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Hockwold Raft Race 2002

This years race took place on Bank Holiday Saturday 25th August and included double the number of rafts present last year. Beforehand there was a "Duck Race" consisting of a few hundred plastic ducks let loose over a 50 yard "race track" - I think Number 46 won (I'm sure someone will correct me if not!!).  The raft Race was as chaotic as ever with huge trays of eggs present and most of the flour reserves in Hockwold used up - An "unfortunate" boat owner got pelted as he shot past in his posh boat...if only he would have just smiled :-). There was a beer festival and entertainment from a number of local musicians afterwards at the Red Lion.

After all the fun I believe the total amount raised for charities was something like 1100.00!!!!!

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Duck Race!! No Fear 1 No Fear 2 Bulldog Service Station
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Royal Yacht Britannia Picnic Table 9/11 Stockings R Us
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Chaos Sluice View Hockwold Football Club Sorry old shoulda smiled!!


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