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A Young Hockwoldian's Great Adventure!

Jeff Millard's Daughter, Amy is currently on a "round-the-world" trip - The following photos reflect some of the exciting things she has been up to!! 

Click on the pictures for the full view.....

14 Aug - My daughter is doing a "round-the-world" trip following uni and has reached New Zealand. Doing various mad things one of which is in the photos - bungy jumping (143') off Kawarau Bridge, Queenstown. Many of the village's young adults will have been through schooling with Amy and might be interested in what she is doing.

sam_millard_1.JPG (312020 bytes)

15 Aug - The photos are of me skiing at Coronet Peak, one of our crazy nights out at The World-Queenstown-having a teapot night (no alcohol involved really!!!) my amazing skydive that I still can't quite believe and a snapshot of a killer whale on our whale-watching trip in Kaikoura!

sammillard2a.JPG (74920 bytes)      sam milard2b.JPG (52426 bytes)


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