Present:                                 Mrs P Raburn                       )  Hockwold Parish Council

                                                Mrs D Barrett                         ) 

                                                Mr T Gossage                       )

                                                Mr D Baker                            )

                                                Mr M Denney                        )

                                                Mrs T Sismey                        )

                                                Mrs L Arbour                         )

                                                Mr M Storey                               District Councillor

                                                Mr Adrian Lawrence                            District Councillor

                                                One member of the Public


Apologies for absence have been received from Squadron Leader Jerry Neild, NCC Mr Tony White, Parish councillors Mr Tim Fothergill and Mrs Maureen Eade.


Mrs Raburn invited nominations for Chairman for the coming year.  It was proposed by Mrs Arbour and seconded by Mrs Sismey that Mrs Pat Raburn be asked to continue as Chairman for the next year.  Mrs Raburn said she would be willing to continue for a further year if this was the wish of all the councillors.   As there were no further nominations everyone agreed to Mrs Raburn being re-elected.

Nominations were then requested for the position of Vice-Chairman.  It was proposed by Mr Gossage and seconded by Mrs Arbour that Mr Tim Fothergill be asked to continue for a further year.  Mr Fothergill unfortunately was not able to attend this meeting but had told Mrs Raburn that he would be willing to stand again if the Council wished.  As there were no other nominations Mr Fothergill was duly elected as Vice-Chairman.


1.            MINUTES:


Resolved:      That the Minutes of the meeting held on the 8th April 2008 previously circulated be approved and signed by the Chairman.   This was proposed by Mr Denney and seconded by Mrs Sismey.




Reeves Lane:     A letter has been received from the N.C.A.P.T.C. asking for more information before they can refer the matter to their legal department in London.    How long the present owners have been in the property, approximately when the land was fenced off, and, if known who originally owned the land.     Also, they warned that if the Council decided to pursue the matter it could cost a lot of money.  Since the houses in Clingos Way have been built there is no access through, as Reeves Lane ends at a fence at the bottom of one of these gardens.  It was thought that Reeves Lane is occupational land and no one present knew who the original owner was.  The previous owner of the property now called The Birches, knew it was not their land.  Mr Lawrence, District Councillor suggested that the Parish Council should write to the Land Registry and ask if they could ‘Register a Caution’ on all of Reeves Lane.   It was proposed by Mr Denney and seconded by Mr Gossage that the clerk should write and request that this be done.




Audit:  The clerk had worked out the yearly figures, and the councillors had all received a copy of these figures and a bank reconciliation with their Minutes.   No one had any questions regarding these figures.  The chairman read out the questions from Section 2 of the Annual Return – Annual Governance statement - and this was duly completed.  It was proposed by Mr Denney and seconded by Mr Baker that the Chairman and Clerk sign the Annual Return where necessary.  Mr Denney thanked the clerk for getting together the necessary figures so promptly and clearly for the meeting.


Litter Bins:     A letter has been received from the Borough Council regarding plans to charge Parish Councils for litter bin emptying to be introduced in April 2009.   Some bins will be emptied free of charge and others the Parish will be charged £50 per year per bin.  The clerk is to arrange a meeting with the Chairman, one Parish Councillor and an Officer from the Borough Council to discuss which can be emptied free and which will be charged for.

A letter has also been received from a parishioner, including a picture of the bin at the end of the public footpath where it meets Main Street. The bin in mainly full of dog waste.  Mr Walker has been in touch with the Borough Council and Nathan Johnson has said he will arrange for this bin to be emptied this time.  There is actually a special dog waste bin situated further down this footpath which people seem to ignore.  This matter will be discussed with the Officer and perhaps this bin should be removed, at present it has slipped down the pole and has no liner.


 N.C.A.P.T.C.:   Norfolk Link – does the council wish to renew their subscription to the publication at a cost of £30.  It was proposed by Mr Denney and seconded by Mrs Barrett that this amount be paid.    AGM 2008 - Nominations required for Officers of the NCAPTC.    Resolutions for Debate at the AGM.    ‘Ask the Auditor’ a meeting has been arranged for RPO and Clerks to meet the new auditors Mazara on 4th June at East Tuddenham Village Hall 10am to 12.30 pm.   Two meetings have been arranged for the Presentation of Concepts to the Boundary Committee Review on May 13th and May 19th.   Details have been received of Training for Clerks and Councillors in May/June 2008.  The clerk has further details if anyone is interested.


Allotments:     Mr Baker and Mrs Barrett declared an Interest as they both have an allotment.

Mr O’Rourke who has allotment No 16 has asked if he can erect a shed and glasshouse. Councillors raised no objections to this request.   Mr David Barnes has written to say he does not wish to keep all three allotments and has asked if Mrs Grass can take over No. 10.  Mrs Jasmine Grass has also written in asking if she can take over No 10 allotment.  Everyone agreed that Mrs Grass should take on No 10.   Mrs Misty Harris of South Street has written in asking for an allotment and it was agreed she should be offered the last vacant one No 18.  A letter has been received from Michael Hammond of Pearces Close asking for an allotment – his name has been placed on the waiting list for when one becomes vacant.  A letter has been received from Paul Barber who has allotment No. 6, asking if one becomes vacant, adjacent to his could he take it on.  Mr Barber also asked if the gate is to be repaired and if water could be provided as there is a hydrant point at the entrance to the allotments.   Mr Baker informed the councillors that himself and Mr George Shin have now repaired the gate.  With regard to water being provided, the council feel this could lead to aggravation regarding how much water each allotment holder used.  It was proposed by Mrs Sismey and seconded by Mrs Arbour and all the councillors agreed that water should not be provided.


Dissertation in Civil Engineering: Jonathan Person working with the Highways Department has sent out a form to villages asking them to fill it in regarding their dealing with the Highways Department.  Mrs Sismey said she would fill in the form and return it to Mr Pearson.




BCKLWN – Environmental Health & Housing Department:    A letter has been received from this department enclosing a list of contact information for services provided by the Environmental Health & Housing.  Councillors were all given a copy of this letter and list and also a copy was sent to the Editor of the village magazine.  A copy of the list was put on the Notice Board.


Hockwold Friendship Club:    A copy of a letter the Secretary of the Friendship Club has sent to the Village Hall Committee regarding discrepancies in their pre-booked dates, finding that HATS had taken over some of these dates.   This is not a Parish Council remit, but councillors felt that the two parties should get together and amicably sort the problem out as both organisations are valuable assets to the village.


BCKLWN – Finance & Resources:    A letter has been received from this department informing the Parish Council that Hockwold’s Special Expenses (grass cutting by the Borough Council) have been increased to £770 for 2008/2009.


Honeybee Swarms:    Details has been received regarding people who will come and collect  swarms of Bees.  Put on the Village Notice Board.


Ideal Group:    Notification has been received that the cost per copy/print for our photocopier will be increased to 1.338p. from 1st August 2008.


Borough Council Standards Committee-Appointment of Members:     The BCKLWN is advertising for a Parish/Town Council member for its Standards Committee.  If anyone is interested the clerk has the necessary applications forms.


Side Table:     NORFOLK LINK Issue No165.   Norfolk Carers 08/09.   East Cambridgeshire District Council Draft for Public Consultation.  Norfolk Planning Conference 2008 12th June 2008.  NHS Norfolk Consultation on improving access to primary care: Proposal for a new GP-Led Health Centre in Norwich.   BCKLWN – Local Government Review.   Norfolk Police Authority Policing Plan 2008/2009. Clerks & Councils Direct May 2008 Issue 57.  NALC – Making Local Connections.   Standard Boards Agenda 16th April 2008.  Minutes of meeting 16th April 2008.




Ref: 08/00123/FM                                                                Name:   P D  Hook Ltd

                                                                                                              The Hatchery, Burch Castle

Location - Hockwold Farm, Brandon Rd Hockwold                     Great Yarmouth

Details - Erection of Chicken Shed & Feed Bin

The Parish Council supported this application – the position of the proposed shed is to be placed behind a large earth bank and will not effect anyone close by.  There are already such sheds on the site.   This was proposed by Mr Denney and seconded by Mr Gossage – everyone agreed.



Ref: 08/00413/F - Mr B J Rutterford, Blackdyke Farm Blackdyke Road Hockwold.  Erection of dwelling for occupation by a water bailiff. Development of fishing club facilities.

Ref: 08/00366/F - Mr P Ried – single storey extn. to 155 Main Street,  Hockwold.

Ref: 08/00587/F – Mr & Mrs Davies Two storey & single storey extn. to 23 Pearces Close Hockwold. 

Permissions Recorded.



4.            BILLS OF ACCOUNTS

Payments:    13.5.08           Hockwold Village Hall – Donation                                                £716.00

                                                Hockwold Playing Field – Donation                                 £716.00

                                                St James Churchyard – Donation                                                £716.00

                                                Pearce & Kemp Ltd – Lights Maintenance                     £113.13

                                                Viking Direct – Stationary                                                   £  41.46

                                                Mick Moore – Bus Shelter                                                  £  26.00

                                                Mrs G Taylor – Wages                                                         £335.27

                                                NCAPTC – Norfolk Link Subscription                              £  30.00

                                                BCKLWN – Dog Waste Bins                                             £  49.03

                                                Allianz Insurance                                                                £663.65

                        15.05.08         EDF Energy – Lighting DD                                                            £116.50

Receipts:      14.04.08         Parish Precepts                                                               £11200.00

                        02.05.08         Allotment Rents                                                                   £  10.00

It was proposed by Mr Denney and seconded by Mr Gossage that these accounts be paid.


5.            ANY OTHER BUSINESS

Dog Barking:     Complaints have been received regarding persistent dog barking from a property on the corner of St Peters Walk.    The chairman has been in touch with the Dog Warden Department at the Borough Council, and they are going to send someone out to look into the matter.


Motor Bikes/Quad-Bikes:    The council were asked if a swing gate could be put up at the footpath from Boundary Road to Reeves Lane.   As this is a public footpath this would not be possible.  With the better weather we are again having, at weekends, motor-cycles and quad-bikes using this entrance to get to Mill Lane and then the forest, thus avoiding using the main roads, as many of the culprits are youngsters.  It was agreed that the clerk should write to the police Safer Neighbourhood Team, as at their last meeting in Feltwell,  Hockwold was listed as one of the villages they would target for the next eights weeks to try and kerb such activities in the forest and the surrounding roads.


Nursery Lane:     A new fence has now been put up down Nursery Lane, it is too close to the road and too high.    Mr. Denney reported the owner of the fence had contacted the Planning Department and was told it would be permissible.   The clerk said that the rules on fence heights etc. are changing during this year, so this fence would be permissible.     Mr Storey, District Councillor confirmed that this was correct.


Highway Matters:    The pothole outside 8 Mill Lane has still not be attended to, also the potholes down Nursery Lane.  It was also reported that the telephone cables are still visible where the grups have been dug out down Nursery Lane.   Mr Storey reported that the potholes at the cross-roads (Burdock Lane/Malts Lane) were attended to, so well that they are now appearing again!  The clerk will report these matters to Mr Edmunds the Highways Engineer.


Sea Defences:   Mr Denney  gave councillors a copy of the proposal he would like to put forward to support the six North Norfolk Broads Villages who are fighting to protect the 25 square miles of land which is under threat to be flooded,  which will alter the shape of East Anglia forever.   Mr Denney would like a letter to the sent to the NCAPTC to this affect in the hope that it will be published in their Norfolk LINK.  This was proposed by Mr Denney and seconded by Mrs Sismey  with the agreement of all the councillors, the clerk  will write to the association to this effect.



Water Hydrant:     The water hydrant situated down Church Lane near the entrance to the allotments and close to East Lode Nursery Lane needs repairing.  The clerk will report this matter to Anglia Water.


Hockwold Village:   Concern was expressed about the general state of the village.  The untidiness with weedsin the kerbs and overgrowing hedges etc.  The chairman will mention this matter in her report in the village magazine.


6.            DATE OF NEXT MEETING


It was agreed that the date for the next meeting of the Parish Council will be Tuesday 10th June 2008 at 7.30pm.


As there was no other business the Chairman closed the meeting at 8.45 pm.






One copy to each member of the Council

One copy for Mr T. White Norfolk County Councillor

One copy to Mr A Lawrence District Councillor

One copy to Mr M Peake District Councillor

One copy to Mr M Storey District Councillor

One copy to Downham Market Police Station

Two copies for display within the village

One copy for Hockwold’s Website

One copy for the Minute Book