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The current wintry conditions have lasted into the new year with very sharp frosts (down to -10 celcius last night), snowfall (4 inches in Hockwold on the 22/23 December) and brilliant sunshine (the last 3 or 4 days) - It inspired me to take some more photos around the village early on the 23rd, so enjoy!! (click on the thumbnails to see a larger image)

1. The Red Lion PH and the The Cross scan4a.jpg (126815 bytes) 2. Thick snow on Hedges - Mill Lane scan7a.jpg (119112 bytes)
3. Looking down Station Road towards the New Inn scan9a.jpg (138346 bytes) 4. Main Road looking towards St James Church scan3a.jpg (91815 bytes)
5. Main Road - Cottages opposite the Red Lion scan5a.jpg (151342 bytes) 6. Towards Wilton Farm from Mill Lane (You can just make out some cattle in the mist!) scan6a.jpg (76137 bytes)
7. 18th century cottage on Station Road looking towards Feltwell scan10a.jpg (174073 bytes)

Tech Info: Pentax K1000 with Pentax 80-200mm Zoom, 200 ASA Film


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