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New Year & Xmas Celebrations Around Hockwold 2002/2003

Here's a page to show off your holiday photos - hopefully more of you will send in your pics to me at Webmaster to make this an enjoyable and fun page - In the meantime you'll have to put up with these always click on the thumbnails to view the full image

dave-h.JPG (39831 bytes) 5.jpg (75248 bytes) mike-e.jpg (16911 bytes) tim-nige.jpg (20799 bytes)
Local Muso Dave Hensby in Full Swing at the Red Lion's New Year Bash Window Cleaner Mick Moore and grand kiddies at Xmas The Enefer's New Year's Day Party 1 The Enefer's New Year's Day Party 2
DSC000301.jpg (52639 bytes) dscf0342.jpg (64489 bytes) dscf0344.jpg (60673 bytes) dscf0346.jpg (45570 bytes)
Sharon, Nige, Kev and Stew at the Cambridge Blue, Cambridge Xmas Eve at the Village Hall 1 Xmas Eve at the Village Hall 2 Xmas Eve at the Village Hall 3
dscf0412.jpg (59963 bytes)
Nathalie and Alex Barber on holiday in Portugal over the Holiday Period


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