Present:                                  Mr Dave Owens                    )  Chairman

                                                Mrs Pat Raburn                     )  Vice Chairman


                                                Mrs I Adams                          )  Hockwold Parish Council

                                                Mr Tony Gossage                 )

                                                Mrs K Stratford                      )

                                                Mr R Allsop                            )

                                                Mr M Denney             )

                                                Mrs T Sismey                        )

                                                Mr Martin Storey                    )  District Councillor

                                                Squadron Leader Jo Daniel

                                                One member of the public


Apologies for absence had been received from Mrs L Arbour.


1.                  MINUTES


At this point in the meeting the Chairman made the following statement:-

a). At the last meeting it was proposed and seconded to pay Wickstead Leisure £10,000.  Two days after the meeting the chairman had a heated discussion with them - £10,000 would not satisfy them and they started to threaten legal proceedings, so although knowing it was wrong he agreed to pay £15,000.

b).  It was proposed and seconded and agreed by a majority to hold a second site meeting at the base entrance.  Just after the meeting there was a function at the Base which the chairman attended, and spoke to three ‘big wigs’ on the base who said that it would be done as soon as it was possible.  The chairman came to the conclusion that it was not worth calling another site meeting.

The Chairman appreciated that the Minutes could not be signed as a true account of what happened, and was quite prepared to offer his resignation.

Mr Denney applauded the Chairman’s honesty and said that no way would his resignation be needed or accepted.

Mr Denney proposed that the Minutes previously circulated be signed as a ‘true record of the last meeting’ and this was seconded by Mrs Raburn with all councillors agreeing.




RAF Feltwell – Base Entrance:   Squadron Leader Jo Daniels who was present at the meeting

Proceeded to put on show the proposed outline design to be discussed with Hockwold and Feltwell Parish Council before going to planning for acceptance.   She warned that the planning cycle takes a long time, at worst two years, but will try to get more details of the time scale etc.

The next meeting regarding this matter will be in her office hopefully with the planning people.  Before going to formal application the Parish Council will be consulted again.  Mr Storey the District Councillor and Feltwell Parish Councillor said he was very disappointed at what he has heard tonight, he feels it is quite unacceptable to have to put up with the situation for another two years.  Sqd. Leader Daniels said the base was genuinely committed to this project and she will act as liaison officer between the Councils and Base officials.



It was pointed out that in the new year the BX moves back to Lakenheath, which should help the situation.  Sqd Leader said she would like to meet with Mr Storey, he agreed but said he would like to meet with senior officers.  She stated that they would be at the meeting, but it would be held in her office with her in the chair as she is the ‘landlord’!  Pointed out that Thursday

is Veterans Day and Remembrance Day so there will be no flying and restricted flying on Friday.

Pointed that that with regarding to low flying around the area she has had no complaints from Hockwold, but there should be none as Hockwold, Lakenheath and Brandon should not be over flown.  Went on to explain the flying heights etc.  Sqd Leader was asked if another site meeting would serve a purpose or would it be a waste of time.  She agreed that it would achieve publicity but personally she did not feel it would achieve earlier funding.

At the end of this discussion Mr Denney proposed a vote of thanks to Jo Daniels for attending our meeting and her frankness, this was seconded by Mr Allsop and everyone agreed.

Mr Storey went outside the hall with Sqd Leader Daniels to discuss a further meeting, which he will attend.


Playing Field: As stated previously £15,000.00 was paid to Wickstead.  The official opening on the 14th October 2004 was attend by 36 people and a classroom of school children, but unfortunately due to a confusion of dates and times Roy Waller did not attend so the President of the Lions cut the tape.  With the exception of the baby swings being tied up in knots and rubbish being dropped about it was felt that the playing field was a great success and being well used.


Village Hall: A letter has been received from the Secretary of the Village Hall explaining that they have had to purchase a replacement Oil Tank at a cost of £2000.00.  Would the Parish Council consider helping with this cost.  After some discussion it was felt they would like to have a breakdown of how the money has been spent  - safety and security aspect of the replacement.  It was proposed by Mr Allsop and seconded by Mrs Sismey that a letter be sent asking for more information on how this amount is made up before a decision can be made regarding a donation.


Norfolk Constabulary: A letter has been received from Chief Superintendent Alan Hayes in which he informs the council that he has spoken to the Mobile Police Station crew regarding our desire to be included in the next schedule of visits, if this is not possible he will ensure that the new Constable attached to the Mobile Police Station, when appointed, makes regular visits to the village.


Planning:   A letter has been received from the head of Planning Services in which he says for further information of any plans we should contact the case officer to obtain guidance or a small extension of time, but that it is not possible to extend the time for the submission of comments for an indefinite period.  The chairman informed the council that Hannah Millidge has now left as our officer, and when he rang regarding our concerns about caravans in Cowles Drove and Blackdyke, he was informed that there is no enforcement officers at present,  so no-one can go round to investigate matters.  In the case of caravans in Cowles Drove – the number of them has now doubled.  Planning said they were bringing in special staff from far a field who have training in such matters.


Main Street – Vehicle Access: With regard to 31 Main Street, permission was given to put in a vehicle access, but the whole wall has been knocked down and replaced in bricks unsuitable for the surrounding area.  It was agreed that the clerk should write to Planning and ask if a breach of the application has been made and if any stipulation was made regarding materials.  Also a hard stand has been built, which looks ready for a garage, surely planning permission is required.



Caravans:   As mentioned before the councillors are very concerned regarding the increasing number of caravans appearing in Cowles Drove and Blackdyke.  They asked Mr Storey if he could find anything out about this matter when he goes to the Borough Council in his position as a member of the Planning Committee.  The clerk will also write and ask what is being done about this matter


Audit:    Notification has been received from the Audit Commission that our Audit has been examined, accepted and returned with no comments.  The clerk will display copies of the Audit and a 'Notice of Conclusion of Audit and Right to Inspect the Annual Return’ on the notice board.


Highway Matters: A letter has been received from Highways following on from the clerk’s letter regarding the state of the roads.  The Feltwell Road has been identified for a carriageway surfacing scheme and will be included on a future years work as the resources and priorities permit.  Mr Edmunds will attend to the carriageway near Wilton Bridge, and Mr Brian Lee Highways Engineer will arrange any necessary repairs to the Weeting Road.

A copy of a letter and photographs sent to Highways from Mrs T King and Mr M Wells of 18 Main Street regarding the state of the road outside their property has been received and will be kept on file.


Side Table:  The following notices, booklets and letters were placed on the side table for councillors to peruse and take away if they wish.   New Bus Timetable (Copies given to Councillors and put in the Post Office), Boundary Committee Letter, Letter English Nature, Booklet on Quality Councils, Parish & Town Councils AGM Report, NAPTC Clerks Training, Ethical Framework Regs (code of conduct) WEB Address, Clerks Training & Bursary Scheme, Clerks & Councils Direct, Sport & Recreation Area Workshop, NRCC General Meeting 26.11.04, Signpost and the EEDA Magazine report on Village Hall Project 2002/04.

Norfolk Matters – Issue No 14 Given out to Councillors.




Ref: 04/02257/7                                                                    Name: Mr M J Harrison


Location – Norrisha Mill Lane                                                          Mill Lane Hockwold

Details – Erection of dog boarding kennels                                  Thetford Norfolk

The Parish Council felt they had to refuse this application pending an application for Change of Use to dog boarding kennels, especially as they are given to understand that this operation is all ready in operation in existing sheds.


Ref: 04/02297/F                                                                    Name: Mr & Mrs L Westbrook

                                                                                                            5 Pearces Close

Location – 5 Pearces Close                                                            Hockwold

Details – Two storey Extn to dwelling                                             Thetford Norfolk

The Parish Council raised no objection to this application.


REFUSAL   Ref: 04/01798/CU Mr & Mrs Campman  of Falkners 132 Main Street Hockwold – Change of use from garage to self contained residential annexe.  

Refusal Recorded.





Ref: 04/02141/F                                                                    Name: Mr & Mrs Newman

                                                                                                            8 Main Street

Location – 8 Main Street                                                                  Hockwold

Details – C/U for attached shop to form part of                             Thetford Norfolk

Residential dwelling and Conservatory Extn,

This application was looked at by councillors during the month and approved on the 27th October 2004.


4.                  BILLS OF ACCOUNTS


Payments:      25.10.04         E-on Energy DD                                                        £  70.18

                        09.11.04         Mr  M Moore – Bus Shelter                                      £  18.00

                                                McAlpine Government Services – Maintn. £  91.71

                                                BCKLWN – Dog Waste Bins                                  £  29.94

                                                Mrs G Taylor – Wages & Holiday Pay                    £305.84

                                                Royal British Legion – Poppy Wreath                    £  16.50

                                                Audit Commission – Audit                                       £141.00


It was proposed by Mrs Raburn and seconded by Mrs Sismey that these accounts be paid.


5.                  ANY OTHER BUSINESS


State of Village:  Once again it was stressed what a bad state the village was in, especially down South Street.  The Chairman is hoping to speak to Martin Edmunds soon to arrange a meeting with him.


Martin Place: Vehicles still persist in backing out of this property, and one hit into Mr Gossage recently.  It was agreed that the clerk should write to Superintendent Hayes about this matter, and also planning to see what conditions where placed regarding parking when the planning permission as agreed.


Poppy Wreath: Mrs Sismey said she would place the Councils Poppy Wreath on Sunday at the

Remembrance Service.


6.                  DATE OF NEXT MEETING


It was arranged that the next meeting of the Council will be held on Tuesday 14th December 2004 at 7.30 pm.


As there was no other business the Chairman closed the meeting at 9.30 pm.




One copy to each member of the Council, one copy to Mrs Sharp, Mr Storey, Mr Peake, Dr Norris The Police, two copies for display in the village, one copy for the website and one copy for the minute book.