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Hockwold In Sepia + Other Older Village Photos

Some old Postcards and News Cuttings were recently recovered from being thrown into the dustbin - Below are thumbnails depicting what we found - click on each one to view the full sized item

Wilton Street.jpg (179168 bytes) The Cross.jpg (198708 bytes) lode.jpg (161733 bytes)
Wilton Street The Cross, Wilton (1912) The Lode
Wedding.jpg (68026 bytes)

A group at the wedding at Hockwold Methodist Church on Monday of Mr. Kenneth Ashberry, R.A.F.V.R., of Cambridge and Miss Doris Wright of Hockwold. Does Anyone Know The Date??

The following pictures were provided by Jerald Vernon during his recent visit from Canada! Thanks!!
NewInn-web.jpg (128853 bytes)

The New Inn PH around 1910

FerryBoat-web.jpg (116981 bytes)

The Ferry Boat PH around 1910

Below is a picture of Rowell's Shop Provided by Elizabeth Oliver - December 2003

Below is another picture provided by Elizabeth Oliver - This time of the Council Houses along Main Street

A Hockwold School Photo circa 1946/47 provided again by Elizabeth Oliver

Hockwold school photo from circa 1954 provided by Graham Goodenough

Click to view:

Back row from left to right: Elwin Mission, Darek Garner, Micheal Martland, Gerald Allsop, Graham Goodenough, Unknown, Janet Layton, Paul Allsop,  Graham Harrison,  Mervin Capenter, Roland Neil,

BottomRow: Mary Shin, Unknown, Jennifer Kent, Terry Palmer, Diane Hammond, Trevor Palmer,Pat Langley, Peter Burrows, Pat Huns, Christopher Wilson, Margaret Russell, Allen Lindhoffer, Christine Langley, Terry Mission, Sheila Wilson.

A few years on and a day trip to Yarmouth provided by Graham Goodenough

Click to view:

Left to right: Les Garner,Roger Fox, Gerald Allsop, Micheal Martland,Graham Goodenough, Micheal Gorgan,  Mervin Carpenter  

Photos of Elizabeth Cottage Reeves Lane Hockwold, We came here from Essex to this lovely wooden cottage but after several years the wood was getting really old so we decided to rebuild in brick .We still live in Hockwold and we have wonderful memorys of living at the cottage.We believe it had something to do with Ernie Clingo in the days before us .My children grew up there and loved it

 Linda & Brian Burns ( Main street Hockwold)

Elizabeth Cottage

Elizabeth Cottage Xmas Day 1979

A Hockwold Wedding

A couple of wedding photos taken in Hockwold in the early part of the last century and wondered if anybody could name the people with a question mark in the 1931 photo and the 'NOT KNOWNS' in the 1918 photo.
Regards Colin Fox






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