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a.k.a The weird and wonderful past life of Hockwold!!

Mrs Rosina Plumpton has kindly loaned me a copy of a photograph of the Hockwold Mothers' Union at Stoke Ferry 1933. The banner is still in St. James' Church. Below is list of names supplied by Rosie, and attached is copy of photo ...

Dan Jones

Mothers Union
Stoke Ferry 1933

Back row:
Mrs J. Peacock, Mrs Ashweek, Mrs Palmer, Mrs Clingo, Mrs Cooper, Mrs Palmer, Mrs Arthur Allsop, Mrs Richardson, Mrs Hudson, Mrs Rowell, Mrs Frost, Mrs Johnson, Mrs H. Allsop, Mrs J. Green, Mrs Slater, Mrs P. Harding

Front row:
Mrs Randall, Nurse Miles, Mrs Oldman, Freda Peacock, Mrs Pearmain, Mrs Hawthorn, Mrs Bearmis, Mrs Rachael, Mrs Green, Mrs Bradley, Mrs Milles, Mrs Thursby.

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At the Jubilee of 1935 there was a cross-dressing cricket match on the cricket ground(!). herewith one shot of the teams posing, and one of the match in process.

The names for the first picture are - 

HOCKWOLD cum WILTON Jubilee Cricket Match 1935

Men dressed as women and vice versa
Back row:

Bill Peat, Les Palmer, Fred Slater, Bert Mayes, Gladstone Bennett, Derek and Jack Peacock, ? Bird.

Front row:
Flossie Watson, Blanche Palmer, Lill Peacock, Ivy and Cissy Ives, Maud Reynolds, Rosie Enefer, Mrs Slater, Bertha Harrison

(The person behind Ivy Ives and Maud Reynolds is unidentified)

1st Picture:     2nd Picture: 


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