish Records – The Norfolk Records Office’.  A talk about Parish Council records will cover good practice in record making, keeping and storage, and guidelines regarding the kinds of records that Parish Councils should preserve for the future.

Unfortunately no-one was able to attend either meeting, but it was decided that the clerk should see if the three boxes in the bank could be brought out to see what is in them.


Norfolk LINK copies given out to councillors.


Mr Bee’s – Family Centre:  A letter has been received from this association explaining that ‘The Kings Lynn Contact Centre’ is now operating out of Mr Bee’s Family Centre and asking for the council to consider making a donation towards this worthy charity.  After some discussion it was felt that King’s Lynn was rather far for this charity to be of benefit to anyone in this area, so it was agreed that no donation be sent.



Inter Village Games: This years Inter Villages Games is to be held on Sunday 3rd July at

Lynnsport, King’s Lynn.  Last year no one came forward to organise a team for Hockwold.  It was agreed that an article be placed in the Village Magazine asking if anyone would take on the position of team manager.


48 Hour Moorings – The Lode: Again this month an article was placed in the Magazine asking for replies ‘ Yes or No ‘ to the question of 48 hour moorings on the Lode. 

Mr Denney who last month said he was in favour for the moorings said he has now changed his views, he has heard that where moorings have been placed on the wash, there are now signs saying ‘no fishing, no swimming’ etc. That is not what is wanted in Hockwold.

It is understood that Mr Peckham is going to apply for 8 – 10 moorings on his land in Hockwold, hopefully there will be electric points and fresh water.

The result from the magazine this month, is 8 replies in favour of moorings and 26 replies opposed to moorings.  In view of these figures it was proposed by Mr Denney and seconded by Mr Gossage that the Council refuse permission for moorings on the Lode.


Clerks Wage Increase 2005: Notification has been received from the NCAPTC regarding the yearly increase for part-time clerk’s payable from 1st April 2005. The hourly rate has increased from £8.819 to £9.080 per hour.  It was proposed by Mr Denney and seconded by Mrs Raburn that this increase be paid to the clerk, and that they would adjust the amount accordingly if the clerk felt that she did more that 30 hours per month at any time during the coming year.


Cornhill Insurance:  Notification has been received from Cornhill Insurance that our renewal is due on the 1st June 2005 and this year it will be £588.66.It was proposed by Mrs Raburn and seconded by Mrs Sismey that this amount be paid but not until after our meeting in May as the renewal date is not due until 1st June 2005.


Financial Statement – United Charities: This statement has been sent in by Mrs Arbour, who was not able to attend tonight’s meeting.  This should have been read out at the Annual Parish Meeting in March, and will be written out in full in those Minutes.  There was a balance of £691.51 at the end of December 2004. It was proposed by Mr Denney and seconded by Mrs Sismey that these accounts be recorded and accepted by everyone.


Village Hall: A letter has been received from the Village Hall Committee thanking the Parish Council for their donation towards the renewal of the oil tank for the Hall.   It was noted that the new secretary for the village hall is Mrs Sandra Boardman of Mill Lane Hockwold.


Society of Local Council Clerks: Notification has been received that the Annual General Meeting of this Society is on Saturday 23rd April 2005 at Hotel Wroxham.


A leaflet from the Norfolk Wildlife Trust entitled ‘Wise-up to Wildlife’ has been received with a request that it be placed on the Parish Notice Board.  The clerk will do this.


Norfolk Fire Service – NCC: A letter has been received from Paul Seaman – Local Risk Manager for the Norfolk Fire & Rescue Service.  Mr Seaman has recently undertaken this new role and he area will be in the King’s Lynn & West Norfolk district with a particular focus on Downham Market, Methwold and the surrounding parishes.  It was agreed that the clerk should invite Mr Seaman to one of our meetings.




Village Sand Pit: Mrs Arbour, not being able to attend the meeting, had informed councillors that a local builder had been taking sand by mechanical means from the sand pit, is this allowed?   It was thought that the sand was not suitable for building purposes only for making roads etc. it was agreed that the chairman would keep an eye on the matter.  The lock on the parish barrier is broken, the chairman will see if this can be repaired, and the clerk will speak to the Forestry at Santon Downham regarding the matter.


Environmental Health- Public Entertainment Licence Applications:  A letter has been received from the BCKLWN that all applications for an Occasional Public Entertainment Licence that they receive, a copy will be forwarded to the Council for our information, and any formal representations for or against should be made within 14 days.  This first application is for a Marquee at Wilton Farm Hockwold on 4th June 2005 for the Hockwold Country Fair.


Side Table: Newsletters, Brochures and Information the side table for the April meeting are as follows:-   N.C.C. Annual Report – Passenger Transport  Unit Board, Norfolk Parish Training Partnership Newsletter and Meetings, Methwold High School Newsletter Spring Term 2005, DEFRA – Quality Parishes and Parish Planning,  BCKLWN Borough Council Website and information of Funding, Community Transport Guide for Norfolk, Trafalgar Weekend – 21st – 23rd October 2005.




Ref:  05/00686/F                                                                   Name: Mr & Mrs R Pendall

                                                                                                            Moor Kennels,

Location – Moor Kennels, Moor Drove, Hockwold                       Moor Drove, Hockwold,

Details – Constr. of dwelling                                                            Thetford, Norfolk.

There was some discussion regarding the fact that if a venture fails the property has to be pulled down.   Mr Storey said that it has to be proved that the business is viable before planning permission for a dwelling is given, not afterwards, and they have to sustain the turnover after permission is granted.  Mr Denney said he would have no problem with the building of a dwelling if the above has been proved.   A vote was taken on this matter and five members of the council were for the permission so the application was passed.


Since the past meeting an application under the name of Mr & Mrs L Clarke and Mrs T King had been received regarding a two-storey rear extension to No 16 Main Street and a second storey rear extension above existing ground floor extension to No 18 Main Street had been received,

Mr Owens had looked at the application and it had been approved.


Also received during the month had been ‘Improved Consultation’ regarding 132 Main Street Mr & Mrs Campman.  Also received an amended drawing regarding this application.  The council had refused this application by the borough council had recommended acceptance the matter will go before the Development Control Board Meeting on 4th April 2005.




Mr & Mrs R Gossage – Extension to dwelling at 2 Pearces Close Hockwold Ref: 05/00186/F

Mr S Waterlow – Continued standing of mobile home at Maytre Yard Moor Drove Ref:05/00209/F





4.                  BILLS OF ACCOUNTS




12.4.05           McAlpine Government Services – Lights Maintn.                         £  91.71

                        Mr M Moore – Bus Shelter 5 weeks                                                           £  22.50

                        Mrs Taylor, Wages (Increase), Post, Telephone                           £291.46

                        NCAPTC – Subs 2005 – LINK – Handbook x 10                         £217.84



22.2.05           Playing field – Balance of Money                                                             £6038.04

07.3.05           Interest – Business Base Rate Tracker Account                           £  45.34


It was proposed by Mrs Raburn and seconded by Mr Denney that these accounts be paid.


5.                  ANY OTHER BUSINESS


State of Village: Mr Denney said he was still very disgusted at the state of the village; it was very untidy against other villages in the Borough.


Building Control:  It was reported that one of the building inspectors has said that the bungalow being built in Malts Lane – he would have refused permission, but it went before an outside independent building controller who had passed it.  Mr Storey will look into this matter, as no councillors had heard of this happening before!


Cross-Hill: It was reported that Mr Long will be attending to the shrubs and bulbs around the Cross Hill monument in the near future.


6.                  DATE OF NEXT MEETING


It was agreed that the date of the next meeting ‘The Annual Parish Council Meeting’ will be on Tuesday 10th May 2005 at 7.30 pm.






One copy to each member of the Council

One copy for Dr J Norris Norfolk County Councillor

One copy to Mrs C Sharp District Councillor

One copy to Mr M Peake District Councillor

One copy to Mr M Storey District Councillor

One copy to Downham Market Police Station

Two copies for display within the village

One copy for Hockwold Website

One copy for the Minute book