Some pics from Enefest 2005 held at Wilton Farm, Hockwold on 9th June in honour of Mike Enefer's Something-th Birthday.
1st band shown below are Bennie and the Mercuries made up of local celebrities then there are pics of afternoon shenanigans and more village celebrities.
Finally the end of evening photos were taken whilst the band Four Play were tantalising the audience which by now were mostly well tanked up on the 10 EXCELLENT Real Ales available!!

DSC0072.jpg (42kb) DSC0073.jpg (17kb) DSC0074.jpg (33kb) DSC0075.jpg (33kb) DSC0076.jpg (38kb) DSC0077.jpg (33kb)
DSC0078.jpg (34kb) DSC0079.jpg (42kb) DSC0080.jpg (25kb) DSC0081.jpg (32kb) DSC0083.jpg (35kb) DSC0084.jpg (40kb)
DSC0088.jpg (22kb) DSC0089.jpg (39kb) DSC0090.jpg (32kb) DSC0091.jpg (42kb) DSC0092.jpg (43kb) DSC0095.jpg (13kb)
DSC0096.jpg (38kb) DSC01118.jpg (22kb) DSC01122.jpg (19kb) DSC01123.jpg (24kb) DSC01129.jpg (26kb) DSC01130.jpg (32kb)
DSC01133.jpg (20kb) DSC01135.jpg (32kb) DSC01138.jpg (23kb)      

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