Present:                                  Mrs P Raburn                        ) Chairman


                                                Mrs I Adams                          ) Hockwold Parish Council

                                                Mr T Gossage                       )

                                                Mrs M Eade                           )

                                                Mr R Allsop                            )

                                                Mr M Denney             )

                                                Mrs T Sismey                        )

Mrs L Arbour                          )

Mr D Rodwell               Norfolk Youth & Community Service

                                                Squadron Leader Jo Daniel

                                                Mr M. Storey                             District Councillor

                                                13 members of the Public


Apologies for absence have been received from Mr T Fothergill.


1.                  MINUTES


Resolved:  The Minutes of the meeting held on the 14th March 2006 previously circulated are approved and signed by the Chairman.  This was proposed by Mrs Sismey and seconded by





Norfolk Youth & Community Service:   Mr Dave Rodwell explained that this service would be changing at the beginning of June. Areas will be split down into localities, called clusters.  Hockwold will come under Methwold cluster.    It is hoped to be able to offer all young people somewhere to go and to be happy.  Mr Rodwell agreed with councillors that King’s Lynn and Downham Market could offer plenty for youth to do and go, but in the outlying areas there is nothing.  At present they hold two days a week,  a drop in centre at Methwold High School, this is for 13 – 19 year olds.  Mr Rodwell said they would help in the setting up of a youth club and support it but could not run it.  It was agreed that an article should be put in the village magazine to see if help would be forthcoming to help run a youth club.  It was felt that boredom beings on all the trouble and they are working with the police to combat this.  The question of a grant to supply a room for youngsters to use, this is more difficult now with the changing of the licensing laws, which means they cannot go into Social Clubs until over the age of 16.  It was felt that youngsters need respect as well as adults.  Mr Rodwell left a package explaining what they are offering at the moment, and will put in a valuation of this meeting to his senior managers.  The Chairman thanked him for attending the meeting and also the several youngsters who also attended the meeting.









Feltwell Base:   Jo Daniels reported that the spring reception held at the end of last month was well attended.  She also reported that Gate One Tollbooth idea was brought to the table at a recent meeting, and could be very close to planning application.  Jo Daniels also reported that there could be a protest outside Lakenheath Base on Friday – Earth Week.  

Following on from our discussion regarding youth in the village she has had reported to her that a 14 year old American girl is being intimidated between getting off her bus and her home.  This has been reported to the police.   The fencing put up in Feltwell is only a vehicle barrier, which is a meter high so did not require planning permission.


Hastoe Housing:    Following on from the clerks letter regarding the development at Boundary Close and Mrs Rumsey’s concerns, a reply has been received and a Chris Moore will be contacting the clerk.

Mr Chris Moore rang the clerk and said they will be writing to Mrs Rumsey and explaining their plans for the old and new treatment plant in Boundary Close, if there is still concerns he will be happy to meet with the Parish Council on site.


N.C.A.P.T.C.:   Notification has been received that the Council’s yearly subscription to this association is now due for renewal, and will be £163.35.  This association is very helpful over queries in running the Council, and it was proposed by Mrs Sismey and seconded by Mrs Arbour that we should join again this year.


Highway Matters:   A letter has been received from Highways to say patching work has been programmed for Malts Lane.  With regard to 17 South Street they cannot see that water can run into the garden but would arrange a site visit if necessary.  The trees in Church Lane should be cut back by the landowner.   Mr Denney said that the trees are on the roadside on the bank.  The clerk will contact Martin Edmunds of Highways.   It was also reported that no markings have been put outside Audrons ? does this mean he has not looked into the matter.


Defra – Clean Neighbourhoods:  Notification has been received that the Clean Neighbourhood & Environment Act 2005 will allow parish councils to issue fixed penalty notices for littering, graffiti and flyposting offences from the 6th April 2006.  This Act also brought into play a new system for controlling dogs ‘dog control orders’.  PC will be able to issue fixed penalty notices or to prosecute them in the magistrates’ court.  After some discussion it was agreed that the Parish Council did not wish to take up this extra powers.


Freedom Recycling Ltd:   Mrs Carol Sharp one of our District Councillors has sent a copy of a letter she has written on behalf of the district councillors to NCC Planning & Transportation, regarding this planning application.  In the letter Mrs Sharp said that having been at the Extra PC Meeting they fully supported the Council and Parishioners in their rejection of this application,


Norfolk RCC:  An invitations has been received for the Chairmen to attend Norfolk RCC 20th Anniversary Garden Party to be held on the 20th May 2006 at Mannington Hall Aylsham.  Unfortunately the Chairman will not be able to attend as she is on holiday.


Allianz Cornhill Insurance:   Notification has been received for the renewal of our Insurance Policy on the 1st June 2006.  This is now  £617.21 an increase of 4.85%.  This policy does give us Public Liability cover.  The clerk has been in touch with them regarding the Sandpit, and they have written requesting a Risk Assessment. Especially in view of the fact that the sandpit is used by Motor Cycles and Quad Bikes.  It was proposed by Mrs Eade and seconded by Mrs Sismey that the renewal is paid.



Sandpit Gate:     Mr Gossage reported that he had looked at the gate with a view to repairing it, and reported that if it was repaired vehicles could still drive round either side, where the forestry have taken down trees.  The clerk will speak to the Forestry Commission about this matter.


Donations:  The question of donations for this year towards the running of the Churchyard, Hockwold Playing Field and Hockwold Village Hall were discussed.  Last years donation was £682.50 each.  Mr Denney proposed that the donations this year should be reduced to cover the ‘special expenses’ of £716.00 that parishioners have had added to their council tax bills.  This has been brought about by the grass cutting charges for Pearces Close and Boundary Road being added to the Borough Council part of the council tax from now on instead of being included in council house rents.  The Parish Council did not Precept for this extra amount.  This proposition was not seconded by anyone.  After further discussion it was proposed by Mrs Arbour and seconded by Mrs Adams that the same amount be donated to the organisations as last year.  One councillor voted against this the others voted for the proposition.  These amounts will be sent out later this month.


Photocopier:   Notification has been received from ‘The Ideal Group’ who our photocopier was purchased from that their new cost per copy/print will be 1.213p. 


Side Table:  The following information was put on the side table for councillors to read and take away if they wish – Cambridgeshire CC – Submission Statement of Community Involvement (This does not cover our Area). NCC International Seminar 26-28 April 06 on Transnational Ecological Network (Ten) Project.  Notice put on Notice Board re: Patient & Public Involvement in Health Forum at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital King’s Lynn.   English Nature Leaflet.  Your Council publication by West Norfolk Borough Council.



Ref: 06/00534/F (Amendment)                               Name: Mr G O’Malley

                                                                                                9 Kemps Lane, Hockwold

This application was approved at our last meeting, They have now added an attic room to the previous plans for an rear extension.  The Parish Council could see no reason to alter their

previous approval of this application.

Ref: 06/00459/F (Amendment)                               Name: Mr K Peckham

                                                                                                East Fen Fisheries, Hockwold

This application was approved at our last meeting.  They have now altered the storage door positioning at the request of the planning department.  The Parish Council could see not reason to alter their previous approval of this application.

Ref: 06/00638/CU                                                     Name: Masterman Park Homes Ltd

                                                                                                Weeting Road

Location – Weeting Road, Hockwold                                 Hockwold, Thetford

Details – C/U of land to site for holiday homes & Norfolk.

    Nature reserve.

The Council had received copies of four letters written to the Borough Council against this application, as if passed there will be 32 holiday homes placed on the site, plus an adventure playground and a nature trail.  This site is next to a poultry farm, which would be a big worry to the owners if this goes through. Also concern was expressed regarding the access on to this very busy road.  After further discussion it was proposed by Mr Denney and seconded by Mr Gossage that the Council object to this application on the grounds of the SSSI sites very close by, also on Highway matters and the close proximity of the poultry farm, all councillors agreed.





Ref No: 0602630/F               Conversion of barns to form 5 dwellings & garages at Wilton Farm Main Street Hockwold.  PERMISSIONS RECORDED

Ref No: 06/00516/F              Removal of condition 3 of planning permission Ref: 04/2601/F at land adjacent 2 Malts Lane Hockwold.  (Removal of Hedge – Brick wall built).  No reference to the query by the Parish Council regarding the positioning of the sceptic tank

PLANNING APPLICATION – ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF WITHDRAWAL Construction of dwelling & double garage at corner of Nursery Lane/Main Street Hockwold.


A letter has been received from the Enforcement Officer to say that following the council’s complaint at Future Farm Burdock Lane Hockwold, they have inspected the site on two occasions. The heavy plant material has been removed from the land and they are satisfied that the land is being used for agricultural purposed, but during inspection a caravan was noticed on the site and this will be looked into.


4.                  BILLS OF ACCOUNTS

Payments:      11.4.06           Mr M Moore – Bus Shelter                                                   £  22.50

                                                BCKLWN – Dog Waste Bins                                              £  44.91

                                                Pearce & Kemp – Lights Maintenance                              £102.60

                                                Mrs G Taylor – Wages plus postage                                  £291.00

                                                NCAPTC – Subscriptions 2006/2007                                £163.35         

                                                Allianz Cornhill Insurance                                                     £617.21         

                                                Hockwold Playing Field – Donation                                    £682.50

                                                St James Churchyard – Donation                                       £682.50

                                                Hockwold Village Hall – Donation                                       £682.50

                        12.4.06           E-on Energy – Lighting  DD                                     £105.62

Receipts         06.3.06           Business Base Rate Tracker Account                               £  41.18

It was proposed by Mr Denney and seconded by Mr Gossage that these accounts be paid.


5.                  ANY OTHER BUSINESS


Motorbikes/Quad Bikes:   It was reported that on Sunday morning 9.30 – 10.00 am motorcycles of all sorts were coming from Boundary Close, Reeves Lane and Mill Lane to the forest many drivers with no helmets on.  Mr Gossage also reported that on Saturday morning he nearly hit a motor cyclist who drove straight out into Main Street.  This was reported to the police who were not interested.  It was agreed that the clerk should contact the police and ask if PC Jackson could attend one of our meetings to discuss this matter which is becoming worse.


Youth:  Complaints have been received regarding the youth within the village and their behaviour.  They are being abusive to ladies of all ages and making suggestive remarks, this can be very disturbing to parishioners especially at night time.

The Bus Shelter is being used as a toilet again, and the council will look into the question of getting it decorated.  Mrs Eade has got details of anti graffiti paint that could be used, but is rather expensive.  This to be discussed at a further meeting.  Reports of these occurrences will be placed in the village magazine.

Mrs Sismey said that although the youth are bad,  sometimes they come in for abuse from adults who are rude to them, which does not help the situation.





Speeding:   Complaints have been received regarding the speed of vehicles in Main Street, and also parking at the entrance to Boundary Road, cars seem to be left there all day.

Parking at the junction of Church Lane near the Red Lion and Cross Hill is also very bad, making it difficult for drivers coming out of Church Lane to see traffic coming along Main Street.  The clerk will contact the Police about these matters.


Bird Flu:   The Chairman has received calls regarding parishioners who have chickens in their garden.  She has found out that people only have to be registered if they have 50 or more chickens.  At present it was not felt that there was any threat to garden fowl.


Dog Fouling:   Dogs are not allowed on the Playing Field but it would seem that bags of dog fouling have been found on the field.  This matter will be put into the village magazine, asking pet owners to put their bags in the dog bins or litter bins in the village.


Water Hydrant:  There is a water hydrant at the beginning of Reeves Lane that is sitting proud in the road, with cars and lorries driving over it.  The clerk will contact Anglian Water.


Reeves Lane:   Reeves Lane is a private lane and has to be upkept by the residents, but at the entrance to Mill Lane the road is breaking up and it is felt that the Highways should do something about this.  It was proposed by Mr Denney and seconded by Mr Allsop that we should ask Highways to look into the matter and perhaps have a site meeting, the clerk will contact Highways.


South Street:   It was reported that Highways have said they will be filling in the ditch in South Street!


Main Street – School:   The question of flashing lights near the school has been discussed and we are waiting to hear from NCC about this matter.   Mr Storey suggested we should write to our Norfolk County Councillor Mr T White and ask him to look into the matter,


6.         DATE OF NEXT MEETING     It was agreed that the next meeting be held on the 9th May 2006 at 7.30pm.  This will be the Annual Parish Council Meeting.  Mrs Pat Raburn the Chairman gave her apologies as she will not be able to attend this meeting.


As there was no other business the Chairman closed the meeting at 9.10 pm.





One copy to each member of the Council

One copy for Mr A White Norfolk County Councillor

One copy to Mrs C Sharp District Councillor

One copy to Mr M Peake District Councillor

One copy to Mr M Storey District Councillor

One copy to Downham Market Police Station

Two copies for display within the village

One copy for Hockwold’s Website

One copy for the Minute Book